How Does Gojek Clone Works?

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Why Gojek Clone Script?

The on-demand solution has tweaked up multiple enterprises and startups. Gojek holds a significant piece of cake in prevailing “All in one box solution”. Undoubtedly being unique with technical standards is their key to success. As an entrepreneur, it's the preferable time to opt into this platform and grab diverse customers with Goferjek.

We at Trioangle dispense high calibre Gojek app clone script, with the identical features and functionalities of Gojek. The script avails customization and is drafted with a steadfast technological stack. So we vow that the Goferjek is an exemplary choice to kickstart your business within a few business days. From on-demand to delivery service everything is packed to be in one go.

Common Features Of Gojek Clone

airbnb clone script

Smart SignUp

Users can register their account via multi-ways like google, Facebook, and Apple login. This easy signup option offers valid support to create a service community.

airbnb clone script

Business Type

Showcase of the list of businesses in one window makes the customers go through them clearly. This acts as the base for smart business selection.

airbnb clone script

Service Sub-Categories

Upon selecting a major category, the sub-category of services is immediately shown. This provides all the details of the service subcategory immediately.

airbnb clone script

Pick Favorite One

Based on customer requirements, they choose the favorite or needed service at first. This also provides the depth details like hot players, top-rank food lists, etc in one window.

airbnb clone script

Book Service

After go-through all the services, customers now navigated to the booking page where they provide the valid details like when or where they will require, etc.

airbnb clone script

Age Validation

Quick pop-ups prior to use the app opens up in order to validate whether the users are above age 18. This ensures safe app usage.

airbnb clone script

Promo-Code Management

Allows the admin to provide promo-code-based purchases or offers in order to engage a huge range of customers. This will increase revenue value.

airbnb clone script

Provider Business Type

Providers can easily select the option from the pool of services, delivery, and deliveryall based on the service providers. This instant selection brings convenience to the service providers.

airbnb clone script

DeliveryAll Categories

Upon selecting the deliveryall, this window describes the variations of delivery like food, grocery, alcohol, and pharmacy, etc. This raises the alerts to concerned people

airbnb clone script

Delivery Management

This allows the delivery partners to manage their delivery trips in a digital way. Route management, price details, and vehicle mode are all monitored in this window.

airbnb clone script

SOS Contacts

During an emergency situation, this option allows the people to add the contact of friends or family members to generate the alerts.

airbnb clone script

Manual Booking

In case of any manual delivery vehicle booking, this option allows the delivery partner to book a call to the admin for getting instant services.

airbnb clone script

Multiple Currency

With this option, payments can be simplified against multiple currencies. This also helps the service providers to expand their services to any country easily.

airbnb clone script

Multiple Languages

Categories of languages shown in this option allow the users to prefer the suitable language to build the conversation instantly without any issue

airbnb clone script

Multiple Payments

Through the cash, PayPal, card, and wallets option payment of delivery fee gets simplified on the user side. These multi-moe payments ensure the instant revenue

airbnb clone script

Profile Management

The dedicated option in this app allows the users to set the details like name, email, contact details, image, etc in order to custom needs easily.

airbnb clone script

Referral Management

This option allows the users to send the invite code to bring new referrals to the app. With this recommending option, the user base gets ramping.

airbnb clone script

Set Availability

This option allows the delivery partner or service provider to prefer the feasible time slot for work and proceed with the work schedule without any collapse.

airbnb clone script

Support Option

Support at any time is a major need. App users have instant support at any time via two modes like WhatsApp or Skype options

airbnb clone script

In-App Document Uploading

With this option, a delivery partner can directly upload the documents regarding license and experience details instantly for verification.

delivery script

Covid Safety Features

To overcome and stay safe in this pandemic situation, notifications regarding asymptomatic symptoms are popped up. Through this can avoid uncertainty situations.

why choose us ?

  • Free Server Installation

    Once the purchase is completed, we install our script to your server at free of cost. With short span, we help you to make your script live.

  • Free App Submission

    We submit your apps which is bought from us. We give you complete support to submit iOS Apps in App Store & Android apps in Play Store.

  • Free Bug Support

    We continuously work to deliver high quality bug free products. In case of any critical bugs, It's our pleasure to work immediately in free of cost within the support period. Otherwise, we will include it in our near future updates.

  • 100% Source Code

    Based on the packages selection, you will be afforded with full source code. It helps to change the script to attract your customers.

  • Native iOS & Android Apps

    Our experts crafted all the features of the app in native languages of iOS & Android to provide light weight script.

  • Support After App Rejection

    We are always here to support you even after the purchase is completed. We wholeheartedly accept if any rejection happens after app submission.

  • Free Technical Support

    Our expert team will assist you for registration of accounts on any 3rd party sites like SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway, Server, etc.

  • Free White Labeling

    It is important for it to have your logo and company name everywhere. In the admin panel you can remove our name and logo from everywhere visible and replace it with yours.

Demo Details For Gojek Clone

Genuine Gojek Clone Software

Admin Login Details

User Id: admin

Password: 123456

Genuine Gojek Clone Software

user demo Details

Goferjek user is available in iOS and Android platforms. Use the link below to try the demo of Goferjek user features.

android iOS
Reliable Gojek Clone Script

Store Demo Details

Goferjek store is available in Web, iOS and Android platforms. Use the link below to try the demo of Goferjek store features

Web android iOS
Genuine Gojek Clone Software

provider Demo Details

Goferjek provider app is available in both iOS and Android platforms. Use the link below to try the demo of Goferjek provider app features

android iOS
Genuine Gojek Clone Software

Company Login Details

User Id: 9876543211

Password: 123456


crypto-wallet integration

Crypto-Wallet Integration

In GoferJek, We provide additional payment integration to send and receive the money through crypto wallet.

Standard Features Of GoferJek (Gojek Clone)

  • super fast requests

  • trip history

  • cancel option

  • Accurate Location Fetching

  • earnings report

  • Exact Location Calculation

  • fare breakup

  • multiple service category

  • service provider availablity

  • Easy To Customize

  • round clock service

addons (web)

  • arabic
    language - RTL

    We have language translations for Arabic from Right to Left.

    Best Gojek Clone App Best Gojek Clone App
  • multiple

    We provide 5 languages in Goferjek

    Best Gojek Clone App Best Gojek Clone App
  • multiple

    We provide 31 currencies in Goferjek

    Best Gojek Clone App Best Gojek Clone App
  • phone number

    Twilio technology is used in Goferjek for verifications.

    Best Gojek Clone App Best Gojek Clone App

FAQ - Gojek Clone

  • Operating System – Linux
  • Web Server – Apache
  • Database – MySQL
  • PHP – 7.3
  • Ability to Setup Cron Jobs
Yes, Our Goferjek adapts itself to small, medium and large size companies. Goferjek needs least guidance to work on. It is a ready to use software suitable for all kinds of taxi services. To keep the software user friendly and affordable was one of our prime objectives.
Our Goferjek has multiple revenue generating models, however the most pivotal source of revenue for our Gojek Clone is the commission model. Admin can charges the service fee from the users.
You will be assisted by our representatives by providing the complete details regarding payments. Once you are convinced with the payment procedures, you will be received the Paypal invoice or Bank details for wire transfer. You can pay using this two methods as per your convenience.
We basically have a team of efficient and dedicated professionals who make sure that the quality is not compromised with. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team makes sure that there are no glitches or chances of malfunctions in the app that is going to be build.
We are here to create an app of your dream business according to your requirements. So as being a professional company, we will never recommend/ suggest your idea to others. Surely, It will be kept confidential.
Well, in the past we have worked with many non-technical clients and we have helped them throughout their app development process. You can definitely share your ideas and suggestions or ask any question to our support team, they will guide you as well as propose the best approach for optimum results
Sure, as mentioned in our site we would handle the app submission part for Enterprise package.
We designate a project leader who will coordinate with the client throughout the project as well as share respective updates every week.
Yes, we do employ the AGILE methodologies based on the project type and size.
For an Android developer account, you will have to pay $25/Year For an Apple developer account, you have to pay $99/Year
Feel free to contact us for any clarification over any mode of communication or visit us at [email protected]

release detail for Gojek Clone

Stable 1.0

Oct 25, 2021

User App (iOS & Android)

  • Sign Up With Phone Number With OTP Verification
  • Social Login
  • Location Based Service Search
  • Instant Booking
  • Schedule Booking
  • Contact less Delivery
  • Covid Safety Feature
  • Live Tracking
  • Referrals
  • SOS (Save Our Souls)
  • Multiple Languages
  • Multiple Currency
  • Call Masking Using Sinch
  • In-App Messaging Using Firebase
  • Job Progress Details (Step By Step Flow)
  • Tips To Provider
  • Display Store Based On User Location
  • Apply Promo Code Option
  • Order Status Notifications
  • Cancel Job & Order
  • Review And Rating Option
  • Booking History
  • Multiple Payment Options - Cash, Paypal, Stripe, Wallet
  • Manual Booking
  • Shortest Path preference For Delivery Service
  • Multiple Recipients For Delivery Service

Store App (iOS & Android)

  • Instant Order Status Notifications When User Order The Item
  • Automatic Request Before 7 Minutes Of Order Packing
  • Cancel Order Option
  • Order Tracking Status
  • Schedule Order Status Notification
  • Pause Order Option
  • Order Details
  • Update Delay Time For Order

Provider App (iOS & Android)

  • Sign Up With Phone Number With OTP Verification
  • Document Verification
  • Google Map And Waze Map Integration For Navigation
  • Switching Between Online & Offline Modes
  • Provider's Response Based On User's Request
  • Detailed Job History
  • Individual Job Details
  • Multiple Currency
  • Multiple Languages
  • Payout Preferences
  • Manage Gallery (To Upload Service Photos)
  • Referrals
  • Earning Report
  • Contact less delivery image upload process
  • Multiple Service Delivery
  • In App Call Using Sinch
  • In App Message Using Firebase
  • Provider Cancellation Option
  • Feedback & Rating
  • Manage Service (Update Services)
  • Three Types Of Fares For Services (Fixed, Hourly, Time And Distance)
  • Manage Availability

Admin Panel (Web)

  • User Management
  • Provider Management
  • Company Management
  • Store Management
  • Manage Admin & Its Roles
  • Manage Business Types
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage Services
  • Manage Category
  • Manage Jobs
  • Manage Payouts
  • Manage Statements
  • Manage Promo Codes
  • Manage Wallet Amount
  • Manage Owe Amount
  • Manage Cancelled Jobs
  • Manage Job Request
  • Manage Ratings
  • Payment Gateway
  • Manage Parcel type
  • Send Email, SMS, Push Notification Option
  • Manage Web and Mobile Contents.
  • Manage Site Settings

Store Panel (Web)

  • Add And Edit Menu
  • Bulk Item Upload Option
  • Preparation Time
  • Modifiers
  • Offers
  • Switching Between Available & Unavailable Modes
  • Feedback Display
  • Payout History

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