Fleet Management is to maintain the number of vehicles and information about the vehicles inside the single application. The fleet management system with the visibility of drivers with an accurate reporting of fuel usage.

If a car owner owns many cars and is prepared to start a fleet management system, it is easy to manage the cars with associated drivers in a proper way.

(Note: To start a fleet management system you can use our uber clone application to improve it.)

Uber Clone

Purpose Of Fleet Management

The main purpose of fleet management is to reduce the work for maintaining vehicles in large numbers with improving efficiency. Fleet management will help the drivers as well as owners to earn easily by doing many services like courier delivery, food delivery, and so on.

Precautions For Fleet Managers

Vehicle Acquisition

Fleet managers should check all the vehicles which are in a good form with all the details for the vehicle. The vehicles should pick properly even with vehicle consumption, insurance, and tax details.

Cost Reduction Factor

One of the main following factors to reduce is the cost. The cost factors include

  1. Vehicle Maintenance
  2. Fuel Management

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is one of the cost-saving measures after the launch of fleet management and to ensure the vehicle checks with all the legislation procedures. The vehicle should be of the best quality with all the facilities for the driver as well as users. The vehicles should be checked for both auditing purposes and in the event of an accident should a claim or investigation needs to be made.

Fuel Management

Maintaining fuel costs is important for fleet managers because the fuel cost will improve on a daily basis. The fuel costs should be proportional to the costs of fleet management pricing. It is good for fleet managers to have diesel priced vehicles to reduce the consumption of fuel. The market growth in the vehicles is towards electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles. Petrol usage should be reduced in the new launching vehicles.

Health and Safety

Fleet managers should provide maximum safety and health for both drivers and riders. The manager should be responsible for the driver’s health and safety providing the best performance. The safety policy sheet should be updated by the manager for the driver and user to avoid accidents.

These are the important fleet management purposes and should be followed regularly to have a good interaction.

Uber Fleet Management Services

Uber launched fleet management services for both drivers and riders. Based on the number of vehicles you have, you can start fleet managing services.

Where To Get Fleet Management Software?

The fleet management software can be obtained from the fleet development service provider company with the latest features included.

Trioangle Technologies is an online web and app development company that provides fleet management services incorporated into the uber clone application.

Features Of Fleet Management

In the fleet services, the features are explained in a different blog to know more it https://www.trioangle.com/blog/uber-fleet/

View Dashboard

Dashboard: Admin can view the total earnings, drivers engaging, total trips with sales graph, and recent rider requests.

Manage Driver

The fleet manager can manage their own driver by viewing his/her information provided by them.

Manage Vehicles

Admin can edit/view the vehicles and see the information about the vehicles like make, model, vehicle type, number, and color.

Manage Trips

The trips can be managed like trips, canceled trips, payments, Ratings, and reviews.

These are the core managing features in the uber like a fleet application to know more about the features and details of it, view the website https://www.trioangle.com/uber-clone/