Blockchain technology is advancing to evolve quickly because of its immutable nature and transparency. One of the effective blockchain applications is NFTs which can convert any kind of asset into NFTs without any risk using foundation clone script. NFTs are gaining a huge amount of popularity around the world and are easier to trade through NFT marketplaces.

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are showing interest in entering into the crypto space by making their NFT marketplace applications that resemble Foundation. However, using the Foundation app clone script is the only option for developing an NFT marketplace that functions as a Foundation app.

Foundation App Clone Script

The Foundation app clone script is an NFT marketplace software solution application that replicates the entire programming interface of the Foundation app. It includes all the necessary third-party APIs, an admin panel for content management on websites, a user interface, backend database settings, a payment gateway, and an NFT auction bidding engine. As an alternative to starting from scratch, this clone script is used to develop the NFT marketplace like Foundation app. It offers a plug-and-play model that can be quickly integrates into the blockchain network.

Why Prefer Foundation App?

On the Foundation app, there were more than 1.1 million active users. The United States now accounts for one-fourth of the audience on this NFT marketplace. The US accounted for nearly 25% of visits, followed by Thailand (6.18%), the UK (4.51%), and India (4.20%). The NFT marketplace has achieved notable NFT sales figures due to the tremendous global support. The commission fees also known as gas fees generated by every NFT transaction which are rising daily. The revenue potential has been noticeably larger for the foundation app.

Many NFT entrepreneurs are inspires to launch their own NFT marketplace by this unexpected occurrence. However, only half of them make it through the success rate. Some of them struggle to implement development strategies and others don’t make consistent marketing attempts. If both are in order, you can create a new generation of NFT Marketplace-like foundation.

How Does Our Foundation App Clone Script Works?

By using our clone, you can locate artwork on the Open Market platform and begin collecting NFTs from creative visionaries. Foundation apps are primarily decentralized and momentarily only accept cryptocurrency payments. The bulk of decentralized apps are hosts on the largest blockchain enable by smart contracts. Blockchain-based games have the option to accept payments for NFTs using a special in-game coin. As a result, both users and prospective NFT investors must be accustom to engaging with various crypto wallets.


  • Create an artist profile and mint an NFT(Decentralized P2P storage network) by uploading your JPG, PNG, or video file to IPFS. But only after they have set up a Metamask wallet with ETH if you’ve gotten an invitation.
  • Next, it will be an NFT that you can value using ETH and place on the marketplace for auction. 85% of the total sale price goes to the creators. In perpetuity, a 10% royalty from any resale of the piece on Foundation goes back to the wallet.


  • To begin collecting NFTs, anyone can register for a profile. All they require is an Ethereum cryptocurrency and a MetaMask wallet to complete transactions.
  • The auction continues for a further fifteen minutes if a bid is put in during the final fifteen minutes. The artwork is added to your wallet and shows up on your collector profile if you win an auction and claim the NFT. After that, you have the option to exhibit it in your online gallery, share it via social media, sell it later on the secondary market, or create a brand-new method for valuing digital art and supporting creators in your collection.

Beyond signing up as a creator, and collector it also benefits the community. You can become involved in, contribute to, and even come up with new ideas for a variety of community-led projects and activities. Members of the community are strongly encourages to form new teams or groups around their areas of interest.

Features Of Our Foundation Clone Script

Generally, the market is filled with numerous foundation clone scripts. Let you build websites and applications that have all of the features and functionality of the original framework. Let me here list to you what are the features which our clone provides…

For UsersFor AdminSecurity Features
NFT WalletUser ManagementSecurable Transactions
NFT ListAnalytics DashboardSecure Wallet
AuctionContent Manager DashboardEnd-to-End Encryption Method
Bidding OptionOption For NFT TransferKYC and AML Compliance
Search FilterFees Set upSSL Protocols Support
Multi-Chain InteroperabilityCategory Listing ManagementMulti-Setup Authentication
NotificationCoin ListFirewall Integration
Like OptionWithdrawal Limit Set upDDoS Protection
Watchlist OptionPayment MethodSecurity Monitoring
Report OptionSelling Type PreferenceEscrow Services
Dark Theme ModeSetting Email GatewayBug Bounty Program
Single and Multiple MintingAdmin Users Additional AddingSmart Contract audits
Sharing NFTs via Social MediaGeneral SettingsCryptographic Signatures

Cost of Foundation App Clone Script

If you contrast the prices of our clone script with those of our competitors, you can find our solutions that are within your budget. We keep helping our clients with maintenance even after the NFT marketplace project has launched. Generally, the market price of the Foundation clone script starts from the range of $8000 and it varies depending on the customization you prefer.

Why Choose A Foundation App Clone Script From Trioangle?

Basically, as one of the leading NFT marketplace development company, our foundation app clone script makes NFT art auctions widely accessible and engaging. Our clone aspires to be the leader in the NFT auction marketplace. Providing a simple user interface and intuitive functionality. Team of our developers is also changing the way we think about NFTs. Our innovative solutions getting more and more adoption.

Get our demo to start creating your NFT marketplace like Foundation and develop your project with better and more well-executed use cases.