Uber is a well-known platform in the taxi industry to make the taxi service a profitable one with essential features. To bring an excellent ride experience, uber update its business model. This also holds the new unique features to bring a new dimension to the taxi-booking business. Uber recently launched a platform namely Uber Fleet that acts as the digital link among the fleet owners and the drivers. 

Have you heard of Uber Fleet?

If not, then here is an intro for you about Uber Fleet.

What is the Uber Fleet?

The uber fleet is a partner app that helps fleet owners to manage their vehicles and drivers. If you own 2 or 3 cars, then the Uber fleet might help you manage your vehicles and drivers. With this management, UberFleet brings a new way to earn more.

Features of Uber Fleet:

Easy signup:

Anybody with one or more than one car can easily join the Uber fleet. Easy signup and fillup of all the essential details during registration make them fleet partners.  

Search & Locate:

This option allows the fleet owners or fleet partners to find the certified or skilled drivers by specifying the location details directly in the app. 

Live Map:

As the manager or owner of fleet service, you track the exact location of the vehicle, driver, and trip details. This location status allows you to be aware of trip details and take the necessary actions. 

Driver Dashboard:

The dedicated dashboard for the drivers includes all the options like profile build-up, trip history, ride requests, and trip earning details to monitor the trip. 

Driver Log:

Working on multiple shifts is an important option to avoid work pressure. Log details are necessary to meet the riding needs. Also, this feature allows the fleet partners to set the schedule for trips without any collapses. 

Trip Earning:

Upon completion of trips in an efficient manner, the commission is directly deducted after the trip payment is over. The direct deduction helps you to be aware of transactions a day and ensure transparency in the industry.

How To Make Money From Uber Fleet?

Uber fleet is an ideal app that helps you to earn a lot. It helps its partner to manage its vehicle and driver efficiently. Uber Fleet allows the fleet partners, drivers to make money in the following ways:

  • Trip fare commission
  • Service listing fee
  • The fee to place the drivers in the top-of search list
  • Referral-based earning 
  • The fee to list new trip services
  • Surge pricing 

You can make use of the Fleet Management system which helps you to customize your software for all your needs and manage your vehicles without depending on any other platform.

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