What Is a Multi-Service App Solution?

On-Demand Multi-Service App Script is a Key to Launching a Thriving Marketplace Effortlessly. Customize Your Business Vision by Seamlessly Integrating Ride-Hailing, Food Delivery, Grocery Services, and More in a Single, Streamlined Platform, Simplifying User Access and Maximizing Business Potential.

Let’s become a versatile multi-service provider and seize a big opportunity to reach this diversified market. Transform your multi-service business strategy with Trioangle and build your one-stop smart shop. Leverage our multi-service application innovated with cutting-edge features and launch an exclusive multi-service app efficiently.

Common Features Of Multi Services App

Smart SignUp

Users can register their account via multi-ways like google, Facebook, and Apple login. This easy signup option offers valid support to create a service community.

Business Type

Showcase of the list of businesses in one window makes the customers go through them clearly. This acts as the base for smart business selection.

Service Sub-Categories

Upon selecting a major category, the sub-category of services is immediately shown. This provides all the details of the service subcategory immediately.

Pick Favorite One

Based on customer requirements, they choose the favorite or needed service at first. This also provides the depth details like hot players, top-rank food lists, etc in one window.

Book Service

After go-through all the services, customers now navigated to the booking page where they provide the valid details like when or where they will require, etc.

Age Validation

Quick pop-ups prior to use the app opens up in order to validate whether the users are above age 18. This ensures safe app usage.

Promo-Code Management

Allows the admin to provide promo-code-based purchases or offers in order to engage a huge range of customers. This will increase revenue value.

Provider Business Type

Providers can easily select the option from the pool of services, delivery, and deliveryall based on the service providers. This instant selection brings convenience to the service providers.

DeliveryAll Categories

Upon selecting the deliveryall, this window describes the variations of delivery like food, grocery, alcohol, and pharmacy, etc. This raises the alerts to concerned people

Delivery Management

This allows the delivery partners to manage their delivery trips in a digital way. Route management, price details, and vehicle mode are all monitored in this window.

SOS Contacts

During an emergency situation, this option allows the people to add the contact of friends or family members to generate the alerts.

Manual Booking

In case of any manual delivery vehicle booking, this option allows the delivery partner to book a call to the admin for getting instant services.

Multiple Currency

With this option, payments can be simplified against multiple currencies. This also helps the service providers to expand their services to any country easily.

Multiple Languages

Categories of languages shown in this option allow the users to prefer the suitable language to build the conversation instantly without any issue

Multiple Payments

Through the cash, PayPal, card, and wallets option payment of delivery fee gets simplified on the user side. These multi-moe payments ensure the instant revenue

Profile Management

The dedicated option in this app allows the users to set the details like name, email, contact details, image, etc in order to custom needs easily.

Referral Management

This option allows the users to send the invite code to bring new referrals to the app. With this recommending option, the user base gets ramping.

Set Availability

This option allows the delivery partner or service provider to prefer the feasible time slot for work and proceed with the work schedule without any collapse.

Support Option

Support at any time is a major need. App users have instant support at any time via two modes like WhatsApp or Skype options

In-App Document Uploading

With this option, a delivery partner can directly upload the documents regarding license and experience details instantly for verification.

Covid Safety Features

To overcome and stay safe in this pandemic situation, notifications regarding asymptomatic symptoms are popped up. Through this can avoid uncertainty situations.

Child Seat Accessibility

The rider can choose the taxi with child seat accessibility for children's safety during the ride.

Ride - Sharing

Multiple riders of the same path can share vehicle seats using a ride-sharing feature. Verified riders can book a maximum of 2 seats according to the vehicle’s seating capacity for each trip.

Schedule Ride

The option’s like ride now, ride later is available for the riders to book the ride instantly or to schedule the ride. Eventually the driver will also be triggered out by the request and the cab gets booked.

Automatic Fare Estimation

Riders can view the estimated fare after entering the from and to address. This will help them to choose the cost effective vehicle in the available list.

Handicap Seat Accessibility

The rider can filter the available vehicles with handicap facilities before booking the ride.

Ride - Sharing

Multiple riders of the same path can share vehicle seats using a ride-sharing feature. Verified riders can book a maximum of 2 seats according to the vehicle’s seating capacity for each trip.

Heat Map

The Heat map highlights the peak areas for the driver and the admin. This highly helps to decide the surge pricing concept.

Multi - Vehicle Option

This option allows the service providers to show the vehicles in the ranges of car, bike based on customer needs. Further, this helps service providers to offer all-range services in a custom manner.

Night Price / Peak Time Pricing

On booking ride during late-night travels, peak time pricing shows the price value for the customers and this allows the customer to check the minimum fare option directly.

Gender-Based Preference Ride

In Gojek Rider App, if the rider updates gender as female, they can prefer female drivers for their ride. This ensures extra security for females for a safe ride.

A Super App For On-Demand Multi Service Application

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handyman-script Grocery Delivery
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handyman-script Package Delivery
handyman-script Marijuana Delivery
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handyman-script Road Assistance
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handyman-script Sofa Repair
handyman-script Spa
handyman-script Tour Guide
handyman-script Tow Truck
handyman-script Physiotherapy services
handyman-script Translator
handyman-script Travel Agent
handyman-script TV Repair
handyman-script Vet
handyman-script Workers
handyman-script Yoga Trainer
handyman-script Accounting & Tax Advice
handyman-script Architect
handyman-script Chef
handyman-script Costume Designer
handyman-script Entertainer
handyman-script Event Organizer
handyman-script Gardener
handyman-script Martial ArtsInstructor
handyman-script Personal Coach
What We Do

How Do We Work?

Be Unique In Service Offerings With Our Streamlined Workflow.

Requirement Gathering

Before working on making the online taxi script we have gathered all the core requirements to develop the app in an effective way.

Requirement Analysis

After collecting the vital information, the research regarding the requirements and the process is analysed completely to make the business solution much better.


We work progressively with effective tech team members and exploit the recent technology to develop the script in an effective way which completely fits upright in the market.


Before launching the script in the market, we make sure to test the script that it works accordingly and without any bugs along with a good navigation process.

On Time Delivery

We make sure to deliver the unblemished script on a prompt time which is ready to provide one of the foremost solutions to our business client after undergoing multiple test sets.

Technologies Used

Using Right Technology Stack

Mastering In Design With The Latest Cutting-Edge Technologies

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How Much Does It Cost?

We develop smart and customized multi services app scripts for startups to enterprise companies. To know the precise cost, features, and functionalities of the multi services app solution for users, providers, company, and admin, get in touch with our team for a quick chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Multi-Service Platform

Get Your Exact Answers For To Step Into An On-Demand Services Platform

Developing a multi-service mobile app can offer several benefits, including increased convenience for users, the ability to cross-promote different services or products, and the potential for increased revenue through multiple streams.

We are experts in app building by utilizing the programming languages Java, Swift, React Native, and Flutter.

We achieve a user-friendly design by prioritizing simplicity and ease of use. This can include using clear and intuitive navigation, minimizing the number of steps required to complete a task, and providing helpful prompts throughout the app.

We ensure by implementing strong encryption and access controls, using trusted third-party services, and regularly auditing and updating your security protocols.

Developing a multi-service mobile app has some challenges that include managing complex workflows and integrations between different services or features, ensuring data security and privacy, and maintaining a consistent user experience across all parts of the app.

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