Why Should You Need Car Rental Software?

Dynamic Rental Management Dashboard

Big record books, carbon sheets, or printers are no longer required. All are now digitized. Within a few clicks, riders can rent a car from car owners virtually. You can monitor every happening from an eagle’s eye perspective in the car-sharing software.


Car rental reservation software comes with multiple languages and currency integration. It’ll help you to globalize the business to earn from all curves of the world.

Inviting User Experience

A car rental system is the best option if you need to expand your customers. It has robust responsive designs and functionalities that sweeten customers’ car renting experience.

Outstanding Features Of Car Rental Booking Software

Features are the definition of a platform that tells how functional it is. Only outstanding features can drive success in business. Want to take a look at what we offer? Below they are!

Accurate Tracking:

Car owners can track their rented cars accurately via GPS. They don’t have to worry about their car anymore.

Rapid Sign-up:

Just by linking social media accounts, a renter or car owner can sign up through car rental software.

Document Verification:

Users need to upload their identity documents to rent a car. Only upon verification completion, they can rent desired cars.

Instant Booking:

If users are on the verge to travel, they can book a car instantly. The car rental software fetches the best cars which can be rented out immediately.

Payment Integration

Time > money. To save time while paying, rental car software has payment integration. Through which users can check out swiftly.

Live Notifications

Users will receive notifications of the status of their rental requests. So they don’t need to open the app often to check for approval.

Rate & Review

Users can rate and express how convenient the car they rented is. It will let know other users about the car and its condition before renting it. Ultimately the user preference for well-rated cars will be high.

Progressive Search Filter

Other than the cars listed in the dashboard, users can filter out the cars to their requirements using the progressive search filter.

Watermark Identity

Admins can secure car photos from thefts using this watermark identity. Once the watermark is given to a pic, it can’t be erased. So the pic will be secured and it can’t be used on other car rental sites.

Multiple Currencies

Car rental booking software supports multiple currencies. It’s easy to launch the business and yield income in any potential nation.

GPS Tracking

Admin can track every activity accomplished by using cars rented through the platform. It helps them to analyze and take account of the demands of the business.

Digital Ledger

The car rental software is equipped with a digital ledger that helps store and retrieve every data related to transactions.

Active Dashboard

The active dashboard is handy to manage every task. It assists the admin in all situations to run the business smoothly.

Manage Cars

Manage cars allows the admin to approve, and reject requests to list cars. They can also remove cars from the list if they seem inappropriate.

Coupon Management

Admin can manage coupons to attract users to business. By offering more coupons, they can produce demand for their car rental business.

24x7 Business

To maintain user retention, aiding them 24x7 is essential. Car rental software offers incredible automation that satisfies demand all day and night.

How Do We Work?

Our Process Flow

Be Unique In Service Offerings With Our Streamlined Workflow.

Requirement Gathering

Before working on making the online property rental script we have gathered all the core requirements to develop the app in an effective way.

Requirement Analysis

After collecting the vital information, the research regarding the requirements and the process is analysed completely to make the business solution much better.


We work progressively with effective tech team members and exploit the recent technology to develop the script in an effective way which completely fits upright in the market.


Before launching the script in the market, we make sure to test the script that it works accordingly without any bugs along with a good navigation process.

On-Time Delivery

We make sure to deliver the unblemished script on a prompt time which is ready to provide one of the foremost solutions to our business client after undergoing multiple test sets.

Technologies Used

Using Right Technology Stack

Mastering In Design With The Latest Cutting-Edge Technologies

Angular JS

Angular JS











What Does Car Rental Management Software Cost?

We can’t just put an estimation for car rental management software as various factors will influence the cost. Alternatives are surplus. You may have different ideas that may cost either more or fewer resources. So we can’t predict barely. But we can help you evaluate the cost by assessing your project particulars.

Are you interested to grab the estimate?

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Car Rental Management Software

Get Perfect Answer From Us For All Your Queries

Car rental software aids car owners to list, manage and monitor their fleets digitally. It also helps to automate administrative work, manual employment, and customer experience just by providing all through this standalone software.

First, car rental software is the trend in today's rental industry. It’s convincing, and stable around the clock. Without much labor force, you can run your business with this robust car rental software.

The car rental management system governs the business without manual force. All lending and renting processes are wisely managed by the system. No place for manual errors at all.

Trioangle is always pleased to help its clients to drive better in their business. Our business analysts, developers, designers, and testers are forever ready to help you out with customization.

Aerodynamic fleet management, enhanced user experience, precise reporting, and analytics are resources to increase the efficiency of the car rental business. Car rental software is the ultimate product of those resources. Those are all its incredible benefits.

Definitely! We equip you with 100% access to the rental car software’s source code.

Car rental software does all the required rental processes swiftly. Its dashboard consists of tabs such as vehicle reservations, fleet management, customer info tracking, transactions, and rental reports. It maximizes the revenue by minimizing the administration.

We can divide its goal into two: primary and secondary. Its primary goal is to ease the process of renting and lending cars. A secondary goal is to boost the revenue by enlarging its leads.

Absolutely! We do install the car-sharing software as a gift for you.

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