PassUp — Letgo Clone updates with the new features combined with the core features to use the application with improved user experience. Recently letgo and offerup are combined to create a new marketplace with the existing features. The total market of the second-hand marketplace is improved dramatically during this time. It is the best chance for the Entrepreneur to start an online classified business to improve the business.

New Updated Features in PassUp 2.0

  • Dynamic Filter
  • Dynamic Fields
  • Chat Option Like Facebook

Dynamic Filter

Dynamic Filter helps customers to select the desired product & move the process ahead. Users can quickly search the listed products using the Dynamic filter option. Admin can easily add/remove filters based on the requirement. The users can easily filter the products based on the requirement and can easily get the required products.

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Dynamic Fields

Dynamic fields options like dropdown, range, multilevel narrows down the products from the huge information. The range can be set by minimum & maximum limit values. The dropdown shows the list of options under a particular category. The multilevel option is to fine-tune the filtering option with parent type and tags filter options.

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Chat Option Like Facebook

To enhance the communication between buyer and seller, PassUp is embedded with the chat option like Facebook Messenger. The user can simply chat with the seller without getting into the listings and previous chats can be viewed by the user. The chat option like facebook is available only on the Web.

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These are the new features of PassUp applicable to both user and admin for the products to search and list it in a better way. These new features will be beneficial to the Entrepreneurs to make the listings in a proper way and users can easily select the products they need.

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