Ready-Made Binance Clone Script to Launch Exchange Like Binance

Binance clone script is a ready-made, well-coded, customizable, reliable, battle-tested, bug-free clone script to Buy and Sell cryptos. This is entirely a replica of a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform. Binance like crypto exchange has influenced multiple crypto enthusiasts to invest in the crypto space due to its outstanding features.

Binance Clone includes top-notch features of the popular Binance exchange. Being a pioneer in crypto exchange development, our white label facilitates you to build up your own customized exchange like Binance with an inbuilt powerful trading engine. Our flawless Binance clone is the next big thing in this innovative world of cryptos.

Our Benefits

How Beneficial Is Our Binance Clone Script?

Gain More Visibility And Grow Your Career With Our Beneficiary Features


Our Binance clone script is customizable at any stage of the development process. So you can make changes in the future as per your business needs.

High Scalability

Our Binance Clone Script can handle and manage multiple trade orders at a time. Further, you can increase the scalability when the base users increase.

Faster Transactions

All the transactions take place faster in the Binance clone script without any delay. This feature supports traders to capture real-time trade without any technical interruptions.

Huge ROI

Our Binance clone script yields more than one revenue stream such as transaction fees, listing fees, trading fees, etc.

Multiple Coin Listing

Multiple tokens and altcoins can be added to the Binance clone script as per your business needs.

Payment Method

With the PayPal payment method, traders make their withdrawal and deposit easily. This convenient trade brings more traders into the field.

Highly Secured Wallet

The hot wallet has been integrated into the exchange platform with high safety features and is also guaranteed to store the money with no breaches.

God's Eye For Admin Panel

A separate customized and user-friendly admin panel is provided which is high enough to manage every need of the trading platform.

100% Source Code

We furnish 100 percent source code to the business person so you can experience individualism to make changes in the future.

White Label Solutions

With no traces of our product, we can draft the script to brand your business. We guarantee you a customized solution by implanting your brand name and log according to your business idea.

Technical Support

We completely take care of the third-party integration and their needs from our side. Without technical knowledge, you can launch the site in a short span.

How We Unique?

Why Choose Us

Astral Features Which Shine Us For Binance Clone Script


Easy Signup & Secure Login

Simply users use Email to register their account. Verification with a six-digit code is sent to the registered Email. For a successful login, the user has to utilize that six-digit verification code. Furthermore, Our Binance clone facilitates 2FA for the secure login of the user.


FIAT Currency Integration

To deposit Fiat currency, the Admin has to list Bank details in the Fiat deposit option. The user has to select a preferred currency before making the transaction. The transaction is approved once the admin receives the Fiat, With this Fiat currency they can simply trade with preferred crypto Fiat trading pairs.


Reliable Crypto Deposit & Withdraw Option

The users can deposit cryptos or coins freely in a hassle-free manner. But coming to withdrawal, the user must undergo 2 Factor authentication and KYC authentication to make their transaction more secure. All these authentications depict the reliability of the deposit and withdrawal options.


Multiple Trade Orders

In our Binance script, includes Limit, Market, and Stop Limit order types for the user to perform hassle-free trading. These orders guide all traders to perform buying and selling of cryptos in different trading pairs which deal with the price of the market.


Responsive Design

The user can undergo simple navigation and can enjoy performing trading on various devices like Websites, Tablets, or smartphones in a user-friendly manner. The design is in a way to support trading from wherever you are globally located.


Paypal Payment Gateway Integration

Our Binance script is Integrated with the PayPal feature to perform Fiat deposits rapidly and securely. It has 2 modes like Sandbox and Live mode. Where Sandbox mode is used to test the transaction and Live mode to do a live transaction, which is determined by the admin through Admin Panel.


High-End Technologies

Our Binance Clone is integrated with advanced technologies like GraphQL, Node.js, and Angular to provide a high-end secure trading platform for traders. This enhanced technology minimizes the loading page speed which leads to excellent performance.

Our Offerings

What We Offer ?

Digital Interfaces That Aid the Participants in Rental Business for Smooth Workflow


Admin Panel

Powerful Handy Dashboard To Govern All Business-Workflows Real-Time

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User Panel

Technically Advanced User Panel For Simple Navigation & Access

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Design Templates For Binance Clone

Design Templates

Grab Your Guest's Attention With Our Creative Design

Creative Web Templates For Your Business

Apart from source code, we are also ready to serve you with popular web templates for "Binance Clone Script". Get our Binance Clone Script with multiple web templates. Build your brand immediately.

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Our Unique Features

Features That Distinct Us From Others

Avail Of The High-End Features To Make You Out-Stand In The Crypto Business


The dashboard depicts the balance details in terms of selected currencies. Additionally, it depicts the Estimated value, Deposit, and Withdrawal status.


The exchange is facilitated with options like 24hr volume, 24hr low, 24hr high, 24hr change, and 24hr change percentage. The user uses these options to check the status of the current market price for a particular trade pair.


The market dashboard depicts the details about all the trade pairs in a single window. This detail supports the user in taking the right decision to choose trade pairs to Buy or Sell. This tab gives awareness about trading status.

Wallet Balance

Wallet Balance depicts the user's balance amount in the wallet. This detail lists cryptocurrencies with their respective balance. The wallet has features like Balance, Crypto Withdrawal/Deposit, and Fiat Withdrawal/Deposit which is examined by the user before starting to trade.


Users can get a referral bonus by referring their friends to the exchange. The Admin shares the percentage of transaction fees with referrals and referrers on the exchange. These referrals bring new traders to the exchange which ultimately increases the trading volume.

Extra Addons


Bring Smartness To Crypto Platforms With User-Friendly Addons


P2P Exchange

P2P exchange is a kind of trading module, where you can trade cryptos directly. Our Binance script is integrated with Escrow based trading service to provide safe and secure trading for users.


Binance Mobile App - Lite Version

The mobile app is a kind of marketing tool used to generate high revenue for online businesses. The mobile app is essential for a business to attract new customers, especially mobile users daily.


Dynamic Token Integration

Dynamic token integration facilitates the users to utilize numerous tokens from BEP20 or ERC20 standards. Admin integrates tokens from the admin panel with the help of a smart contract which is utilized by the user to buy/sell.


Margin Trading

It is a technique of trading crypto assets to enhance trader's profits by capitalizing on their trading position over borrowing funds. Traders could attain more profits from their successful trades.


Futures Trading

Future trading enables the user to take part in crypto market movements to make a high profit by trading short or long futures contracts. It also facilitates traders to make bets on future cryptos prices.



Our Binance script includes multiple language support features. Our script supports 5 languages such as English, Japanese, German, French, and Spanish to make your platform user-friendly with global Cryptopreneurs.


IEO launchpad

It is a technique of trading crypto assets to enhance trader's profits by capitalizing on their trading position over borrowing funds. Traders could attain more profits from their successful trades.


Dynamic Trade Pair Management

Our script has the capacity to control dynamic trade pairs. The trading pair can be increased only by the Admin based on the recent trending pairs. This helps the admin to highlight the trading pairs which are most trendy.


Multiple Coin Listing

Our Binance script supports numerous cryptos and tokens. It also supports digital currencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Furthermore, we support USDT, Sand, Mana, Matic, BNB, Solana, and Doge.

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Technologies Used

Technologies Used In Our Binance Clone

Mastering In Design With The Latest Technologies






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Binance is the world's famous trading exchange. With the ample fee structure, the Binance exchange support cryptopreneurs to buy or sell cryptos quickly. It provides a wide range of cryptos for the user to experience seamless trading.

Globally people started to adopt cryptos. This increase leads to the need for an exchange where the cryptopreneurs can perform trading. This factor depicts that the scope is high.

Binance is the most famous crypto exchange platform. To save plenty of money and time you can go with the Binance clone script.

Of course, yes. We offer you more unique features and add-ons in your Binance like an exchange platform that makes you outstanding from the competitors globally.

Being a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange development company has numerous blockchain experts with knowledge in launching crypto exchanges and apps for Android & iOS platforms.

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