If you are a business person who wishes to start a new business with multiple services, then you might understand the basics of Gojek clone app development in recent years. 

Without any extra shades about Gojek like app services, let’s move on directly to its market overview and the Super app. 

What Is Gojek Clone App/Super App?

In today’s era, almost 80% of businesses are entering into the online pace to reach people digitally. Similarly, the app world is also going to be smart.

Yes, people filled their smart mobile with many on-demand apps like Food/grocery delivery, Taxi booking, Payment, and Booking apps. Enclosing these apps in a single-app marketplace is called the Super app. 

Gojek is a platform that gives innovation of this super app, they assemble all their regional demanding services into a single place and made it a top player now. By its attractive business and revenue model, many entrepreneurs are looking to start the same as Gojek, which raises the launch of Gojek clone apps. 

This creates a surge in the multi-service industry and gains a considerable revenue share in the global trade market. 

Let’s look at the multi-service app market. 

Market Overview Of Multi-Services App Like Gojek

According to a report from the global market estimates (GME), the global multi-service apps market is estimated to reach a CAGR of 23.9% from the year 2023 to 2028. 

This means the revenue of the super apps will be tripled in billion of US dollars compared with the present. To have a clear view of the scope of the multi-service apps, let’s see the exact numbers of Gojek. 

Gojek-a is superior in the multi-service app business model, it has reached the peaking downloads of over 1.89 million in the first quarter of 2023. And the super app was downloaded about 20 million times every single year. 

This market value is not alone for Gojek, many exciting user-friendly super apps which are gaining customer loyalty are winning in possessing the revenue value.

Though the market is having hefty demand, there is also a sturdy competition to succeed in the market. 

Therefore, to attain a defined victory in this sector you should invent your multi-service business with some innovative trends and tactics to attract more consumers. 

Trends And Tactics To Grab Users For Your Gojek Clone App

Possess A Niche List Of Services

Holding the list of services for your super app is the core and critical one, to narrow down. To acquire the right list of services, you need to explore and analyze the demanding services in your region. 

Collect the data from the consumers, and research the services that are having daily demands and get better usage from consumers. 

Maximally, every region could have a demand for taxi booking and food delivery services. So, choose these two as your primary and work on the core to gain the reach of these primary goals. 

Additionally to, based on your business locality demand, include the below services, which suit your needs, 

  • Banking and payments
  • Handyman services
  • Shopping
  • Courier delivery services
  • Trading investment apps
  • Entertainment-OTT
  • Ticket Bookings

By offering the demanding services uniquely and professionally, your super app could reach potential consumers effectively in a short span. 

Design User-Friendly Gojek Clone App

Developing a super app is not just a simple one. Even if you are aware of the basics of Gojek clone app development, you should work hard to give a qualified, user-friendly application. 

Customize your Gojek clone script, until you get the defined business process flow and easy user interface. Here I’ve listed the pinpoints to look at while developing your super app like Gojek. 

Make Your Users Function On Intuitive User Interface-Your super app should be clean, visually appealing, and easy to navigate for the users which will give them a seamless experience. Avoid the clutters and ensure the core features and services are easily accessible. 

Make the registration process smooth as possible by connecting to the social media platforms and their credentials. Give clear tooltips to the users while in their first appearance that will make their onboarding easier. 

Possess clear service categories and easy search functionality. In the multi-servicing app, it is important to create clear and distinct categories that help users to find their specific service quickly. Implement the basic filters and sorting options to refine the search more smoothie. 

Give personalized User Profiles. Enhance your user experience with a personalized profile that saves their time and gives future interactions highly that cater to their needs. 

Make Your App With Seamless Booking And Fine Order Placement. Implement algorithms to reduce friction during the booking process. 

By prioritizing the user experience, you can create a user-friendly super app that is efficient and enjoyable for the consumers. 

Work To Make Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics plays a crucial role in the multi-service apps. As a platform owner, you can get valuable insights, by making improved decisions. It enhances the overall performance of the platform.

  • It helps to get the user behavior, and service utilization which helps in identifying the current trends, patterns, and areas for improvement. 
  • Advanced analytics in your Gojek clone app serves essential information about user preferences, historical data, and feedback. This offers tailored promotions and customized experiences to the users. 
  • Along with this, you can also check the performance and quality by tracking various metrics such as service completion rates, service provider ratings, customer feedback, and response times. Through these understandings, you can address Gojek clone app performance and issues promptly. 

Let’s build your multi-service app with the advanced analytic system to optimize your service which assists you in having continuous improvement and iteration. 

Build The Gojek Clone App Core Features To Be Smart

Making the basic features to be smart is a delighting part, where your users can stick with your multi-service app at first sight itself. So, include the core features in an advanced manner. 

Live-geo tracking

The app world is going too bright, give your real-time tracking system the options of, 

  • Real-time visibility
  • Service Transparency
  • Pro-active communication
  • Optimal route and navigation for the drivers
  • Improved safety and security by instant tracking via GPS
  • Smart monitoring and analytics to know the runway problems, and service provider performance helps to identify the bottleneck problem in the entire multi-service business model. 

By integrating this smart tracking you can optimize your business operations. It will automatically enhance the customer experience and ensure a transparent delivery service. 

Heat Maps

A tech-savvy heat map will provide valuable insights into your Gojek clone app. Integrating smart heat map technology, you can visually emphasize the demand across the different locations for a particular service. 

Using this, your users can easily optimize the service provider location, which identifies the high demand and helps to know the number of providers in that location. 

Also, the heat map reveals service demand patterns, helping businesses identify potential service expansion opportunities. By this, you can analyze the demand fluctuations, and assist by balancing it with the necessary supply. 

Via this smart heat map, you can get enhanced service quality and gain a competitive edge in the Gojek-like app market. 

Dynamic Pricing System 

A smart dynamic pricing system enables your multi-service business with the implementation of an optimal pricing strategy based on real-time market dynamics. 

By analyzing factors like service demand, availability, competitor pricing, and customer behavior, the system can adjust prices dynamically to maximize revenue and profitability. 

This ensures that prices are competitive, align with market conditions, and reflect the value provided by the services.

So, indulge your Gojek clone app with this immense feature in an intelligent way. 

Wrapping Up

Deploying a multi-service app like Gojek undergoes many important matters. Research and analyze all the business development activities that help you to make a proficient Super app business. 

Let’s ready to move your Gojek clone app development with advanced features and technologies. It will help to stand your multi-service business out from the crowd.