Nowadays the education system has transformed, No one needs to be physically present in a classroom to teach and learn. As a new trend, remote and e-learning with advanced technology are the current way followed by the educational institutions. In the market as a result various On-Demand Teaching App is being launched. As we are still struggling in the pandemic, here the schools and colleges are shut, so as a big solution here on-demand, tutor apps play a major role to help the affected learning system. This method saves a lot of expenses because the teacher or professors and students do not need to be present in the same place to continue the classes.       

Benefits Of On-Demand Teaching App

Uninterrupted Learning System:

Distance learning brings the on-demand tutor app as a big advantage. The main reason behind this app is to stop all the class cancellations due to lockdowns, pandemics and some other issues. 

Reduces The Expense Of Infrastructure:

To reduce the expenses on infrastructure the online e-learning happens with the on-demand teaching app. Because there is no need for benches, blackboards, classrooms and building rooms. 

Easy Problem Solving:

To clear all the doubts and queries related to the studies, students do not need to wait for the school and institutions openings, the Tutor Service Software will be more useful for clearing their doubts.

Important Feature In Tutor Service Software 

Create Students, Tutor And Admin Panels:

On developing the On-Demand Tutor Service App you need to develop three separate panels, one panel for the students to get with their tutors, one for the tutor to get connected with their students and the admin panel to manage all the processes done in both panels. 

The student’s panel allows the students to get registered to the app with social media logins and by uploading the profile details with mentioning their learning subject requests. Based on their requirement the tutor will be allocated separately. Students can make a schedule for the learning session and can make a chat with their tutor for clearing doubts and queries. 

For the tutors, it is easy for them to get registered with their mobile number and can accept the request received from the students, then start teaching for the students request for learning. 

The Admin panel will allow managing the whole thing happening in the tutor service software. Like classes, payments, student requests raised, providing offers for the service, etc. 

Option For Finding The Tutors:

The students who get registered within the app can be able to find the tutor without any complication like, they can filter the search by mentioning the subject, fees, and timings.  The tutors listed in the app will be visible to the students with their experience, name, preferred timing, and the subject they handle.  

In-App Messaging:

To make things like communication easier for the students, the in-app chatting feature should be integrated with the app. This makes enough for communication to happen between the tutors and the students. The students can clear their doubts, upload their completed assignments, tutors can share the notes for the students and the students can share the files with the tutor. To make communication easier you must integrate this futuristic technology within your application because the live chatting option allows the interaction for the students during the study session.

Push Notification Alert:

The app users can get engaged within the app when there is a push notification. Because this feature notifies the students of the offer and discounts, alerts class session timing scheduled, payment reminders, tutors availability, etc. 

The tutors will be notified of the upcoming scheduled classes, requests received for classes, and questions or doubts raised by the students, etc.

Easy Payment Mode:

The app must ensure a secure payment system with easy methods. By including various payment methods like debit card payment, net banking, e-wallets, Stripe, Paypal, which will be a contact lease and easier payment method for the students. 

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