What is NFT Marketplace Development?

NFT Marketplace Development is Creators or Enterprises, specifically those directly dealing with digital content could Create an NFT marketplace and grab billions of artists to put their content on display. This is a good opportunity for the community to gain profit from their hard work.

How To Create An NFT Marketplace?

One can create a nft marketplace platform with the help of a nft marketplace development service provider with adequate experience in developing an nft marketplace.

We as a well-recognized NFT marketplace platform development company have proven experience in the blockchain network. We are ready to offer various NFT services like asset tokenization, digital collectibles, gaming, artwork, etc for your project. We develop your NFT marketplace full of features and perfectionism in a way to bring high revenue. Our experts help you to build an NFT platform on various blockchains.

Our Benefits

How Beneficial Is Our NFT Marketplace Development Company - Trioangle?

Gain More Visibility And Grow Your Career With Our Beneficiary Features


Our NFT marketplace development service performs various security tests on smart contracts to eliminate malicious intrusions. This is carried out especially to eliminate immediate loss of NFT transactions.


Our NFT marketplace development services are completely transparent which facilitates the collectors and creators to view the history of artwork's supply chain, both digital and physical, and the transactions for the existing NFTs.

Smart Contracts

Especially smart contracts are utilized to issue NFT which helps in the enforcement of ownership and authentication of data. In the NFT marketplace, smart contracts mainly eliminate third-party involvement when the transaction is carried out.


In the blockchain market, decentralization means P2P-based communication. In this type of communication, both buyer and seller could communicate, sell, and buy directly between themselves on a single platform.

Quick Payments

With our NFT platform, you can sell your work in the form of NFTs which will profit you more than other ways of selling. In the NFT platform, users make the payment in the form of cryptos, this doesn't need any card details.

Payment Method

With the PayPal payment method, traders make their withdrawal and deposit easily. This convenient trade brings more traders into the field.

Highly Secured Wallet

The hot wallet has been integrated into the exchange platform with high safety features and is also guaranteed to store the money with no breaches.

God's Eye For Admin Panel

A separate customized and user-friendly admin panel is provided which is high enough to manage every need of the trading platform.

100% Source Code

We furnish 100 percent source code to the business person so you can experience individualism to make changes in the future.

White Label Solutions

With no traces of ZodeakX, we can draft the script to brand your business. We guarantee you a customized solution by implanting your brand name and log according to your business idea.

Technical Support

We completely take care of the third-party integration and their needs from our side. Without technical knowledge, you can launch the site in a short span.

How We Unique?

Why Choose Us

Astral Features Which Shine Us For NFT Marketplace Development Company


Core Team of Blockchain Experts

Our professionals with sufficient knowledge of NFT standards, various Blockchain networks, and protocols will develop a strong NFT platform.


Competence in Blockchain Platforms

Our knowledge of working on blockchain technology for numerous years will assist you in developing solutions for several networks like Tezos, Stellar, EOS, etc.


Project's Confidentiality

Our experts would maintain all your business ideas, design, planning, and execution of your project information confidentially. This makes the client need not worry about their project regarding confidentiality.


Responsive Design

The user can undergo simple navigation and can enjoy performing trading on various devices like Websites, Tablets, or smartphones in a user-friendly manner. The design is a way to support trading from wherever you are globally located.


Agile Development Process

Our expert team will follow Agile methodology. Which means we follow step by step process. So we give assurance for on-time delivery of the project which is well-tested and ready to deploy.


Get Complete Insight

The best game-changer for NFT creators. To manage them, the marketplace is created with analytics and attractive insights to display the trending digital collectibles.

Our Offerings

What We Offer ?

Digital Interfaces That Assist The Participants In Crypto Business For Smooth Workflow


Admin Panel

Powerful Handy Dashboard To Govern All Business-Workflows Real-Time

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User Panel

Technically Advanced User Panel For Simple Navigation & Access

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Design Templates For NFT Marketplace Development Company

Design Templates

Grab Your Guest's Attention With Our Creative Design

Creative Web Templates For Your Business

Apart from source code, we are also ready to serve you with popular web templates for "NFT Marketplace". With these web templates, You can build an NFT Marketplace immediately.

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Our Unique Features

Features That Distinct Us From Others

Avail Of The High-End Features To Make You Out-Stand In The Crypto Business


The storefront is a prominent feature of the NFT marketplace. To be specific storefront means a collection page, that showcases all the NFTs which have been developed under a specific collection.


Our NFT marketplace incorporates IPFS, a storage platform to preserve and share data in a distributed file system. It uses content addressing to find all files separately in a global namespace connecting computing devices.

Advanced Search.

NFT marketplace has an advanced search option that supports the users to navigate with the help of several search options such as Category search, NFT search, and User search are the existing services on our platform.

NFT Listing

The seller in the NFT platform lists their NFTs for sale. NFTs are listed along with information like price, creator description, NFTs' original minting platform, and features such as Listing Creation, Bidding, Buying, and Transfer of NFTs.


An auction is one kind of sale. By fixing the bid amount along with the expiration date, NFT is put for sale through an auction globally.


Mainly users must have a MetaMask wallet before entering the NFT platform. Users must obtain a crypto wallet to possess NFTs and users have to link their MetaMask wallet to trade NFTs on the NFT marketplace platform.

Extra Addons


Bring Smartness To Crypto Platforms With User-Friendly Addons


Lazy Mint

Our LAzy mint facilitates you to min NFT at the time of purchase. The buyer has to pay gas fees during the purchase. whereas the seller doesn't require to pay any gas fees.


Multiple Wallets

To make users convenient with their wallet, the platform is developed with multi-wallet options where it allows various crypto users to buy NFTs from various wallet.


Timed Auction

It is the process where the auction runs between the start and end time with a minimum price value. This makes the users acquire the highest price value.


Private Collection

This feature helps the users to create and control their collections. Furthermore, it improves the value of digital assets.

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Technologies Used

Technologies Used In Our NFT Marketplace Development Company

Mastering In Design With The Latest Technologies






Apollo GraphQL


Express JS



Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - NFT Marketplace Development Company

Get Perfect Answer From Us For All Your Queries

NFT is a non-fungible token having specific values which are not fungible and it denotes the digital collectibles for Games, Music, Artworks, etc.

An NFT marketplace platform allows you to sell and buy NFTs with the help of cryptos. Users use the crypto wallet to stake NFTs. An NFT marketplace platform is the most significant one in the NFT world. It is an intermediary between NFT sellers and buyers.

Yes, We do so, according to the client's business needs the token is developed along with the NFT marketplace.

As, a holder, you can gain profit from the NFT marketplace platform from services fees, minting charges, bidding charges, and commission from both buyer and seller. Similarly, you can also charge an amount for listing their NFTs on your platform.

The cost of the NFT marketplace is based on feature requirements and business demands made by you. The cost may vary according to your customizability.

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