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Today we are going to see how PassUp App works.

What is PassUp App?, This question strikes your mind prior to move on to the workflow section.

Let’s know the answer first.

Splendid about PassUp

PassUp is the Letgo clone script that holds many unique options to make classified businesses successful. Aiming to make the classified business owners gain high-profit, Trioangle Technology structured PassUp with the latest technologies. The workflow and the top features considered during the PassUp app development definitely make the startup professionals gain good fame in the market.

Users who participated in the PassUp app play a dual role either buyer or seller. Those who have a wish to sell the used products play a seller role. Those who wish to buy second-hand products are termed, buyers.

PassUp app is a stylish app that allows buyers to search the products based on location information. This also allows the sellers to upload their product stuff in an easy manner.

It’s a time to know the workflow of the PassUp app…

  • The first and foremost step in the app is to the Login/SignUp option with multiple registration ways (FaceBook, Email Id, or Gmail). This ensures an easy way to register and access the PassUp app.
  • Then, the buyers or sellers can enter the location details. With these details, the buyers or sellers have the option to buy or sell the products based on the location details. This location detail can be changed dynamically.
  • Next, the users can switch over to the categories selection process. They can set up categories like  Cars, Free Stuff, Electronics, Services, Other Vehicles, Sport/Leisure, Movies/Books, Fashion, etc…
  • Then, they move into the Advanced Filter Option where easy listing/buying is achieved and the time for this process is less. The categories that fall below the advanced filtering are location,
  • Distance,
  • Price(for the seller to price the products),
  • Sort by( newest first, closest first, price: low to high, price: high to low).

The seller can save the option after filling out the above aspects or if they need to change any option just reset it.

  • Notification option intimate the users about the products were posted nearby with days.
  • The message/ chatting option allows the buyer can text to the seller for further details about the products.


The above features are built in the PassUp mobile application for the users to have a seamless flow. In the future, Trioangle plans to have lots of features to blast out the users to have a refining process in the app.

Do you want any additional features on your classified script or do you willing to know more about PassUp ping on [email protected]. Or Feel free to enquire with 91+ 6379630152  and to check out here what we are different from others.

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