What is the SaaS Online B2B Marketplace?

SaaS Marketplace is the ultimate solution for entrepreneurs who wish to create a marketplace for vacation rental software, property rental software, equipment rental software, handyman service, etc. It is the best choice for starting an online B2B marketplace instantly.

SaaS Marketplace is the most profitable among marketplace software with advanced drag-and-drop templates. This online rental marketplace builder integrates with enriched features and functionalities of the best online marketplace business models.

Online SaaS Software For Marketplace Business

Rental Software

Rental Marketplace is the best online platform to connect rental owners and the renter. This rental software provides essential features for the owners and the renters to speed up the renting services.

eCommerce Marketplace

eCommerce software’s cutting-edge templates and unique features let sellers offer a range of products on the marketplace, from small to large. With this, you can give a new dimension to your selling business.

Handyman Service Marketplace

With its elegant features and interfaces, a handyman service marketplace is a fruitful option for online services. This online marketplace builder brings essential fame to the services with simple booking options.

Stunning Benefits

Astounding Features Of Our Online b2b Software

Marketplace Setup

QMarket helps the owner to set up the entire marketplace from its theme, slogan, logo, and timezone.

Custom Listing Fields

You can add a new or edit the existing listing field which you wish to collect on the listings details from your customers.

Ratings and Reviews

Users can express their experience through ratings & reviews. It helps in attracting new customers to the platform.

Verified Listing

You can make the platform secure from fraudulent access by allowing verified listings to use the platform.

Custom Domain

Strengthen your online presence and increase brand awareness as an independent site.

Custom Landing Page

You have a choice of customizing your platform’s landing page for targeted audiences.

Secured Payment

QMarket allows multiple payment gateways with secure payment options.

Multiple Booking Options

Make your user’s booking experience easier with various booking options.

Smart Marketing

QMarket has an advanced option to integrate your google analytics and google search console to your platform.

Our Offerings

What We Offer?

A Robust Marketplace Suit with Brand-Driven Features

Ready-To-Go Templates

We offer a fully customizable ready-to-go template that turns your online presence into a steady and familiar one.

All-in-One Admin Panel

We provide an all-in-one admin panel and unique features to control the entire activity on your platform attentively.

Digital Payment Gateway

We offer multi-payment options on the website. You can enable or disable the payment options as per your need.

Data Collection

Based on retrieval and data storage, we allow you to collect user data to make listing and transaction more efficient.

Do You Know

Service We Provide

We provide you with 24/7 support with the host services like SSL, Prompt updates, and Regular Maintenance.

Our Perks

How Unique We Are,


Admin Advanced Filter

You can easily find your user’s data with the use of an advanced filter on the admin panel.



Can add multiple languages to the platform


Static Content Management

Option to change the entire default static content on the platform.


Editable Email Template

Option to customize the default email template


Admin Email Notification

Setting multiple admin email notifications from your platform



Can add multiple currencies to the platform

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QoreUps FAQs

Understanding QMarket better

Yes, of course, if you purchase QMarket, then I would say that you have opted for the right choice. QMarket serves you best with all the necessary and unique features for creating an online marketplace.

We have streamlined many fields separately in which QMarket is the service created for the marketplace business model. The service includes eCommerce, Rental, and many more.

Currently, under QoreUps, we have brought QMarket alone live. Also, we are happy to inform you that more products under popular verticals will be launching soon.

On QMarket, you can choose from two options. One is the default domain assigned once you create the marketplace. Second, you can set up a unique domain by purchasing.

QMarket always believes in their client's choices, and that’s why we have provided the option to choose your own domain.

Yes. We provide support 24/7 if you have any issues while creating your own online B2B marketplace.

Setting up a peer-to-peer marketplace

Setting up an account on QoreUps is the easiest of all. You have to sign in with your email address as the username and set up a password. Now, your account is ready.

Kickstart your new online marketplace with 7-simple steps,

  • Create your marketplace
  • Add a catchy title
  • Update a cover image
  • Add fields and filters
  • Set up Payments
  • Create a listing
  • Invite customers

Once the trial period is over, you are about to start your online marketplace, and that’s the time to opt for a subscription. You can also always subscribe and purchase the B2B marketplace platform during the trial period.

No, it is not necessary to register your Credit/Debit card to sign up. You need to register Credit/Debit card details only when you want to purchase the marketplace.

Signing up or registration is free for QoreUps. You only need to pay when you want to opt for a subscription after your trial is over.

Depending on the country, VAT taxes are applicable. If it is within India, a particular percentage of GST is applicable. Other taxes rely on currency or payment methods.

Yes. We have got your back. We have a regular check team who keeps checking on the application and its issues. Also, we keep you notified regarding the new features and updates.

Yes, all the features available on the premium (except the Custom landing Add-on) are available on the free trial. Of course, a free trial is where you can experiment with all setups of your actual marketplace later.

You can experience all the features in the marketplace on a free trial for 30-days.

You have 2 revenue models on QMarket.

The first is Commission fee - a certain percentage or flat fee will be collected from the seller upon completion of each order.

The second is Service fee - a certain percentage or flat fee will be collected from the buyer upon completion of each order.