Covid -19 brought the people a new approach to be safe and followed social distancing in every place. Many of them lost a job, pay cuts during this lockdown as the business are down. Later, the business created hype and was on a normal curve. The need for the on-demand business takes a part and created a shift in the business as consumers needs. Safety has been a high priority for the users to comfort themselves and the services provided with proper safety guidelines. Consumers are being so conscious to use the services or products and preferred to use green. The electric car market is also increasing on the other side.

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Uber recently launched the Uber green concept as the electric cars are introduced for the ride in North America. The users can request an Electric or a hybrid vehicle for the ride. This concept gives an offer to both the driver and rider by providing the services. Therefore Uber partnered with many fleet companies, electric vehicle rentals, and so on to improve the Uber Green concept.

This concept can be build up a new idea to rise the Uber-like business to reach out to the people providing the services to the consumers. Businessman, It’s time to think about starting an electric or hybrid taxi business.

Uber For Electric Car Rental

Uber for electric car rental can be started with all the core features of Uber with the functionalities.

Benefits of User App

  • Users can book the electric vehicle car at any time. The user signup/login can be done using social media like Facebook, Google, Apple Id, and Phone Number.
  • Users can schedule the ride when needed.
  • Users can pay for the ride with multiple payment gateways.
  • Users can track the driver’s location after the booking of the ride and can chat or call the driver to inform the location details accurately.
  • The user can provide ratings and reviews to the driver and provide feedback to improve the services better.

Benefits Of Driver App

  • The Drivers can log in or register using a mobile number for the verification process.
  • The users will book the ride where the drivers will accept the ride.
  • The drivers can easily reach the user’s location with the help of tracking. This will help the driver to be on time.
  • The driver should receive the OTP from the user to begin the ride.
  • The driver can provide ratings and reviews to the user of their discipline during the ride.

The consumers are ready to avail the electric vehicle services. Businessmen can start an online taxi riding services app with electric vehicles and earn more to improve the sales graph.

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