Why Rappi Clone?

Rappi Clone is a comprehensive platform meticulously designed for the on-demand delivery industry. It offers a powerful and versatile solution for businesses looking to optimize their operations and capitalize on the burgeoning demands of today’s consumers. This app emulates the core functionality of Rappi, tailored to encompass a diverse array of delivery services.

With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, our Rappi Clone provides ease of registration, real-time order tracking, secure payment processing, and many other functionalities essential for a top-notch delivery experience. The platform is designed to help your business maximize revenue potential and effectively meet the dynamic needs of your customers.

Elevate your delivery business to new heights with our cutting-edge Rappi Clone. This solution is a time-saver, cost-efficient, and a solid tool to bolster your presence in the market.

Our Merits

Profit-Generating Features Of Rappi Clone App

Empower The Multi-Delivery Industry With Our Rappi Clone


SingUp Option

The platform asks users for information about their name, email address, phone number, and password to authorise their identity.


Multiple Languages

Rappi clone includes more than 74 + languages to facilitate the user purchasing experience. Users can provide instructions for delivery providers in their convenient language.


Profile Management

Profile management allows users to create, edit, and manage their profiles. Delivery providers can update all essential details to look genuine and increase their service score.



Users get order updates, driver arrival updates, store updates, and general notifications. Similarly, drivers also get notified ranging from order confirmations to delivery.


Live Track Update

It allows users to monitor and track the real-time progress of their food delivery from the restaurant to their location. Store providers can also view delivery providers’ status with this feature.


Admin Dashboard

The admin can manage deliveries, users, partners, and overall platform operations using the admin dashboard.


Payment Facilities

Rappi Clone offers secured and popular payment gateways like PayPal, COD, debit cards, and others. It ensures a trusted transaction.


Update Availability

Delivery drivers can use the feature to set their availability status. This status shows whether they are available or not open for any deliveries.


Review & Rating

Users can share their experience with others using the Review and rating feature. They can rate their satisfaction with the delivery on a scale of 1 to 5.


Earnings Page

Drivers don’t need to keep their bookings and earnings handwritten. With the earning page, they can view and manage their completed orders and order details. They can also view their payment statements.


SMS Gateway

We use the Twilio SMS gateway for a secured and trusted signup process for users who sign up with their number.


Tips Option

Users can find this option during the payment process. If they want to tip drivers for their service, click the Driver Tip option to encourage them.


Take Away Or Delivery Option

The platform follows two ways of delivering, “Take Away” and “Delivery”. If users pick Take Away, they prefer to pick up their order from the restaurant. The delivery option means the restaurants deliver to users' addresses.


Dynamic Payout

Payout means earnings that the admin takes for completing deliveries. Admin can select the mode of payout option for delivery providers and store owners.


Single Pickup Multiple Delivery

When two users located in the same area place orders at the same restaurant, the driver will pick up both orders simultaneously and deliver them individually to their destination.


Support Option

The support option is to assist users with their issues on the platform. They can directly communicate with the admin through WhatsApp, Skype, LiveChat, and more.


Contactless Delivery

Contactless delivery is a service that prioritizes safety and hygiene by minimizing physical contact between the delivery driver and the customer.


Prescription Upload

The platform offers a legitimate method for purchasing medication, allowing users to acquire tablets by uploading their prescriptions.


Safety Measures

Safety measures are to ensure the safety and well-being of users. It is to provide a secure environment for all participants in the platform’s ecosystem.


Age Verification

The platform verifies users' age before they use the platform to avoid unpleasant actions. Users must provide their age before ordering restricted products.

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Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Exclusive Support for Shared Web Hosting for Any Business

Smart Decision Where to Host

Smart Decision Where to Host!

Shared hosting is an ideal choice for any website owners who are looking beginner-friendly and cost-effective option. Dedicated hosting defines the hosting of the website in a single server and it is specially dedicated to your website only.

We, Trioangle have skilled professionals in two hosting modes. But, hosting via shared web-hosting mode from us makes you feel risk-free without any technical requirements.

Note: Shared web hosting supports source which is run in every min cron

Our Uniqueness

Why Choose Us

Develop a custom Online E-learning Platform With Our Coursera Clone


Free Server Installation

Once the purchase is completed, we install our script to your server free of cost. With a short span, we help you to make your script live.


Free Bug Support

We Continuously Work To Deliver High-Quality Bug-Free Products. In Case Of Any Critical Bugs, It's Our Pleasure To Work Immediately Free Of Cost Within The Support Period. Otherwise, We Will Include It In Our Near Future Updates.


On-Time Support

We are always ready to support you in all means of communication channels.


100% Source Code

Based on the package selection, you will be afforded with full source code. It helps to change the script to attract your customers.


Free Technical Support

Our expert team will assist you with the registration of accounts on any 3rd party sites like SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway, Server, etc.


Free White Labeling

It Is Important For It To Have Your Logo And Company Name Everywhere. In The Admin Panel, You Can Remove Our Name And Logo From Everywhere Visible And Replace It With Yours.

Our Offerings

What Do We Offer?

Powered Interfaces to Standardize Workflows of Delivery Business

Store Android

Store Android

Specially Designed Android App for Stores to Greet the Users in a New Way

View Demo
Store iOS

Store iOS

A Custom Shop iOS App to Build a Solid User Base in Competitive Landscape

View Demo
Store Web Panel

Store Web Panel

All-In-One Web Panel for Stores to Innovate All-In-One Delivery Services in a Smart Way

View Demo
Driver Android

Driver Android

One-Stop Android App for Drivers to Manage a Wide Range of Orders Seamlessly

View Demo
Driver iOS

Driver iOS

Scalable iOS App for Drivers to Complete Delivery Services On-Time

View Demo
Driver Web Panel

Driver Web Panel

All-In-One Dashboard to Track Delivery Orders, Customer Location, Payment, etc.

View Demo
User Android

User Android

User-centric Android App to Book the Products from Nearby Stores Quickly

View Demo
User iOS

User iOS

Dedicated iOS app for Users to Access Stores in Both Nearby/Faraway.

View Demo
User Web Panel

User Web Panel

Feature-Rich Web Panel Especially for Users to Change Products Ordering Smart

View Demo
Admin Web Panel

Admin Web Panel

A Key Tool to Manage All Activities in Delivery Services Simple.

Username : admin
Password : goferdeliveryall
Our Integral Payment Wallets

Crypto-Wallet Integration

Secure Online Transactions in Delivery All Service With Our Crypto-Wallet Integration

Crypto-Wallet Integration

Crypto-Wallet Integration

In GoferDelivery, We provide additional payment integration to send and receive the money through crypto wallet. Adding crypto-wallet is done with extra cost.

All-In-One Feature List of Delivery All Script

Standard Features of Delivery All Script

Be a prominent Delivery Business Owner With Our High-Demanding Features

Advanced Filter Option


Pickup Information


Driver Online / Offline


Delivery Information


Store Status


Item Management


Offers Management


Responsive Design


Store Management


Drivers Document Verification


100% Customizable


SEO Friendly

Extra Addons


Scale-up Your Revenue and Product Orders With Our Advanced Add-Ons


Arabic language - RTL

We have language translations for Arabic from Right to Left.


Multiple language

We Offer 4 Languages In GoferDelivery All


Multiple Currency

We Provide 32 Currencies In GoferDelivery All


Phone Number Verification

Twilio Technology Is Used In GoferDelivery All For SMS Verifications



One of the superior options in menu management is where restaurant owners add recipe details in a dynamic mode as per the wishlist.



Dedicated CMS allows restaurant owners to add all the details about the recipes and prices. This may allow making customers informative


Single Pickup Multiple Delivery

With the optimal routing option, delivery partners cover up the multiple deliveries in a single trip in less time. This improves productivity.


18+ age verification - GoferDeliveryAll

Allows verifying the age of app users whether they are above 18 in order to prevent the delivery of age-restricted goods.

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Our Pricing Plans

Pricing Plan For The Best GoferDeliveryAll Script

Choose The Best-Suit Package As Per Your All-in-One Delivery Business Plans

Startup Plan


Can Able To Use It In Single Domain/Server With Both iOS & Android Application

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Can Able To Use It In Multiple Domain / Server With Android Application

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Professional Plus


Can Able To Use It In Multiple Domain / Server With iOS Application

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Our Specifications

Specifications That Scales Your Team's Need

Take A Deep Look at the Specifications of Our Delivery All Script Packages

Specifications Startup Plan Professional Professional Plus Enterprise
Native Android User App
Native Android Store App
Native Android Driver App
Native iOS User App
Native iOS Store App
Native iOS Driver App
User Web Panel
Store Web Panel
Driver Web Panel
Administrator Panel
100% Source Code - Easily Customisable
Free Server Installation
IOS Apps Submission/Installation To ITunes Store
Android Apps Submission/Installation To Google App Store
Skype Support
Team Viewer Support
Specifications Startup Plan Professional Professional Plus Enterprise
Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways:
  • Stripe Payment Gateway (Supports 41 Countries)
  • Paypal Payment Gateway (Worldwide)
Specifications Startup Plan professional professional plus enterprise
Multiple Domain License
Support For Bugs & Issues
Free Support Period Will Be Extend Upto 1 Year Based On Installment Payment 6 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Google Map Integration
White Labelling/Branding - Adding Your Logo & Name To The Apps

Trendy Insights to Know About The Delivery Industry

Delivery Industry Insights

Technologies Used

Technologies Used In Our Delivery All Script

Top-Notch Delivery All Script Model Built With Newly Evolving Technologies


Angular JS













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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Rappi Clone

Our Team’s Answers To Your Questions On Rappi Clone

Rappi clone is a multi-service platform with services like food, grocery, medicine, alcohol, and more to perform as the original app, Rappi.

  • Operating System - Linux
  • Web Server - Apache
  • Database - MySQL
  • PHP - 8.1
  • Ability to Setup Cron Jobs

Yes, the users have the option to track the orders that they have made.

Yes, We Have Multiple Payment Options Like Cash, Wallet, Credit Cards, And Paypal Payment Gateway.

Yes, We Have Separate Login Options For The User, Store And The Delivery.

We don’t provide any direct links for downloading. We will either deploy the script on your server or send you the Dropbox link to download the source code of the script. For more information, contact our team.

We Designate A Project Leader Who Will Coordinate With The Client Throughout The Project As Well As Share Respective Updates Every Week.

Yes, We Do Employ The AGILE Methodologies Based On The Project Type And Size.

For An Android Developer Account, You Will Have To Pay $25/Year For An Apple Developer Account, You Have To Pay $99/Year.

Feel Free To Contact Us For Any Clarification Over Any Mode Of Communication Or Visit Us At [email protected]
New Release Details

Release Detail for Delivery Script

A Quick Go-Through Our Releases for Revolutions in the Delivery Industry

Stable 1.5

July 20, 2021
  • PHP Version 8.1 Updated
  • Flutterwave Payment Gateway (Add-On)
  • Driver Wallet (Add-On)
  • Store Own Driver (Add-On)
  • Bug Fixing

Stable - 1.4

April 07, 2021
  • Covid Safety Feature
  • Contactless Delivery
  • 18+ Verification based on services
  • Receipt Upload based on services
  • Force Update
  • Cloud Image Upload (Cloudinary)
  • Improved Performance
  • Bug fixes

Stable - 1.3

April 07, 2021
  • New Design Changes In Web And Mobile
  • Bug Fixes

Stable 1.2

Mar 05, 2021
  • Single pickup Multiple Delivery
  • Support option
  • Dynamic language conversion
  • Wallet option in the web
  • Dynamic OTP
  • Improved Live tracking
  • Improved load testing
  • Improved Payment flow
  • Improved Promo option
  • Bug fixes

Stable 1.1.1

October 22, 2020
  • Tips To Driver
  • Take Away For User
  • Dynamic Payout
  • Spanish Language
  • Social Media Login For Users
  • Pay To Admin For Stores
  • Firebase Request
  • Bug Fixes

stable 1.0

July 27, 2020

Web :

  • Multiple delivery service
  • Individual panel for user,store,driver and admin
  • Addon option
  • Track Order status
  • Multiple language (Arabic, Portugues, English)
  • Multiple payment gateway (stripe, paypal , cash)
  • Multiple currency
  • Bulk item upload option for store management
  • Store and driver earning details
  • Add and edit item from store panel
  • Feedback display in store panel
  • Manage users
  • Manage service type
  • Manage category
  • Manage reviews
  • Manage recipient type
  • Manage stores and drivers
  • Manage payouts
  • Manage cancel reason
  • Manage penalty
  • Manage owe amount
  • Manage Orders
  • Admin earnings details and chart view details
  • Provide offers in store panel
  • Send Email, SMS, Push Notification to all users from admin panel
  • Multiple Admin Users with roles and permission
  • Payment methods
  • Site default settings

User App :

  • Display multiple service based on admin provide
  • Display store based on user location
  • Store available time
  • Apply promo code option
  • Wallet option
  • Multiple payment option
  • Order status notifications
  • Order tracking
  • Cancel order with immediate refund
  • Schedule order for when you need the item
  • Review and rating option

Store App :

  • Instant order status notifications when user order the item
  • Automatic request before 7 minutes of order packing
  • Cancel order penalty amount for store
  • Order tracking status
  • Schedule order status notification
  • Pause order option
  • Order details
  • Update delay time for order

Driver App :

  • Multiple service delivery
  • Once driver check the order item after delivery to user
  • Instant Notification
  • Detailed statement for earning
  • payout preference option
  • Earning display in chart view
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