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Online Food Ordering Software For Your Business

  • Online Food Delivery Script

    We have developed an excellent online food delivery app through which you can nurture your business and monetize earnings by commision.

  • Restaurant Ordering System

    You can develop your partnership with restaurant and delivery services through your product furthermore for driving your business to the next level.

  • Small / Large Enterprises

    We are affording services according to the requirement for both Small and medium-size companies. We can help you to grow your business.

Essential Features Of The Online Food Delivery Script

The technology used and features describe a software more than words for your business. We have build software with features that help you to launch your business.

Multiple Registration

A user can register using Facebook and Gmail and ask for minimal permission and information. This feature saves their time and makes the app more engaging to the users.

Delivery Details

We afford users with multiple options to provide delivery details manually or through a map. They also can schedule delivery and can give a delivery note.

Search Option

A user can browse restaurants nearby or specific restaurant or dish. Recommended cuisines are also shown to users to keep them engaged.

Advanced Filter Option

We can make everything simple for your users so they can scroll around easily. A user can filter by Price, Dietary and also can sort by Recommended, Most Popular, Rating and Delivery time.

Payment Choices

A user has choices to pay by cash on delivery, debit or credit card and by internet banking, wallet options are also provided to a user to add money to his account.

Wallet Option

A wallet option provides lots of benefits to a user like using promos and coupons and makes an order super fast. This enables the user to pay for future orders safely and securely.

Rating and Reviews

Most of the users love to express about service that has been offered. We have provided features to guide them to do so. This helps both users and the restaurant.

promos and coupons

Every user loves promos and coupons from their favorite restaurant. This feature promotes the restaurant as well as keeps user engaging and happy.

Login / Registration

An admin has a feature to become a partner with a restaurant from the registration page. Admin requires restaurant details and photos of cuisine to make the things to spice up for the food delivery business which is added by the restaurant owner.

Verified Restaurant

An admin provides a high-quality and secure experience to the user by verifying the details of the restaurants that are getting connected to a user

Order Management

We always do our best to save your time by notifying orders immediately to restaurants. Admin provides restaurant control over availability, preparation time and to accept an order.


Restaurant payment detail is found in payout tab where details of taxes, commission, and bank details are found. The report is automatically updated weekly.


Everybody enjoys offers as restaurant loves to promote their products by providing discounts to their customer. This feature from admin also encourages the users to order.

Craft Your Menu

The restaurant has the feature from admin to manage their menu and option to edit most popular menu as it will encourage the users to know more about the cuisine in the restaurant.

Rating and Reviews

A buyer can rate and review their favorite restaurant. It not only affects the popularity and placement also helps admin boost quality service from the restaurant.

Preparation Time

The situation makes things happen so the admin gives the restaurant option to manage default preparation time and to add additional preparation time if needed.

Login / Registration

A driver can become a partner by providing details like name, address, email, phone number, password, and vehicle details and can start earning regularly.

Verified Delivery Partner

We have committed to provide a high-quality and secure experience to the user by verifying the delivery person’s details properly and to deliver a quality service to the user.

Profile Management

A delivery partner has control over to edit or delete their personal data any time. They also have options to manage vehicle and document details which are verified by admin.

Trip Management

We always do our best to save time by notifying trips immediately to the delivery persons in the nearby location. A delivery person has control over their availability and hence accordingly accepts or rejects a trip.

Online / Offline Mode

We make everything simple for delivery persons so they can scroll around easily. A delivery person can go online or offline at any time and also can cancel trips if needed.


Driver payment details are found in the Earning tab where details of trips, earnings and bank details are found. The report is automatically updated every week.

Map Feature

A delivery person is provided with map details of both restaurant and delivery location. They are also given contact details of customers and tracked by both restaurant and user.

Rating and Reviews

As users prefer to rate and review services provided by the delivery person, We have provided features to guide them to do so. This helps both users and the delivery person.

Users Management

Admin can easily manage their users - eater, restaurant & delivery person by adding, editing & deleting them through the admin panel.

Cuisine Management

Admin can manage the cuisine easily by adding, editing & deleting. Admin can also download the report for further analysis.

Driver Payout Management

Admin can easily manage the delivery person’s payout in the Admin panel which includes orders, eaters, restaurants & drivers.

promos and coupons

Everybody enjoys offers as restaurant loves to promote their products by providing discounts to their customer. Offers are verified and approved by admin.

Owe Amount

The owed amount is collected from the delivery person by the admin. When the order is paid by cash on delivery, Admin sends the amount to the restaurant after deducting commission.

Manage Issue

Admin has features to manage issues from both restaurant and delivery partners. They can also take action on reviews and issues on both restaurant and delivery partners.

Cancel Reason

Admin has options to manage cancelation of the order. Admin can take action based on the reason for the cancelation and decide on the approval or rejection.


The penalty is imposed by the admin to driver, and restaurant. The reason for the penalty can be delayed order delivery, preparation and poor service.

How Do We Work?

  • 1

    Requirement Gathering

    Before working on making the food ordering and delivery script, we have gathered all the core requirements to develop the app in an effective way.

  • 2

    Requirement Analysis

    After collecting the vital information, the research regarding the requirements and the process is analysed completely to make the business solution much better.

  • 3


    We work progressively with effective tech team members and exploit the recent technology to develop the script in an effective way which completely fits upright in the market.

  • 4


    Before launching the script in the market, we make sure to test the script that it works accordingly without any bugs along with a good navigation process.

  • 5

    On-Time Delivery

    We make sure to deliver the unblemished script on a prompt time which is ready to provide one of the foremost solutions to our business client after undergoing multiple test sets.

Using Right Technology Stack

  • Trioangle php 7.1
  • Trioangle angular js
  • Trioangle laravel 5.3
  • Trioangle HTML5
  • Trioangle CSS3
  • Trioangle android
  • Trioangle iOS

How Much Does It Cost?

With enriched technologies, we develop smart and customized online food delivery solution for startups to enterprise companies. To know the precise cost, features, and functionalities of food delivery app solution for the user, driver, restaurant and admin get in-touch for a quick chat.

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