Dynamic Rental Business Script

One stop solution for all types of rental business with us and enables you to instantly launch your rental business & be on top in the market.

Online Rental Software For Business Management

  • Peer To Peer Property Sharing

    Enhance all types of rental business possibilities with trending mobile apps from us and get more revenue from the service.

  • Collaborative Business

    Rental business is getting trendy nowadays. Business with such solutions will make bookings easy with and easily collaborate with providers.

  • Small / Large Enterprises

    Every business has an exclusive set of requirements. You may have a startup or an enterprise company, we can help you to build customized apps for your business.

Vital Features In Dynamic Rental Business Script

Needed features and functionalities define the advantages of the transformative rental business and its success. Below are a number of them to be noted for each business to possess a great start.

Multiple Signup / Login

Multiple Signup / Login options like Facebook, Gmail & email attract more users to use your apps & website so avail your business with this most trending feature.

Saved For Future

Users can save their favourites on the rental platform to make bookings in the future and they can share those favourites also.

Streamlined Flow Of List

The exit rate of the app usage is based on the performance of the app. So to increase the perfect search of the app, a magnificent in-built algorithm can be included.

Instant Messaging System

The instant messaging system is the communicating platform for the guest with the host in case of any queries or discrepancies.

Instant Booking

Super fast booking option makes guests most comfortable while booking. It magnifies the rental business with such options that attracts more users.

In-App Payments

Multiple in-app payments like Paypal, stripe, cash options will escalate the convenience of using the business app. So involve the payment gateways for the convenience of the users.

Rating And Reviews

Quality of the rental providers can be valued with the feedback from the users and that’s the reason we have the ratings and reviews feature on our rental business script.

Reward Earnings

By inviting friends and families to the rental website / applications, users can earn credits accordingly which can be used in their proceeding bookings.

Become a Host

Host authentication can be done quickly in the sign-up process by filling the primary details, which is useful and safe for both the host and your business.

Detailed Listing

A new listing can be created by a new host by following the steps include the filling of core-basic details and other dynamic fields created by the admin.

Cancelling Option

In any unconditional situation the platform provides flexibility for the host by cancelling the booking request and helps to raise the quality of service.

iCalendar Sync

The Host can manage the available dates with this feature. The dates are synched digitally with other calendars to avoid mismatch of dates.

Earning Report

The host can view the detailed report such as total bookings per month, total views, ratings, reviews, guest messages and monthly earnings to have a track on their business.

Multi Lingual & Currency

The multilingual and currency feature is available for both host and user to make it accessible in various countries, so hosts can reach all over the world.

Invoice Generation In The App

Most people prefer and request an invoice for their use. Involving itinerary options within the app / website that will satisfy the users and attract more users.

User-Friendly Dashboard

A simple & convenient dashboard that helps to monitor every movement of host and guest. A graphical representation of overall performance in a single dashboard will ease the work of the admin and an overview of the rental business can be accessed easily.

Host Management

Host management is a needed thing to be considered for the rental business. Within a single dashboard itself, you can monitor the number of hosts and their listings, experience.

Content Editor & Form Builder

Content Editor & Form builder features enable admin to modify the content of your web pages to better represent your business demand. The modifications will immediately reflect on the front end of the website pages without any additional cost.

Users Management

The number of users integrated with the uplift of the business so managing the user and their requirement is a necessary one. You can easily filter and manage the users and their bookings within the admin panel.

Manage Fees

Manage Fees is the important feature for the admin to manage all of his revenues. Admin can edit the fees form with this feature by choosing the Default currency, Status, Fee type, Percentage, Amount etc., without any fuss in a digital format within their panel itself.

SEO Friendly

The meta title and description can be updated to increase your site’s ranking on search engines. Since this is a dynamic option, the modifications of the meta title will be automatically updated on the frontend.

Manage Currency & Language

According to the location planned for the rental business, you can choose the prefered currency / language or checklist all the currency / language for the alternate choices for the user convenience and can manage them easily.

Site Settings

Site settings feature enables you to customize the essentials features like optimization of login settings, social settings, API Configurations, Payment settings etc Further options include modification of language and maintenance mode.

How Do We Work?

  • 1

    Requirement Gathering

    Before working on creating the online rental business we have gathered all the core requirements to develop the app / website in an efficient way.

  • 2

    Requirement Analysis

    After collecting the needed information, the research regarding the requirements and the process is analysed completely by our business analysts to find a perfect solution for our clients business.

  • 3


    We work progressively with energetic team members and utilize the recent technology and develop the script in a productive way which completely fits for your business.

  • 4


    Before delivering the project we do full quality checking for the work we have done with a team of QA experts.

  • 5

    On-Time Delivery

    Our experts will work to deliver the project on time as we promised. With elicit delivery, we help your business to stand on top of the competition.

Using Right Technology Stack

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  • Trioangle angular js
  • Trioangle laravel 5.3
  • Trioangle HTML5
  • Trioangle CSS3
  • Trioangle android
  • Trioangle iOS

How Much Does It Cost?

We develop smart and customized online Rental business scripts for startups to enterprise companies and also for startups / entrepreneurs. To know the precise cost, features and functionalities of the rental business solution, get in touch with our team for a quick chat.

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