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Almost 28.9% of the web consists of WordPress and it is used by a significant number of web developers for developing a website. The platform is well known for its simple content management system, that even a non-techie can handle it seamlessly.

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What is WordPress and for whom is it useful?

WordPress well known for its content management system is also very helpful in building a web application. WordPress helps create a blog, landing page, online store, forum and a whole website for users around the world.

Reasons why WordPress is mostly preferred for website development:

  • Easy CMS - content management system. WordPress is an open-source blogging tool which does not require any specific coding for managing the content.
  • WooCommerce - The WordPress E-commerce system, it is a third party powerful plugin used for creating e-commerce websites (or) simply online stores.
  • Powerful third-party plugins - Apart from all other features, WordPress consists of a wide range of plugins like visual composer, WooCommerce, SEO plugins like Yoast and much more.

Find out which custom WordPress services suit your business application.

  • WordPress E-commerce Solutions

    We implement E-commerce solutions by integrating WooCommerce to WordPress for your online venture or store development. We also make sure to give you the best performing e-commerce website by making use of the powerful third-party WordPress plugins.

  • WordPress CMS Development

    Well known for its content management system, WordPress solutions are used by Trioangle to build CMS for bloggers and web applications. We specialize in creating the content creation simpler and easier with the WP CMS and set up the standards for the web applications.

  • WordPress Plugin Development

    We provide the clients with tailor-made plugins and extensions on the WordPress platform for addressing wider business needs. With the help of the third party WP plugins, we extend the functionality of your website according to your business needs.

  • WordPress Payment Solutions

    Trioangle ensures a seamless transactional system for users and clients all over the world by integrating the powerful and substantial payment gateways to a WordPress website along with a set of stringent security measures.

  • Support and Bug Fixing

    Our WordPress developer team has prior experience in offering technical support and maintenance services to keep pace with the current WordPress updates. We can fix all the flaws related to your existing WordPress site, so it can run without any glitch. The team ensures quality check in the functionality and usability of the website.

Why hire WordPress developers from Trioangle?

We are one of the best web and mobile application development companies with an experience of 4+ years and 100+ technical and marketing geeks. Hire Wordpress developers from Trioangle for your complete website development (or) CMS to make a step forward in your business growth.

  • Build Effective CMS

    Wordpress is well known for maintaining an effective content management system. Our technical and marketing team help improvise and optimize the client’s website through the efficient CMS build.

  • Build Efficient Website

    Even though Wordpress is well known for its content management system, more than 25% of the websites are built with the help of Wordpress. At Trioangle, we also deliver website development services using Wordpress.

  • Multiple Wordpress Services

    Trioangle lists the main and most important services through Wordpress. They are, Woocommerce e-solutions, Wordpress CMS development, Wordpress plugin implementation, Wordpress payment gateway implementations, and Wordpress bug fixing and maintenance.

Our WordPress Service Packages

We offer full-stack, ad hoc and fixed period based WordPress development services for building up web applications

  • Ad hoc services

    Ad hoc services refer to part-time offers and support services, where the services are done only for the assigned time usually 40 - 100 man-hours per month. The costing and time management is based on the client. Ad hoc services can be useful for short term engagements also.

  • Full-stack services

    The Trioangle’s WordPress developers work full time and offer the necessary support in respect with the WordPress web application development like E-commerce stores and CMS development. This option is suitable for long term engagements.

  • Fixed period services

    When you have the drafted and complete plan for your project, we would be more than happy to discuss and take up the entire project with a fixed price and time. This option is useful for developing small to high-level projects and E-commerce stores.

Trioangle’s WordPress Web Application Development Workflow

  • 1

    Understanding the customer requirements

    The necessary requirements from the customer are obtained and understood clearly for the purpose of developing a web application using WordPress. The requirements depend on the type of services requested for.

  • 2

    Building a responsive design

    There are numerous free web templates and themes available for WordPress, our team ensures in selecting the best suitable and responsive design for the customer’s project.

  • 3

    Content management specifications

    In addition to our team‘s effort in developing a content management system, we add the powerful third party plugins like Yoast, Visual composer to maintain the standards of the web application development.

  • 4

    Testing functionality

    Our testing team follows up with the suitable testing method for checking the optimum performance of the web application developed.

  • 5

    Client review and remodelling

    Once the services are performed, it is pushed forward for client review. We are always ready for giving you more than expected and hence accept remodelling and customization wherever possible.

  • 6

    Delivery of the project

    The last but not the least is where we deliver our successful team work output to the client within the agreed time frame.

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