Why TikTok Like App Development?

A TikTok-like app development refers to a comprehensive software solution designed to facilitate the swift launch of a video-sharing platform similar to TikTok. This ready-to-deploy video-sharing script encapsulates all the essential features and functionalities of the popular app TikTok. By utilizing the TikTok-like app development solution, businesses can distinctly expedite their development process, saving valuable time and resources.

By harnessing the capabilities of TikTok like app development, businesses can position themselves prominently within the competitive video entertainment industry. Embark on your journey in the thriving video entertainment market with the dynamic TikTok-like video-sharing script today.

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Login Page

The login page is where users can sign in to the app using their credentials or through social media logins like Google or Apple.

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Signup Page

The signup page is for new users to create an account, guiding them through the necessary steps for authentication.

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Edit Profile

With this feature, users can customize their profiles by adding profile pictures, banners, bios, locations, website links, and other personal details.

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Home Page

The home page is a central hub where users can view videos from creators they follow, featuring the latest feeds and recommendations for an enhanced user experience.

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Search/ Discover Page

The search page helps users find content, creators, and videos, while the discovery page showcases trending topics and challenges.

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Following And For You

Users can follow content creators and access a personalized “For You” feed that curates content aligned with their interests.

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Video Upload Page

Here, users can share their creative videos with the community, fostering engagement and entertainment within the platform.

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Tag Page

This page displays videos associated with specific tags, allowing users to explore content based on particular themes.

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Hashtag Page

The hashtag page compiles videos related to specific hashtags, enabling users to discover and contribute to popular trends.

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Chat Page

With this feature, users can connect through instant messaging and share videos, with options for voice and video calling available.

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Free Server Installation

Once the purchase is completed, we install our script to your server at free of cost. With short span, we help you to make your script live.

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Free App Submission

We submit your apps which is bought from us. We give you complete support to submit iOS Apps in App Store & Android apps in Play Store.

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Free Bug Support

We continuously work to deliver high quality bug free products. In case of any critical bugs, It's our pleasure to work immediately in free of cost within the support period. Otherwise, we will include it in our near future updates.

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On-Time Support

We are always ready to support you in all means of communication channels.

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100% Source Code

Based on the packages selection, you will be afforded with full source code. It helps to change the script to attract your customers.

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Native iOS & Android Apps

Our experts crafted all the features of the app in native languages of iOS & Android to provide a compatible service and make a presence in all the types of technologies.

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Support After App Rejection

We are always here to support you even after the purchase is completed. We wholeheartedly accept if any rejection happens after app submission.

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Free Technical Support

Our expert team will assist you for registration of accounts on any 3rd party sites like SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway, Server, etc.

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Free White Labeling

It is important for it to have your logo and company name everywhere. In the admin panel you can remove our name and logo from everywhere visible and replace it with yours.

Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Exclusive Support for Shared Web Hosting for Any Business

Smart Decision Where to Host

Smart Decision Where to Host!

Shared hosting is an ideal choice for any website owners who are looking beginner-friendly and cost-effective option. Dedicated hosting defines the hosting of the website in a single server and it is specially dedicated to your website only.

We, Trioangle have skilled professionals in two hosting modes. But, hosting via shared web-hosting mode from us makes you feel risk-free without any technical requirements.

Note: Shared web hosting supports source which is run in every min cron

Monetization Methods

How To Generate Revenue Through Short-Video Sharing Platform


Earn-money Via Coins

Users can purchase virtual coins and utilize them to send gifts to live streamers. The platform gains a commission whenever a user gifts streamers.

Premium Live Streaming

Premium Live Streaming

Content creators earn money by offering content exclusively through premium live streams. Users pay coins to access this content.

Viewers Buy Coin

Viewers Buy Coin

Viewers can buy coins for gifting broadcasters. They select from various coin plans and make payments according to acquired coins. The platform earns a commission for each coin purchase.

In-App Advertisements

In-App Advertisements

The app earns through in-app advertisements by displaying third-party ads. The commission is based on clicks or referred product purchases.

Our Offerings

What We Offer ?

Vibrant Panels That Make Your Entertainment Venture Future Ready



Version 1.0

An Exclusive Android App for All Users for Smooth Workflow



Version 1.0

Tailored iOS App For Effortless Stakeholder Management


Admin Panel

Dynamic Dashboard For Real-Time Governance of Business Workflows

airbnb-clone Username : admin
airbnb-clone Password : 123456

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - TikTok Like Video Sharing Software

Find The Best Answers To Your Questionnaires On TikTok Like App Development

A TikTok-like app is a video-sharing software that allows users to create, share, and discover short-form videos. It often includes features like video editing, special effects, filters, and a feed-based system for user engagement.

To start developing a Video Sharing Software, you need to follow these steps:

  • Idea and conceptualization
  • Market research
  • Design and prototyping
  • Development
  • Testing and iteration

The development timeline for a video-sharing app like TikTok can vary based on the complexity and features of the app. Typically, it can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months, including design, development, testing, and deployment phases.

The cost of developing a TikTok-like video-sharing script depends on factors such as features, complexity, platform, and development team size. To get an accurate cost estimate contact us via email, and we will be happy to provide a detailed project proposal.

Yes, we offer post-development support and maintenance services to ensure your app stays up-to-date, functional, and secure. We also assist with updates, enhancements, and bug fixes as needed.

Yes, we can integrate social media login options and sharing features to allow users to sign in using their existing social media accounts and share their content seamlessly.

Absolutely! We can tailor the app’s design, color schemas, branding elements, and overall look to align with your specific vision and branding guidelines, providing a unique and cohesive user experience.

We design our apps with scalability in mind, utilizing scalable server architectures and cloud solutions. As your user base grows, we can easily scale the app’s infrastructure to ensure a seamless and responsive user experience.

We designate a project leader who will coordinate with the client throughout the project as well as share respective updates every week.

We do not provide any direct links for downloading a TikTok-like app. However, upon purchase of the video sharing software like TikTok, our support team will get in touch with you to know your preferences as to either deploy and configure the script on your server or send you the Dropbox link to download the source code of the video sharing script. We offer complementary deployment services to our clients.

NOTE: For cloud servers (i.e. AWS, Google, IBM, etc.) deployment is FREE, whereas server configuration will be chargeable. Deployment time for the purchased product will be 24 to 48 working hours

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