The taxi business is going really well all over the world. Many taxi companies are coming out with the same businesses. A new idea can be developed by creating a femine taxi app with our Uber clone app. Entrepreneurs must come up with ideas with perfect niche business plans. Recently, many applications are focussed on the Covid features and women safety-related features.

To focus the audience by providing the best and new features many startups are started. This can be the idea of safe women based taxi apps that can even generate revenue for them.

Uber Clone

What Does This App Do?

Apps like Uber, Lyft, and Careem have a safety security feature for women to enjoy their ride. This business app will focus only on women to have their ride securely.

Key Features To This App?

  • Women can be of any age to have a ride with it.
  • Manual Booking
  • Multi-Vehicle Option
  • Payment Gateway
  • Estimated Fare Estimation
  • Ride Sharing
  • Live Tracking
  • Female Drivers
  • Schedule Ride

And more importantly, I’d Verification based on the customization requirements.

Why This Service Needed?

This service is needed because nowadays many women are working and the travel time from work to home with public transportation is difficult. This idea will solve the problem of women getting taxis based on their needs. Women will go to the places even at night time with this femine based taxi app.

How Do These Services Will Be Safety For Women

These services will be safe for all women because of the providing features that ensure security.

  1. Id Verification
  2. SOS
  3. Female Drivers

First, the profile creation in the app should be verified properly by the admin by checking all the details. The SOS option is given to the riders to share their location and the ride details to the 5 selected contacts included in their profile. Lastly, drivers should be only female. No male drivers will be allowed registering as a driver.

How To Make App Popular

Show the women how good the taxi riding app with the safety features. Women should share their experiences with their friends and colleagues about the ride and safety. Female drivers should wear safety gloves and masks while riding to be precautionary.

Start the Femine Based Taxi App

To start a taxi app it will take more time so the solution here is to start from the clone script provider company. Get the script with your customization needs and develop the app with reliable and experienced women drivers with the best user experience applications.

These types of business solutions are the new way of doing business in a different way. Using the app, females will be more comfortable to have the ride. Look for a reputed On-demand taxi app development company that has experience.

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