Super apps that provide multiple services are ruling the On-Demand market in the well-growing world. If the user needs to order food, book a taxi, or book service providers they can use the Gojek clone app. Customers will be excited to use this app as it provides multiple services through a single platform.

In this blog, we are going to know the tricks to engage users in multi-services that help to accelerate revenue. 

Gojek Clone-Key Role to Redefine Multiservices

The Gojek Clone provides multi-services through a single application.

  • Booking all services in one place reduces the time.
  • This helps the users to manage their orders easily.
  • The payment details for every service can be seen anytime.
  • The services provided and delivery of products can be tracked lively.
  • The reviews or ratings for each service and product can be viewed by everyone.

Trioangle develops Gojek Clone with the following tricks, which play a basic step in accelerating revenue.

Tricks to Engage More Users 

Enormous Service Templates:

The on-demand multi-service provider allows the users to deliver multiple parcels to single or multiple destinations. Here, the delivery partner collects the parcel from the service provider and delivers it to the destination. 

From the nearby stores, the store-based delivery service assists the user in placing on-demand delivery orders. The Gojek clone services cover multiple services like groceries, food, pharmacy, alcohol, etc.

Listing of Services:

Customers find it a little tough to manage multiple applications for getting services from individual applications, but the Gojek clone provides multiple services in a single application that allows the customer to order products or book services easily. 

The Gojek clone application decreases the work effort of customers to book services and order products through a single application that projects a list of services and products on the online platform. 

Endless Support:

The customers can support the service providers by contacting them. By guiding the service providers to reach their location so that the customers can get their services or products quickly. This support helps to provide a hassle-free service to the users and service providers.

Live Geo Location:

The customer can track the delivery partner and guide them using the in-app call and chat options, this helps the delivery partner to provide quick delivery by following the route conveyed by the users. This increases the trust in the application for the customers.

Advanced Tracking:

The application used by the customer is enabled with an option to track the delivery partner, this helps to know the status of the service or product booked by the customer. This helps to assign the time for receiving products and services by the customer on the assigned time. On the day of delivery if the customer is not available they can change the date of receiving services or products.

Factors To Accelerate Revenue of Gojek Clone:

Commission from Merchants:

The basic way to generate revenue is the Gojek clone charges some amount of money from the merchants who sell their products and services through the application. Gojek assists merchants to generate more revenue and expand the business to more areas.

Merchants have to pay a percentage of the money raised from the profit on each order which is placed through the Gojek clone application. This transaction is done automatically from an e-wallet after the entire process is finished. 

Commission from Drivers:

Drivers and Delivery partners also need to pay a part of the money on each order that the customer places. It is the next method for the Gojek clone to generate revenue. This makes the delivery partner work more as the work gives more profit.

To earn more the delivery partners or drivers work to exceed their target as they receive money on each delivery and also get rewards and bonuses for outstanding performances.

Service Charge From Consumers:

Gojek charges the consumers a service charge for bringing every kind of service to their doorstep based on distance, time, and traffic. This service fee is added to their bill along with the tax and they can pay by online payment method or by cash on delivery to book their order.

This service charge is reasonable and consumers are not burdened financially which assists the company to build its reach among customers and increase the number of users.

Winding Up:

This blog explains the tricks followed by Trioangle Technology to engage users in online multi-services in the Gojek clone app. Trioangle provides entrepreneurs with endless support during pre and post-app launches. To know more about us

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