Just buying an Instacart clone app does not make you an entrepreneur. You have to understand the market and it’s problems. This is a big battle to come along with. Furthermore it is important to clearly understand your earnings and act accordingly.

What does the instacart clone script do for you?

Using the script users can receive selected grocery items to their doorsteps with just a click. This script is a quick and easy way to ensure that you can provide your customers with whatever they want instantly.


Showing you app is best grocery delivery script

Maybe your script is the best in the market, but how will you verify that your script performs well against your competition?

That is packaging. Store sends the goods to users and the driver delivers it. But the user may receive the goods in final form in a packed manner.

If users receive the goods as damaged or package wet they won’t like it and hesitate to receive the goods. Users may assume that  damaged packed goods may also not be in good form. Users receive the goods in a well packed manner and they are satisfied with the service offered by the script. 

  • Classify

Users usually do not make an order for a single grocery item. They place an order for a group of groceries or more than one item. Store-keeper has the responsibility to classify the goods according to the category item and pack them independently and send it to the users.

  • Analyze

Nature of goods also to be considered when packing them. Raw foods, fruits or vegetables can’t be kept together with the detergents. Understand the classification of goods then pack independently.

  • Priority order in packing

If lighter items are first packed in the bag then it might break and ruin the package.  Items like egg, tomato or something like it, that may crack or crush and spoil other good items also. First of all, pack the bulky items followed by the lighter one.


Just having a script is not enough, we have already done that for you. Your role is to market your app, organize the flow, solve the queries and deliveries easily. If you are strong in coding and want to develop an app like instacart, build your own using different templates available on the internet. This way is possible only when you have a lot of time, human resources and money for development. Alternative way to develop an app is buying a clone script at an affordable price.

Trioangle Technologies is one among them offering you an On demand Grocery delivery script is fully integrated with high-end technologies and flawless features. Providing you an 24*7 customer support. Instacart clone script available in desktop and mobile. Having four panels for users, store, driver and admin. Users can schedule the order for delivery to the particular time.

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