What Is Special In Our Grocery Delivery Script?

A Grocery Delivery Script is a technologically advanced platform with efficient features aimed at improving your grocery delivery business. It's a smart and practical solution that can elevate your grocery delivery services to a leading position in the market.

A grocery delivery app from us is used to generate a huge volume of revenue with simple tappings. With the integration of all the essential features and the metric, the grocery delivery script is the readymade and customizable solution that opens up the smart options that redefine the standalone grocery store into the online grocery delivery business where all the players gain huge benefits. Let's upgrade the grocery delivery services smart now!

Our Benefits

Best Benefits In Our GoferGrocery - Grocery Delivery Script

Turn Your Grocery Delivery Business Profitable With Top-Notch Beneficiary Features


Single Pickup Multiple Delivery

If the two users are ordering the items from the nearby stores at different locations, the nearby driver will take two orders at the same time and deliver the picked items to the users.


Support Option

This support option will be beneficial for the users to solve the query with the admin. Admin can add options like Whatsapp, Skype, LiveChat, and more can be added for support.


Simplified Sign-Up / Sign-In

We have equipped the most vital feature where we can easily register with the phone number, email id, or social media accounts like Apple and Facebook.


Instant Pop-Up Notification

Once the user places their orders, the store gets an instant pop-up notification. Like that, the user will get notified accepting orders, driver arrivals, and order status. The firebase cloud messaging technology was used for Instant notification.


Live Order Tracking

The users, as well as the store, can directly track their order with a live driver location. It's one of the great options to have secure grocery delivery services.


Reliable Payment Option

The customers can have a secure payment transaction by our Grocery delivery app script. We customize as per the client's desire. We have payment methods in a grocery app such as Cash, PayPal, or Debit Cards.


Review & Rating

Every service needs to have loyalty and trustworthy statements from the customer to express about the service. In our grocery delivery script, the user can give this review & rating for the store partner for the orders and for the driver to know about the delivery experience.


Store Status

The stores can change their status by either accepting orders or pause orders. If accepting orders, the store partner will take the orders. If the store is in pause orders, the store will not show for the user.


Order Scheduling

The users can place the order as per their desired time by using this schedule option. Actually, this option is so cool for the users to get groceries.


Exclusive Offers

We provide an option for the customers to enjoy promos and offers which increases retention and engagement.The Offers can be created by store and promo can be created by admin.


Elegant Profile Management

The User and Driver have an exclusive profile management page on the web and mobile app. They can edit their profile information on the profile management page. Store owners can also edit their profile in web applications.


Multiple Language

GoferGrocery supports multiple languages in both web & mobile applications. The user can change their preferred language. Grocery delivery script we have English, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Admirable Tips Option

The user can add the tip for the driver using the "Add Tip" option. If the user added the tips, the tips amount added to the total payment in the checkout option.


Takeaway Or Delivery Option

If the store partner has the delivery type options like the "Takeaway or Delivery" option. Using the takeaway option, the user can order when they are willing to take their ordered items from the store. By using the Delivery option, the user will get the orders on the doorstep.


Dynamic Payout

Admin can dynamically select the payout preference from the option there. Store and Driver payouts to admin based on the enabled options.


Covid Safety Measures

To overcome and stay safe in this pandemic situation, notifications regarding asymptomatic symptoms are popped up. Through this can avoid uncertain situations.


Contactless Delivery

Users can place their orders and get delivery without direct contact with delivery partners. This contactless delivery can be applicable when the user is in pre-paid option. As a result, driver deliver the order to door step by take a snap and upload in our app and also get notifications to user.

Demo Login Details

Demo Details For App Like Grocery Delivery Script

Find The Clear Grocery Delivery Script Workflow Demo Here, Book for Your App Now!


Admin Login Details

Username : admin
Password : gofergrocery

User Demo Details

GoferGrocery user app is available in Web, iOS and Android platforms. Use the link below to try the demo of GoferGrocery user app features.

Test locations: Orlando
(Use the above locations to test in demo sites)

Store Demo Details

GoferGrocery Store App Is Available In Web, IOS, And Android Platforms. Use The Link Below To Try The Demo Of GoferGrocery Store App Features


Driver Demo Details

GoferGrocery driver app is available in Web, IOS, And Android platforms. Use the link below to try the demo of GoferGrocery driver app features

Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Exclusive Support for Shared Web Hosting for Any Business

Smart Decision Where to Host!

Shared hosting is an ideal choice for any website owners who are looking beginner-friendly and cost-effective option. Dedicated hosting defines the hosting of the website in a single server and it is specially dedicated to your website only.

We, Trioangle have skilled professionals in two hosting modes. But, hosting via shared web-hosting mode from us makes you feel risk-free without any technical requirements.

Note: Shared web hosting supports source which is run in every min cron

How We Unique?

Why Choose Us

Enrich Your Online Grocery Delivery Services With Our Unique App-Model Support


Free Server Installation

Once the purchase is completed, we install our script to your server at free of cost. Within a short span, we help you to make your script live.


Free App Submission

We submit your apps which are bought from us. We give you complete support to submit iOS Apps in App Store & Android apps in Play Store.


Free Bug Support

We continuously work to deliver high quality bug free products. In case of any critical bugs, it's our pleasure to support you immediately in free of cost within the mentioned support period in the purchased package. Otherwise, we will make sure to include it in our near future updates.


On-Time Support

We are always ready to support you in all means of communication channels. Our on-time support includes technical and non technical support and maintenance from the team.


100% Source Code

Based on the packages selection, you will be afforded with a complete source code. 100% source code means the clients have all the privilege to edit and change the source code in accordance with their ideology to attract relevant customers.


Native iOS & Android Apps

Our experts crafted all the features of the app in native languages of iOS & Android to provide a compatible service and make a presence in all the types of technologies.


Support After App Rejection

We are always here to support you even after the purchase is completed. We wholeheartedly accept if any rejection happens after app submission and we tend to develop a better app which will be accepted.


Free Technical Support

Our expert team will assist you for registration of accounts on any 3rd party sites like SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway, Server, and much more.


Free White Labeling

It is important to have your logo and company name everywhere. In the admin panel you can remove our name and logo from everywhere visible and replace it with yours which helps in building your brand.

Our Offerings

What Do We Offer?

Powered Interfaces to Standardize Workflows of Grocery Delivery Business

Store Android

Specially Designed Android App for Stores to Greet the Users in a New Way

View Demo

Store iOS

A Custom Store iOS App to Build a Solid User Base in Competitive Landscape

View Demo

Store Web Panel

All-In-One Web Panel for Store to Innovate Grocery Delivery Services in a Smart Way

View Demo

Driver Android

One-Stop Android App for Drivers to Manage a Wide Range of Orders Seamlessly

View Demo

Driver iOS

Scalable iOS App for Drivers to Complete Delivery Services On-Time

View Demo

Driver Web Panel

All-In-One Dashboard to Track Delivery Orders, Customer Location, Payment, etc.

View Demo

User Android

User-centric Android App to Book the Groceries from Nearby Stores Quickly

View Demo

User iOS

Dedicated iOS app for Users to Access Stores in Both Nearby/Faraway.

View Demo

User Web Panel

Feature-Rich Web Panel Especially for Users to Change Grocery Ordering Smart

View Demo

Admin Web Panel

A Key Tool to Manage All Activities in Grocery Delivery Services Simple.

View Demo
Our Integral Payment Wallets

Crypto-Wallet Integration

Secure Online Transactions in Grocery Delivery Service With Our Crypto-Wallet Integration

Crypto-Wallet Integration

In Grocery Delivery Script, We provide additional payment integration to send and receive the money through crypto wallet. Adding crypto-wallet is done with extra cost.

Our Unique Features

Features That Make Us Distinct From Others

Reshape Grocery Delivery Business With Our Steller Features of Gofer Grocery Delivery Script

Admin Management

The admin of the grocery delivery business can easily manage their business by watching each and every move of the users connected. Admin can take the edge of workloads by splitting with sub-admins. Admin can also customize the panel as per their choice.

Manage Connectives

A separate web and mobile panel for users, store and driver panels are provided. Similarly admin can add, view and manage the details of the users, store and driver. With a single dashboard every bit of the system is monitored seamlessly by admin.

Driver Document Management

To maintain a secure delivery service, the admin allows verified drivers in. Also admin manages the documents submitted for verification by drivers. This feature doesn't allow fake partners to the system and maintain the credibility of the system.

Geo Tracking

The users can simply track their orders from their app from the store to the specified location. Tracking is also available for the store owners to watch the driver moves for collecting essentials for delivery.

Manage Review Issues

To show the care and concern on users, the system has added review issues. The admin can edit/add issue types in the service and also can manage and monitor the details about the issue by the users. If required can also delete the issue types.


With the report option, the admin can have a keen look at each panel as such user, store, driver and so forth. The admin can export the report in CSV, Excel format and can also print their report, reset or reload the amount details.

Geo-Location Search

To have a quick search for the users, they can use the geo-location search option to find out their destination place.

Real-Time Currency Rates

You are set to launch your business in short term successfully in this competitive market.

All-In-One Feature List Of GoferGrocery

Standard Features Of GoferGrocery

Be a prominent Grocery Delivery Business Owner With Our High-Demanding Features

Advanced Filter Option


Pickup Information


Driver Online / Offline


Delivery Information


Store Status


Item Management


Offers Management


Responsive Design


Store Management


Drivers Document Verification


100% Customizable


SEO Friendly

Extra Addons


Scale-up Your Revenue and Grocery Orders With Our Advanced Add-Ons


Multiple language

We Offer 3 Languages In GoferGrocery


Phone Number Verification

Twilio Technology Is Used In GoferGrocery For SMS Verifications

Our Pricing Plans

Pricing Plan For The Best Grocery Delivery Script

Choose The Best-Suit Package As Per Your Grocery Delivery Business Plans



Can Able To Use It In Multiple Domain/Server With Android Application


Contact Us

Professional Plus


Can Able To Use It In Multiple Domain/Server With IOS Application


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Our Specifications

Specifications That Scales Your Team’s Need

Take A Deep Look at the Specifications of Our Bigbasket Clone Packages

Specifications Startup Plan Professional Professional Plus Enterprise
Native Android User App
Native Android Store App
Native Android Driver App
Native iOS User App
Native iOS Store App
Native iOS Driver App
User Web Panel
Store Web Panel
Driver Web Panel
Administrator Panel
100% Source Code - Easily Customisable
Free Server Installation
iOS Apps Submission/Installation To ITunes Store
Android Apps Submission/Installation To Google App Store
Skype Support
Team Viewer Support
Specifications Startup Plan Professional Professional Plus Enterprise
Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways:
  • Stripe Payment Gateway (Supports 41 Countries)
  • Paypal Payment Gateway (Worldwide)
Specifications Startup Plan professional professional plus enterprise
Multiple Domain License
Support For Bugs & Issues
Free Support Period *Will Be Extend Upto 1 Year Based On Installment Payment 6 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Google Map Integration
White Labelling/Branding - Adding Your Logo & Name To The Apps
Technologies Used

Technologies Used In Our Gofer Grocery Delivery Script

Top-Notch Gofer Grocery Delivery Script Model Built With Newly Evolving Technologies




Angular JS













Our Similar Products

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Hit Your Marks in Delivery Industry With Our Top-Rated Delivery App Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Grocery Delivery Software

Find the Appropriate Answers for a Wide Range of Questionnaires in Grocery Delivery Services

  • Operating System - Linux
  • Web Server - Apache
  • Database - MySQL
  • PHP - 7.3
  • Ability to Setup Cron Jobs

Yes, the user has the option to track the orders that they have made.

Yes, we have multiple payment options like cash, wallet and credit cards.

Yes, we have separate login options for the user, store and the delivery.

Yes, We have a option available to rate and review both the store as well as the delivery services.

Yes. The Store Has The Access To Driver’s Location Till The Groceries Are Reached To Destination

Yes, our app contains the promotion / coupon code. It may help you to create an attraction towards the app.

We do not provide any direct links for downloading grocery delivery script. However, upon purchase of grocery delivery script, our support team will get in touch with you to know your preference as to either deploy and configure the script on your server or send you the dropbox link to download the source code of script. We offer complementary deployment services to our clients. NOTE: For cloud servers (i.e. AWS, Google, IBM, etc.) deployment is FREE, whereas server configuration will be chargeable.Deployment time for purchased product will be 24 to 48 working hours.

We designate a project leader who will coordinate with the client throughout the project as well as share respective updates every week.

Yes, we do employ the AGILE methodologies based on the project type and size.

For an Android developer account, you will have to pay $25/Year For an Apple developer account, you have to pay $99/Year

Feel free to contact us for any clarification over any mode of communication or visit us at [email protected]
New Release Details

Release Detail for Grocery Delivery Script

A Quick Go-Through Our Releases for Revolutions in the Grocery Delivery Industry

Stable 1.7

  • Covid Safety Measures
  • Contactless Delivery
  • Force Update
  • Cloud Image Upload (Cloudinary)
  • Improved Performance
  • Bug Fixes

Stable 1.6

April 29, 2021
  • New Design Changes In Web And Mobile
  • Bug Fixing

Stable 1.5

Released : March 05, 2021
  • Single Pickup Multiple Delivery
  • Support Option
  • Dynamic Language Conversion
  • Wallet Option In The Web
  • Dynamic OTP
  • Improved Live Tracking
  • Improved Load Testing
  • Improved Payment Flow
  • Improved Promo Option
  • Bug Fixes

Stable 1.4

November 25, 2020
  • Tips To Driver
  • Take Away For User
  • Dynamic Payout
  • Spanish Language
  • Social Media Login For Users
  • Pay To Admin For Stores
  • Firebase Request
  • Bug Fixes

Stable 1.1 (Both Web & APP)

May 04, 2020

Web & App:

  • Stripe 3D Secure
  • Updated Stripe Payout Preference
  • Manage Send Messages (Email, Push Notification, Sms)
  • Bug Fixing

Driver App (iOS):

  • Instant Notifications
  • Driver Request Flow
  • Trip Cancel Option
  • Detailed Statement For Earnings
  • Updated Stripe Payout Preference
  • Geo Navigation With Google Map
  • View Trip History

Store App (iOS):

  • Instant Order Notifications When User Order The Item
  • Automatic Request To Driver For Order Pickup
  • Cancel And Delay Order Option
  • Pause Order Option
  • Schedule Order Notifications

Oct 15, 2019

User App :

  • Location Based Search
  • Search Based On Available Time Of The Store
  • Promo Code Option
  • Card Payment
  • Place The Order For Selected Store
  • Order Status Notifications
  • Order Tracking
  • Cancel Order With Immediate Refund
  • Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA)
  • Schedule Order

Driver App :

  • Instant Notifications
  • Easy Price Calculation
  • Driver Request Flow
  • Cancel Trip Amount Refund
  • Detailed Statement For Earning
  • Cancel Trip Penalty Amount To Driver
  • View Trip History

Store App :

  • Instant Order Status Notifications When User Order The Item
  • Automatic Request Before 7 Minutes Of Order Packing
  • Cancel Order Penalty Amount For Store
  • Store Order Flow
  • Schedule Order Status Notifications


Store Web Panel :

  • Detailed Order Details
  • Item Rating Details
  • Item Management In Store
  • Store Opening Hours
  • Store Availability Status

Driver Web Panel :

  • Easy Price Calculation
  • Detailed Statement For Earning
  • Cancel Trip Penalty Amount To Driver
  • View Trip History
  • Cancel Trip Amount Refund

User Web Panel :

  • Location Based Search
  • Search Based On Available Time Of The Store
  • Promo Code Option
  • Card Payment
  • Place The Order For Selected Store
  • Cancel Order With Immediate Refund
  • Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA)
  • Schedule Order

Admin Web Panel :

  • Manage All Users (User,Store,Driver)
  • Apply Penality & Its Detail
  • Site Default Settings
  • Manage Payment Gateway Details
  • Payout Option
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