Gofer – Uber Clone

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Airbnb Clone

Makent - Airbnb Clone

Makent is an Airbnb Clone Script with rental business model where it connects hosts and users all over the world and enables security transactions between them. It is a accommodation business to rent your extra space of your home to gain profit from the user who in need of the space for staying.

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Fancy Clone

Spiffy - Fancy Clone Script

Spiffy is a Fancy Clone Script with Multi-vendor and Social eCommerce features. Spiffy is an online shopping clone script which allows users to engaged in social media to do shopping in eCommerce site through picture feeds and sharing.

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Airbnb Clone Mobile

Makent Mobile - Airbnb Clone

We offers mobile applications in iOS and Android platforms. We guarantee that our mobile application channel users have all functionality of the website which includes private messaging, three times faster communication between users. Makent mobile helps to extend the business through handy devices.

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Uber Clone

Gofer - Uber Clone

Gofer is the Uber clone script with the concept of connecting the people in different fields who request and offer the on demand booking services. Gofer is available in both iOS and Android mobile Apps.

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Tinder Clone

Igniter - Tinder Clone

Igniter sparks with the concept of connecting singles in local area with its attractive design. With the latest technologies, Igniter facilitates the uninterrupted communication among the interested matches.

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