GoferEats- UberEats Clone Script

   Version – Beta – 0.5

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Why GoferEats (UberEats Clone)?

GoferEats is the UberEats clone script from Trioangle, it works in the concept of online food ordering system with delivery option. GoferEats is completely user friendly to admin, user, restaurant and drivers as well. According to the demand our Ubereats clone script can be easily customised. Responsive and reliability is the major traits of our clone script. Our clone script can be reinforced in both Android and iOS. Salient features of our clone script helps to make stand distinctive from competitors.

Benefits Of Our On-Demand Food Delivery Script – Users


Multiple Signup

Users & Restaurant owners can easily signup using social media or phone number to enjoy the online food ordering system.

Track Orders

Users can easily track their order in their app on the way from restaurant to delivery address.

Easy Search

Users can easily search their restaurants around their place to taste their favourite foods in the doorsteps.

Accurate ETA

Users can accurately view their estimate time delivery of their food, it will make their feel comfort to taste their spicy foods on time.

Schedule Order

User can pre-order their favourite food from a particular restaurant in a certain time according to their appetite and can schedule the time of delivery.

Instant Notifications

Users get instant notifications with help of the Firebase Cloud Messaging Technology about the driver details and order details .

Multiple Payment Option

Users can pay for their orders through various payment options like Cash, Wallet or Credit Cards.

Promo Code Option

Users can apply promo code or gift code for their order, the amount will be reduced from the total order amount.

Review & Rating

User can rate for restaurant about their foods and the drivers about their delivery service.

Benefits Of Our On-Demand Food Delivery Script – Restaurant


Multiple SignUp

Easy profile creation through the mail or phone number to register the restaurant in GoferEats.

Monitor Reports

Restaurant can view their reports of the business sale to analyse and improvise their sales rate.

Restaurant Status

Restaurants can change the status of their restaurant as online or offline according to the availability of the food.

Instant Notification

Error free and instant notification regarding the order is sent to the restaurant with the explicit order details.


Driver Tracking

Restaurant can communicate and monitor the driver location from their way to the restaurant by using the app.



Future Updates

We are working the betterment of our app and waiting to give the exciting features in Restaurant app.

Benefits Of Our On-Demand Food Delivery Script – Driver


Easy SignUp

One can become GoferEats Driver by easy signup process through mail or phone number.


Pickup Information

Precise details about the pickup and drop location regarding the order is sent to the driver as a message when the driver is online.

Featured History

Transaction history can be viewed by the drivers to know the number of rides they have taken and the price earned.


Switch Online/Offline Mode

Driver can tap on online mode when they are ready to take the order and can switch to offline mode if not ready for delivery.

Navigate Easily

The driver can easily navigate to the restaurant and user’s address with the help of map.

Manage profile

Driver can easily alter and update the information about them in their profile.

Our UberEats Clone Is Developed With

uber clone


uber clone


uber clone


uber clone


Uber Clone


Uber Clone


Uber Clone


Uber Clone


Screenshots For GoferEats User – Web

Screenshots For GoferEats Restaurant – Web

Screenshots For GoferEats Driver – Web

Screenshots For GoferEats User – App

Screenshots For GoferEats Restaurant  – App

Screenshots For GoferEats Driver  – App

Server Requirements For On-Demand Food Delivery Script

  • Operating System – Windows or Linux
  • Web Server – Apache
  • Database – MySQL
  • PHP – 7.1
  • Ability to Setup Cron Jobs

Release Details Of Our On-Demand Food Delivery Script

Beta 0.5

Released : June 22, 2018

Driver App

  • Request Accept
  • Cancel Request
  • Confirm Order
  • Restaurant Rating
  • Start Trip
  • Delivery Order (Drop Off)
  • Rating To User
  • Complete Trip
  • Contact User & Restaurant
  • Pay to GoferEats (Card Payment)
  • Live Tracking
  • Payout Preference

Restaurant App

  • Trip History
  • Trip Details
  • Rating Driver
  • Live Tracking

User App

  • Wallet
  • Live tracking
  • Remove Cart
  • Rating To Restaurant
  • Rating To Driver
  • Rating To Food
Beta 0.4

Released : June 15, 2018

Driver App

  • SignIn Option
  • SignUp Option
  • Home Page With Tracking Option
  • Receive Request
  • Request Accept
  • Vehicle Detail Update
  • Document Upload
  • Document Edit
  • View Profile
  • Update Profile
  • FCM Integration

Restaurant App

  • Menu Details With Chang Availability Option
  • Order Dashboard With Details
  • Accept Order
  • Cancel Order
  • Delay Order
  • Food Done
  • FCM Integration

User App

  • Order Details
  • Settings Option
  • Cancel Order
  • Promo Code
  • FCM Integration
Beta 0.3

Released : June 09, 2018

GoferEats User – App

  • SignIn Option
  • Login Option
  • Search Option
  • Restaurant Details
  • Add To Cart
  • Edit Orders
  • Payment Through COD & Credit Card
  • Place Order

GoferEats Driver – Web & App

  • Login Page Design
  • LogIn Session Page Design
  • SignUp Page Design
  • Profile Page Design
  • Payment Page Design
  • Invoice Page Design(Only In Web)
  • Trips Page Design
  • Trip Detail Page Design(Only In Web)
  • Documents Upload Page Design
Alpha 0.2

Released : June 01, 2018

GoferEats Restaurant – Web

  • Restaurant Login Page Design
  • Restaurant SignUp Page Design
  • Partner Dashboard Page Design
  • Partner Payment Page Design
  • Menu Editor Page Design
  • Preparation Timing Page Design
Alpha 0.1

Released : May 25, 2018

GoferEats – User App

  • Home Page
  • Restaurant Details Page
  • Search Page
  • Order History Page
  • Account Settings Page
  • Payment Pages
  • Cart Page
  • Order Place Page
  • Login Page
  • SignUp Page
  • Forget Password Page
  • Driver Tracking Page
  • Categories Page
  • Promo Code Page
  • Favourite Page

GoferEats Restaurant App

  • SignIn Page
  • Order Page
  • Order’s Detail Page
  • Order History Page
  • Menu Page
  • Menu Details Page
  • Most Popular Item’s Page

GoferEats User Web

  • Home Page
  • Search Page
  • Detail Page
  • Orders Page
  • Order Detail Page
  • Order Checkout Page
  • Order Payment Page
  • Order Tracking Page
  • User Profile Page
  • User Payment Page
  • Privacy Policy Page