Gofer – Uber Clone Script

   Version – Stable – 1.5


Why Gofer?

Gofer (uber clone) is the best on demand app with the concept of connecting people in different fields who demand and offer the online services. Our Uber clone is available in both iOS and Android Apps. Our Uber clone script can be customised in better way to do business in other services like electric works, plumbing service, gardening service, laundry service, courier service, delivery services and much more. Our best on demand uber clone script has all the standard and extra ordinary features for both the user and service provider. Gofer is available for both web and mobile application to provide taxi booking services.

Meet the benefits of our Uber Clone Rider App

Verified Riders

Verified Riders are allowed to make use of the taxi services and it is done with OTP generation using Nexmo technology.

Trip History

Riders can view and followup their previous trips, with an option called Fare Breakdown, it will give the details about split of the fare.

Multiple Payment Option

Riders can pay for their ride through various payment options like Cash, Wallet or PayPal.

Super Fast Requests

Requests and response can be done instantly using the impressive in built algorithm for taxi booking.

Instant Notifications - iOS

In the iOS app, Riders get instant notifications with help of an exclusive service for iOS, Apple Push Notification service

Promo Code Option

Rider can apply promo code or gift code for the ride, the amount will be reduced from the total ride amount.

Simple Sign Up For Riders

Riders can easily sign up with their Mobile numbers or Social media accounts.

Instant Notifications - Android

In the Android app, Riders get instant notifications with help of the Firebase Cloud Messaging Technology.

Add More

Working on the product will add more latest features.

Meet the benefits of our Uber Clone Driver App

Document Management

Drivers have to give the soft copy  of the documents like Driver License , Insurance , RC Book, Vehicle Permit during the registration and it can be edited at any time by the Drivers.

Earnings Report

Drivers can get details about the earnings of all the completed trips.

Cancelling Option

Drivers can cancel the Trip Request before the ride starts, if they can’t able to move on with the trip.

Status checking for Activation

After the Sign up process , Drivers status will be in waiting until the Admin activates the Driver, then it will become Active.

Ratings & Reviews

Interactive way to share their review through star rating and text reviews by both users and service providers once the booking Service Completed.

Data in charts

Drivers can track their earnings for the various weeks , it will be shown in attractive animated charts.

Our Uber Clone Is Developed With

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uber clone


uber clone


uber clone


Uber Clone


Uber Clone


Uber Clone


Uber Clone


Screenshots For Gofer – Driver App

Screenshots For Gofer –  Rider App

Demo Login Details for Uber Clone Web

Admin Login

Username: admin

Password: 123456

Demo Login Details for Mobile Apps

Server Requirements For Taxi Booking App

  • Operating System – Windows or Linux
  • Web Server – Apache
  • Database – MySQL
  • PHP – 7.1
  • Ability to Setup Cron Jobs

Release Details Of Our Best On Demand Taxi Booking Service Apps

Stable 1.5

Released : December 15, 2017

Gofer – Admin Panel:

  • Total Earnings in Admin Dashboard
  • Map view for Admin to identify users location
  • Wallet Management
  • Owe Amount Management
  • Promo Code Management
  • Ride Requests Management
  • Recent Rides with status in Dashboard
  • Send Message to users from Admin
  • Earning Statements for Admin
  • Bug Fixing

Gofer Riders:

  • Cash Payment On Delivery
  • Wallet Option
  • Promo Code Option
  • Updated Pricing Structure
  • Bug Fixing
Previous Release Details For Uber Clone

Stable 1.4

Released : October 20, 2017

  • Fine Tuned Notification & Request Process
  • Improved Location Fetching
  • Accurate Distance Calculation with travel time duration
  • Bug Fixing

Stable 1.0

Released : August 07, 2017

  • Dashboard
  • Admin Management
  • Driver Management
  • Rider Management
  • Vehicles Management
  • Trips Management
  • Trips Cancelled Management
  • Ride Request Management
  • Payment Management
  • Ratings Management
  • Api Credentials Management
  • Payment Gateway Management
  • Site Setting Management
  • All features of Driver and Rider added in both Android & iOS

Beta 0.2

Released : May 23, 2017

Gofer Rider App:
  • Nearest car search
  • Display the car types in search page
  • Display the car icon in search map
  • Sketch the route between pickup and drop location in map
  • Manual search refresh button
  • Pickup and drop location edit option
  • Car details and price details in search page
  • Fare breakdown
  • Calculate and showing ETA
  • Send request to driver
  • Push Notification integration  (FCM and APNS )
Gofer Driver App:
  • Login functionality
  • Signup functionality
  • One time password verification
  • Forgot Password
  • Driver status change option

Beta 0.1

Released : May 15, 2017

Gofer Rider App:
  • Login functionality
  • Signup functionality
  • Social median login & signup Facebook
  • Social median login & signup Google
  • One time password verification
  • Forgot Password
  • Home page search
Gofer Driver App:
  • Login functionality
  • Signup functionality
  • One time password verification
  • Forgot Password
  • Driver status change option

Alpha 0.2

Released : May 09, 2017

Gofer Rider App:
  • Set Location Page
  • Search details page
  • Rating page
  • No cars found page
Gofer Driver App:
  • Request Accept page
  • Rider details page
  • Rider contact page
  • Rider profile page
  • Document Upload page

Alpha 0.1

Released : May 02, 2017

Gofer Rider App:

  • Login Page Design
  • Home Page Design
  • Side Bar  Design
  • Account Page Design
  • Request Page Design
  • Fare Breakdown Page Design
  • Payment Page Design
  • Your Trip Page Design

Gofer Driver App:

  • Register Page Design
  • Login Page Design
  • Home Page Design
  • Earning Page Design
  • Account Page Design
  • Rating Page Design
  • Profile Page Design
  • Account Page Design
  • Payment Statement Page Design