UberEats Clone app


Digital technology has transformed the way we live, and work.


Mobile apps are popular as users appreciate speed, convenience, and simplicity. Also, as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, many now prefer to have most products delivered to their door rather than spend as much time as possible at home.


You might be surprised to learn that on-demand mobile applications and websites produced $15 billion in sales income in 2022, with a projected increase to $335 billion by 2025.


If you are considering developing apps like Uber like UberEats clone consider these 8 on-demand app ideas, which are in high demand and will help you discover new business prospects.


Let’s begin the article to find the ideas. 


Uber For E-Learning App 


Many students struggled to study as they couldn’t get to the school campus. There have been some concerns raised about the solution to this problem.


The e-learning app has altered the way people study. At this juncture, one of the best chances is to apply digitalization to the education industry. This not only provides possibilities for students but also professors. This platform allows teachers to earn money, increasing revenue for both the channel and the teachers.


If you intend to build an Udemy clone for your business, you can include advanced features such as hiring tutors with complete information, video calls, and submitting training videos.


Uber For Doctor Booking App


This type of app is useful when we are unable to get to the hospital. In such a circumstance, if you have a Doctor Appointment booking app on your phone, you can directly contact doctors near your location via calls, videos, or audio calls and explain your problems to them.


Furthermore, the doctors will assist you with obtaining a prescription to get medication without having to travel anywhere. You can speak directly with the doctor, and if an emergency arises, you can also phone them at your home.


Uber For payment wallet app


The cashless transaction has evolved into the new standard. Paypal and CashApp have already established industry standards by demonstrating their worth.


You may also create a fantastic on-demand payment wallet with secure services and one-of-a-kind features. Google Pay, which has become interchangeable with daily online payment apps and other apps, has enabled millions of consumers to pay using their smartphones alone.


If you’re thinking about creating a payment wallet app, contact us to know about Uber clone app development.


Uber For car wash app


Every car owner has to go through the misery of keeping track of their car washing schedule. Your car, without a doubt, requires a thorough wash every week or two.


You must either wash your automobile at home or take it to a nearby car wash center as a car owner.


Washing your car yourself or making an unscheduled trip to the car wash takes a long time.


As a result, what if you could design an on-demand car wash app that allowed thousands of customers to plan cash wash appointments directly from their smartphones? Your application will certainly be successful if you give updated services and features.


Mobile Application For Restaurant Management


We want to create a Restaurant Reservation System that will allow users to see what tables are available as well as a map of the formation for each specific restaurant. Restaurants are also rated and reviewed by users. 


This app would inform users about which restaurants provide excellent service to provide them with the most comprehensive experience. Making reservations at restaurants is easy without having to wait in big lines.


Food Delivery App


Online food delivery app development allows hungry customers to order from their favorite restaurants and have the food delivered or picked up on the spot.


Food delivery apps have never been more popular. Online deliveries are likely to rise further, making these apps relevant in today’s industry.


With so many shops, restaurants, hotels, and other corporate businesses in your area, it’s critical to have a delivery method that meets your requirements.


Healthy and Fitness App


Fitness apps can assist you in living a better lifestyle. It contains postings geared to push you toward your goals and is organized into a day-by-day plan so you always know what to accomplish.


People nowadays may find it tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Pollution and food habits have increased public awareness of the importance of health. As a result, finding the perfect instrument to help you to accomplish your fitness objectives is nearly difficult, with your smartphone being the ideal alternative.


Today’s mobile app development technologies enable the creation of an app that monitors the health of its users. These apps provide a range of charts for users to keep track of their health and fit at the time.


Beauty Service Apps


Women spend money on beauty services as much as they do on education. The beauty industry is emerging as the preference are high. 


If you currently have a thriving beauty service business, add an on-demand beauty services app to reap unrivaled and massive earnings. Even if you are a business owner, you will obtain a profitable business concept.


Working ladies nowadays don’t have much time to spend in salons. They demand an efficient solution capable of providing the best On-Demand Beauty services. This is exactly what on-demand beauty service apps, including home comfort, will achieve for them. You will be able to create a great on-demand beauty app with the proper app development team.




We hope you’ve decided on an industry in which you want to create an uber-like app.


At Trioangle Technologies, an On-demand app development company, we have a team that can provide you with valuable guidance and ideas for your new Uber-like app. Below, We have listed our Uber-like apps that may fit your industry. 


GoferEats – UberEats Clone

GoferDelivery – DeliveryScript

GoferDeliveryALL – Delivery All Script

GoferGrocery – Grocery Delivery Script

GoferAlcohol – Alcohol Delivery Script

GoferPhramacy – Pharmacy Delivery Script


If you have any questions about the Uber clone app development concepts after reading the article, please contact us.