The handyman profession is streamlining in this digital era when everything falls in place of the app’s world. The app for handyman services was introduced by the taxi service pioneer Uber in the name of Uber For Handyman Services that went viral among people in need of handymen. 

Trioangle technologies have the ready-made script for the handyman services app that you can buy and customize as you want. This app is the one-stop solution for all handymen services people need to perform repairs in their households.

Let’s dive in to know the crispy information of Trioangle’s Goferhandy app that got inspired from Uber For Handyman Services.

Why Do You’ve To Develop App For Your Handyman Services?

  • The first reason for developing an app for your handyman services is you can manage multiple handyman services with a monitor and obviously your app. 
  • You don’t have to call and inform your handyman about the job you got from people. The app establishes a connection between the needers and the handymen. So the automation will do the job for you.
  • When the app connects users and handymen digitally, you can spread the app’s presence beyond the limit. The expansion will take place in your business as well as in your brand.
  • You get millions of users and handymen to your business where you have nothing to do to grow your enterprise. That will happen as you just develop your app.
  • The app tells you in which area you have to improve to satisfy more users and handymen. That helps you to take a step according to the requirement.
  • The basic works of the business could be done by the app where your presence is not necessary to do and analyze. You can do jobs that ultimately need you for the expansion of your business. 
  • Manual works for your business are drastically minimized and simultaneously productivity increases when you unite your business with technology.

Advantages Of Digitally Undertaking Your Business 

Manually undertaking business courtesies are tough compared to digitally undertaking them. The app will notably conserve your work to a long extent. Plus provides you the benefits that you expect from your business that you cannot achieve in the traditional way of undertaking them.

You can provide services for millions of people by simultaneously providing jobs for handymen around the world. 

By developing an App Like Handy, you can provide a handyman fit for the job needed by people. This ensures that the service provided by you is done perfectly at the said time to the users. This satisfies both the user and the handyman for completing the job using the app. 

Handy Features Of The Handyman App

Service Availability 

The service providers can work at their flexible times. Unlike traditional servicing, the demand for them will always be there in the app. So they can log in to the app on their own time. They can earn even by login into the app at night. The demand for them will no longer be deficient for them.

Pick The Services Needed

By login into the app, users don’t have to travel to the service provider’s place. Instead, they can avail themselves multiple of services providers using the app without making any travels. This retains the demand of the service providers all the time for aiding the users at the time they needed them. Also, through the app, users can employ multiple service providers at the same moment to quickly do the repairs.

Sequencing The Jobs

In the app, users can view the jobs that are completed, and progressing, and schedules that are to be done in the future. This allows them to sketch their plans according to the services they booked in the app.  

This allows them to recall the service provider if they liked the work of the provider. Just by scrolling into the past jobs option, they can view what job they have done in the past with the help of the service provider. With the call option, they can immediately place the booking in the time they needed. The service provider will adjust the time schedule for the job they recalled by the users.

Service Revocation

The users and the service providers can revoke the job that they booked or accepted in the app. Like booking services in the app, the service revocation could be done by following a few steps. They can cancel the service anytime they prefer. But, for the notice, the service could not be revoked when the service provider began the job. 

Geo-Map Tracking

The app owners can install this feature while developing to assist service providers to reach the job destination on time. This feature allows the service providers to track the route digitally to reach the spot with digital assistance. And the mapping shows the service providers the shortcuts that are possible to follow.

Job Tracker

Like map tracking, users can track the progress of the job. The tracker shows To begin>Progressing>Final Touch>Completed. The service provider will update the stages. 

With this, users can know their job status without needing to present there to monitor their progress. When the job is completed, users get notifcation through the app.

With these incredible features, you can provide handyman services to the extent that nobody confronted in their life availing handyman services. 

Trioangle wishes you the biggest success in bringing services digitally by developing a Handyman App Like Uber

If you are more interested to develop an app, Trioangle itself has a readymade script that has been built for entrepreneurs like you to live your dreams within days in the shape of apps. 

Trioangle, under the name of GoferHandy, has providing handyman services around the world. 

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