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What is OpenSea Clone Script?

OpenSea clone is a comprehensive online solution crafted with robust security measures and essential functionalities, ensuring a seamless launch for your crypto exchange business. With the flexibility to integrate new features and an inherent user-friendly designs, our OpenSea clone stands as the prime choice for your venture.

OpenSea clone is a powerful platform with the easy moving interfaces to offer the premium service with our effortlessly navigable interface, driving unparalleled user engagement. Our OpenSea clone includes the interfaces mitigate technical hurdles, ensuring a smooth trading experience. To maximize the revenue and the user-experience, OpenSea clone is the reliable platform.

Our Benefits

How Beneficial Is Our OpenSea Clone Script?

Gain More Visibility And Grow Your Career With Our Beneficiary Features

High ROI

Establishing an NFT marketplace like OpenSea will yield high revenue in millions as the upcoming industry is more dependent on the virtual world platform. This results in high ROI.

Smart Contract

Our script is a completely smart contract audited. Its key purpose is to explore the security of smart contracts. Its aim is to find vulnerabilities in the code and suggest suitable solutions.

Effective Data History

This platform showcases the data to the platform's admin and dashboard. This depicts complete details of the transactions and trading history which takes place on the platform.

High Security

Here, We use Zeppelin security standards to build smart contracts in our OpenSea clone script to prevent hacking and phishing attacks. It will secure your NFTs and transactions.

Instant Ownership

Our OpenSea clone provides a chance of instant ownership who buy the NFT after paying the amount by signing the contract.

Wide Range Of NFT Collection

Our OpenSea clone has large potential to promote N number of collectibles for NFT exchange. Furthermore, our contract helps to exchange all types of assets.

How We Unique?

Why Choose Us

Astral Features Which Shine Us For OpenSea Clone Script


Core Team of Blockchain Experts

Our professionals with sufficient knowledge of NFT standards, various Blockchain networks, and protocols will develop a strong NFT marketplace like OpenSea.


Competence in Blockchain Platforms

Our knowledge of working on blockchain technology for numerous years will assist you in developing solutions for several networks like Tezos, Stellar, EOS, etc.


Project's Confidentiality

Our experts would maintain all your business ideas, design, planning, and execution of your project information confidentially. This makes the client need not worry about their project regarding confidentiality.


Responsive Design

The user can undergo simple navigation and can enjoy performing trading on various devices like Websites, Tablets, or smartphones in a user-friendly manner. The design is in a way to support trading from wherever you are globally located.


Agile Development Process

Our expert team will follow Agile methodology. Which means we follow step by step process. So we give assurance for on-time delivery of the project which is well-tested and ready to deploy.


Get Complete Insight

The best game-changer for NFT creators. To manage them, the marketplace is created with analytics and attractive insights to display the trending digital collectibles.

Our Offerings

What do We offer?

Digital Interfaces That Assist The Participants In Crypto Business For Smooth Workflow


Admin Panel

Powerful Handy Dashboard To Govern All Business-Workflows Real-Time

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User Panel

Technically Advanced User Panel For Simple Navigation & Access

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Design Templates For OpenSea Clone

Design Templates

Grab Your Guest's Attention With Our Creative Design

Creative Web Templates For Your Business

Apart from source code, we are also ready to serve you with popular web templates for "OpenSea Clone Script". With these web templates,, You can build your own brand immediately.

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Our Unique Features

Features That Distinct Us From Others

Avail Of The High-End Features To Make You Out-Stand In The Crypto Business

NFT Storefront

The most essential feature of the OpenSea clone is the storefront. Where Storefront is a collection page that displays all the NFT items which have been developed under a particular collection.

Buy & Bid Option

To handle the trade most effectively, buy and bid option is included in our Rarible clone. Buy and Bid options will function effectively to enhance the trades where the NFT items are from the listing page and from the storefront.


IPFS is a storage platform that stores and shares data in a distributed file system. It uses content addressing to find the files separately in a global namespace connecting computing devices.

NFT Royalties

Our OpenSea facilitates content creators to gain royalties through subsequent sales. The content creators are the one who manually fix the royalty rate during minting

Multi-currency Support

Our script is developed with built-in exchange hubs to support a wide range of Fiat and cryptos proving hassle-free trading of digital assets by the clients.

NFT Direct Transfer

NFT direct transfer provides you to choose NFTs from the wallet you prefer to transfer. Then have to enter the recipient's wallet address where you need to transfer.

NFT Burn

NFT burn eliminates tokens permanently from circulation. This feature is mainly utilized to eliminate unsold inventory or problems from an NFT drop.

Proxy Contract

Our OpenSea is designed with a secure smart contract to manage NFT transaction-based information. furthermore, the proxy contract is utilized to make alterations in the future.

Effective Listing

Opensea Clone is equipped with various choices of listing where it shows off the entire details of the NFT so that the traders get all the information they require.


Auction is a trending feature of all time that entices users since the early days and this would give fullness to your NFT marketplace.

Multi-Chain Interoperability

Recently, the NFT marketplace is built with multi-chain interoperability whereas various crypto users are tempted to the platform which ultimately increases the trading numbers.

API Integration

Numerous APIs are integrated with our OpenSea to satisfy your business expansion. Several APIs can be incorporated according to your business requirements.


Our OpenSea is designed with the feature of depicting stats which represents the statistics of all NFTs enactment from the time of NFT being minted in the blockchain.


Our script has a special filter option that facilitates the users to predict the perfect NFT of their choice without spending more time.

Extra Addons


Bring Smartness To Crypto Platforms With User-Friendly Addons


Lazy Mint

Our LAzy mint facilitates you to min NFT at the time of purchase. The buyer has to pay gas fees during the purchase. whereas the seller doesn't require to pay any gas fees.


Multiple Wallets

To make users convenient with their wallet, the platform is developed with multi-wallet options where it allows various crypto users to buy NFTs from various wallet.


Timed Auction

It is the process where the auction runs between the start and end time with a minimum price value. This makes the users acquire the highest price value.


Private Collection

This feature helps the users to create and control their collections. Furthermore, it improves the value of digital assets.

Technologies Used

Technologies Used In Our OpenSea Clone

Mastering In Design With The Latest Technologies



Polygon MATIC


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - OpenSea Clone

Get Perfect Answer From Us For All Your Queries

An OpenSea Clone Script is a ready-made set of source code that helps in the establishment of an OpenSea platform shortly. With this ready-made script, you can customize front-end design, features, etc related to your business needs.

If you want to establish your own OpenSea-like NFT platform quickly, then you can go with the best OpenSea Clone script provided by Zodeak. Who excels in providing the script in 7 working days.

OpenSea is the top player in the NFT domain. The majority of NFT enthusiasist prefer to use OpenSea marketplace for trading digital asset. So creating an marketplace like OpenSea will absolutely satisfies the expectations of the NFT enthusisasist.

By presenting the OpenSea clone to the required users, you can yield a lucrative amount of money with numerous options like buyer fee, seller, and protocol fee. In this way, you can make high ROI within a short period.

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