It’s unthinkable to run multiple businesses for a single person. It needs a lot of team efforts, investments, service providers, and customers to purchase products to run the businesses successfully. At some point, your earned profits may go out of hand to renovate businesses aiming for better yielding. 

Are you afraid of doing multi-services after reading that paragraph? If yes means, you understood what multi-services mean. But, you don’t need to be afraid anymore. You have the option to gojek-like app development

You aren’t going to open shops and stock products to service customers. Instead, you are going to connect multiple service providers and customers via your app.

Customers will get what they want just by going through the app. Service providers will deliver products just by viewing requests placed by customers. 

What will you get in return for that? Immense commission! Not only that. Popularity, multiple channels of revenue, and brand presence can be enriched via Gojek app development. 

Let’s dive into the blog to know more about the super app that you are going to develop shortly. 

What is meant by the super app?

We call something super when it does super things. Likewise, super apps do things that are beyond our comprehension. Normally, apps will simplify the work of people and produces 100% result. But the super app will do the same in multi-dimensional ways. 

For example, taxi services apps will assuredly provide taxi services for people. Grocery app groceries. eCommerce apps product deliveries. 

But the super app provides all on-demand services in one move. People don’t have to jump apps to get services. They can book, track, and pay for the services just using the single super app. 

On-demand services people get are

  • Food delivery services
  • Taxi booking services
  • Product deliveries
  • Logistics services
  • Digital payments
  • DIY or Handyman services

People can get all these services at a single time. Service providers are available in plenty. So people can get serviced soon after they placed an order. 

Let’s see the benefits of developing a super app like Gojek. 

Superfluities of Gojek app development

Gojek app development is a boon for your business if you think about immediate gains. People’s attention to these super apps is a bit higher than niche-focused apps. Because they get a range of services in one app. Also, it allows them to monitor multiple services in a single panel. So they get a gist about every service they purchased. Finally, it makes the users’ lives comfortable and pain sailing. 


  • You provide a variety of on-demand services at the hands of people. 


  • The convenience of getting multiple services reflects more calls to action.  


  • Reduces effort to monitor requested services. 


  • Your app will run silky on the users’ devices. Because users will not need to install multiple apps on their devices.  


  • You can jazz up the reach of service providers to the people. So the commission will also be increased rapidly. 


  • Superfluous servicing around the region will escalate the brand presence. 


The benefits of super app development are quite bright Nah? You can change your business scope by developing this multi-service app by hiring the best mobile app development company. 

Steps to start developing a super app like Gojek

Choose the right platform:-

For your multi-services app, choosing the right platform is key to grabbing the attention of users. Users are greatly divided into three: Android, IOS, and web. If you are targeting a specific group of people, you can choose a suitable platform. Or else, if your focus is big and needs wide audience coverage, you better launch the app on all platforms.

Pay attention to the tech stack:-

The care for the outcome of the app should begin from the tech stack you choose for the project. Your multi-services app should work without flaw. The result it produces must be quicker. And the use of the app on end devices should be lighter. To achieve all these, you should select the best tech stack to develop your super app. It will also benefit you while launching the app on time and with maturity. 

UI and UX friendly:-

The app you develop should be user-friendly. The navigation should be memorable for users. Users should always have the option to re-do what they did before. This allows them to use the app at full speed. The more understandable UI and UX are, the more audiences will use the app.  

Test & launch:-

Testing is one of the most important things that you have to do without fail. It enlightens you to know how the app works before it goes live for people. Testing the app from top to bottom will help to eliminate glitches and bugs. And it will be more accessible for users when they get it from the store. 

Brand new features of super apps 

Social media login:-

Users can log in to the app using their social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts are acknowledged by the multi-services app. 

Quick Dashboard:-

Using this quick dashboard, users can choose the services they need within seconds. They don’t need to type the keyword to search for the service. By clicking the taxi icon, users will be redirected to the taxi-hailing services page. 

Re-book option:-

Users don’t have to navigate again to book the services they acquired before. Just by going through the re-book tab, users can rebook a list of services they booked before. This helps users to save precious time in booking services. 

Book now features:-

If a user liked a product means they can book it instantly for delivery. 

Cancel anytime:- 

Users can cancel their order anytime they like. They have a cancel option for every product they choose for delivery. Additionally, they can cancel the taxi booked for a ride. 

Account recovery:-

If a user forgot the password of his account, he can recover it just by verifying the mobile number linked to the account. Recovery processes took place just within less than five minutes. 


Due to the incredible convenience and simplicity, the multi-service app provides, many entrepreneurs trying to set their footprint in this industry. If you’re one among them, there is no time to think. Hire the best multi-service app developers and develop apps like Gojek. It will smoothen the ways for earning decent revenue. 

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