Are you willing to launch a new business in the rental industry? Then, this is a blog for you. Yes. You can gain awareness of the rental business ideas and the associated Trioangle rental scripts such as Airbnb clone waiting to make your businesses profitable. 

Sharing Economy: Widening Growth Opportunities

The rental industry is one of the rapidly growing platforms that act as a key tool for rental startup owners to contribute to the sharing economy. 

  • The expected revenue growth of the renal industry in the year 2022 is 59.4 bn USD. 
  • Also, the number of adults using the ramping renting economy will reach 86.5 million by 2021. 

These statistics prove that the opportunities for startup professionals are more. 

List of Top 6 Rental Business Ideas to Gain Profit

After knowing the possibilities, you are planning to enter the rental industry. Here is the list of rental startup ideas and the corresponding digital platforms that provide extensive support for revenue growth. 

Space Rental Business

There is a need for space to conduct meetings, events, or media shoots. Those who have multiple spaces have the option to show and earn via web portals. Space rental script is a perfect connected platform for the space owners and the people who need the space. The features that make your space rental business a premier one are:

  • Instant hourly booking
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Marks in Google Map
  • Translation in in-App Chat
  • Secure Payment Option

Hotel Booking Business

Are you a hotelier and looking for the options to increase the bookings?. A time to launch your own hotel booking business has now arrived. Digitization opens up new possibilities to make every hotelier gain good fame and revenue. A web platform that holds all the feasible options is termed Hotel Booking Script. Let’s take a deep look into them. 

  • Wishlist option
  • Multi-room list & booking
  • High Authenticity
  • Invite Friends Via Referral 
  • Secure Payments
  • Easy Room Listing

Car Rental Business

The car rental business is one such familiar business platform that holds many revenue generation options and it is a lucrative business model too. When you take the right steps, then your car rental business is a successful one. Car rental script includes a wide variety of options that make your car rental business move on the right path towards success. The promising options are:

  • Social-Media login
  • Secure Payments
  • Instant Booking
  • Advanced Filter
  • Car Lists 

Boat Rental Business

Being unique in offering boat rental services with a wide range of options definitely brings you to be frontline in the market. The uniqueness lies in how the business model is updated and holds new features. 

The boat rental script from Trioangle offers such uniqueness and makes the boat owners gain good fame and revenue in the market quickly. The futuristic options of boat rental script to prove uniqueness are:

  • Multi-Login Options
  • Detailed Boats Listing
  • Digitized Secure Insurance Policy
  • Verified Boat Owners
  • Hourly Boat Booking

Online Host Experience 

Host experience sharing among hosts and guests all over the world attracts and brings more guests to stay. Host experience script or online teaching script is the customizable pre-built web solution that includes many beneficiary features that take your rental business into a new dimension. 

  • Instant Experience Share
  • Host Payout Selection Option
  • Change/view Experience
  • Host Experience Categories
  • Showcase of Reservations 

Property Rental Management

Online rental startups transform the way of doing rental services in an accurate manner. Hitting the top position and fulfilling a wide range of demands from the guests highly demand the perfect digital platform namely Airbnb clone. With all the volumetric features and customization possibilities, the Airbnb clone makes you a profitable player in the online rental marketplace. They are:

  • Single-shot dashboard
  • Instant Occupancy Status
  • Location-based Property List
  • Shared Room Options
  • Multi-Booking Options

Strategies followed by Trioangle for Perfect Start of Sharing Economy

A wide range of rental businesses are available in real-time and getting valid revenue benefits from the Airbnb clone. To make your rental startups into the limelight, many strategies are to be followed. Among them, Trioangle considers some unique strategies for the perfect start of the sharing economy.

  • Identifying the real scope of the rental business in the targeted location of the clients in the initial discussion
  • Formulating the business model with the operational interfaces and the unique feature set.
  • Develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)  model for the initial launch.
  • Once the app is ready, installation to your server at free of cost
  • Commitment towards the development of a bug-free solution
  • Offering a complete source code to enable easy customization
  • White-label solution with logo and brand name as per clients’ demand
  • The expert team offers endless support right from registration to the payment process. 

If you are a professional and aiming to launch a new business in the rental market, then the ideas and associated scripts listed in this blog are very useful for you. Get a deep consultation with us by sharing your ideas with us via [email protected] or WhatsApp us at 6379630152.