In recent times, Entrepreneurs are coming out with the idea to reach out to the people in need. On-demand taxi booking software proving a profitable business and beneficial to solve the need for transportation. People can get transportation at the doorstep and can travel to the preferred destination.

Due to the COVID situation, the taxi riding business introduced new features for the safety and precautions for the users. Let us all take a comprehensive look at a Uber clone for Entrepreneurs to develop their business. 

Uber-Like App development involves all the developers, support, and the business team to provide an efficient application for the entrepreneurs.

Uber Clone

Uber Clone Application consists of 

  • Driver App 
  • Rider App
  • Admin Web Panel

Uber Clone facilitates the usage of the web and application with the features. The business is required with a better application, features, and the support provided by the provider.

Driver App

Sign Up/Sign In

The driver can register through the app by providing the phone number and basic information with the driver’s license.

Instant Notifications

Notifications will automatically head up if the rider requested the ride. Our Gofer app helps you with the notifications.

Live Tracking 

For Drivers, Gofer provides live tracking to see the rider’s exact location and reach within time and improve the customer experience.


Drivers can switch the toggle between offline or online. The online mode will receive rides a lot.  

Rating and Reviews

The driver can review the user about the experience and time service.

Add Vehicle Details

The driver can add any number of vehicles for the ride and can switch between the vehicles.

Rider App

Sign In/Sign Up

The rider can log in or signup using social media like Facebook, Email, and Phone Number. 

Multiple Payment

The rider can pay the driver for the ride through multiple modes like Paypal, Credit, or Debit Card, or through cash. Riders can also add the payment with the wallet. 

Chat Option

Riders can chat with the driver to know about the destination and can know about the arrival time for the place. 

Schedule Ride

Users can schedule the ride for their convenience. The scheduled ride should be accepted by the driver as soon as the rider book the scheduled ride.

Ride Sharing

Riders can share their ride with strangers. Riders can book the maximum number of 2 seats according to the capacity of the booking vehicle. 

Admin Web Management Panel

Admin has the fullest authority to manage the activities on the application.  

Admin can manage the following 

Manage Company 

Admin can manage the company created using the company panel with the details of it.

Manage Driver

Admin can manage the drivers listed in the driver app and have the authority to verify the documents and give permission to act as a driver.

Manage Riders

Admin can manage all the details of the rider including the status and can report the user.

These are the admin management basic features and many details can be managed by the admin.

These are some of the general features of admin and you want to know detailed features contact our technical team at [email protected] or visit the website to know more about the Uber Clone.