In this tech-backing world, everybody needs a solution to achieve tasks with ease. They need an app to complete every task with their fingertips. For home improvement services, it’s needless to say that people need professionals to deal with that professionally.   

For example, you can replace the broken faucet yourself. Can you replace a pipe in the water tank that is broken? It seems herculean task nah? But you can do it with ease if you have contact with a plumbing professional, isn’t it? 

But it’s not a simple task to find handyman professionals nearby. It needs some time and effort from you to find the perfect handyman. 

Today the scenario is in contrast with what I said. Companies started to digitize their services, especially Handyman services. With the Handyman Software, they connect millions of people and professionals online. This helps people even if they relocated and need alteration for their rooms. 

The on-demand handyman app helps entrepreneurs earn handsome revenue. At the same time, they can service people just by sitting at home. If you’re looking for developing a handyman app for your business, it’s the right blog for you. Read ahead to understand more about the handyman services application. 

Popular on-demand handyman applications

  • Handyman app
  • Taskrabbit-Handyman & more
  • Urban Company
  • Helpr 
  • Jobber 
  • Homee 
  • Contractor+

Above are some best servicing handyman applications in today’s world. If you’re planning to top high in the ranking, it’s unattainable instantly. But you can provide services that people never experienced before. By doing so, you can improve your revenue-making and ranking eventually.  

Services that can be digitized 

Computer repairs:-

In this computerized world, finding computer technicians in the field is difficult. Either hardware or software repair. It’s hard to find technicians as soon as repair occurs. It is an on-demand service too in today’s lifestyle. You can wholeheartedly digitize this service in your handyman app development project.    


As homes are becoming old, people need flooring services at any moment. Normally, the repair happens on the floor at any time. But hiring flooring professionals is not like a cakewalk. Though the demand for this service prevails for a long decade, professional counts are not satisfying the demand.   


Plumbing is one of the on-demand services people need for their homes. Faucet repair, tank cleaning, faucet cleaning, and works related to plumbing are in demand in the handyman services industry. Never let loose this service if you develop an all-in-one handyman services app for Handyman Business. This on-demand service may be enough to fill up your treasury. 

Electrical works:-

According to a survey, electrical work costs 5% of the whole budget of construction. House owners need a handyman at least once per month. The demand for electricians will always rise in the future. AC repairs, loose connections, wiring works, inside and outside linemen, etc., cannot be ordinarily done by people. They need a handyman to deal with the electrical work professionally.   

Cleaning works:-

Cleaning works are common for properties. Either be it a house or a vehicle. Cleaning is necessary to polish things like a new one. Services like residential cleaning, commercial property cleaning, sanitization and disinfection, and pressure washing are common for property owners. Though it seems normal job, professionals are highly regarded by people for this service.


According to a report, laundry service is in demand. The forecast says that the services will grow by 221.05 bn USD in 2030 where as it tallies around 23.56 bn USD in 2022. CAGR will rise to 30.5% between 2022-2030. By opening service 24×7, you can grab the attention of people in need of laundry. And it saves plenty of time for people who are gummy with work life.   

Window repairs:-

Window repairs include changing broken window glasses, painting windows new, smoothening frames, changing window frames, and changing the whole window for new installation. Window works can be done by people themselves unless it’s an uncustomary window frame. It’s better to reach out to a professional in fixing critical windows.  

These are some of the on-demand handyman services people need regularly. You can focus on any niche or include all of these services with your handyman development. It’s up to you to choose the best services that provide you with better ROI. Some features need to be added to your app. Let’s dig them out!

Exclusive features of the Handyman app  

Choose to sign up:-

People nowadays want to skip the sign-up page to directly access the content of the app. But you can’t let people enter the app without entering details. So that, you can allow them to enter the app just by linking their social media accounts. This helps them to create an account with a single click. At the same time, you will know about them via their social media. 

AI search assistant:-

People exactly don’t know the term to search for a suitable handyman. Integrating AI with your app helps people in search of a handyman. For example, people who don’t know the term ‘electrician’ get it just by entering ‘electrical work’ in the search bar. This AI will surely improve the business to the next level. 

Panic Option:-

Anytime anything can happen in this fast-paced world. This panic button helps users to contact the handyman anytime they require. If users contact a handyman reasonably, the app will charge them a normal fee. If it’s a prank, or unreasonable, the app will charge extra from the user. 

Advanced service booking:-

Users can book professionals on their own time. They can fix an appointment with a professional for service when they feel comfortable. Also, this allows them to get handyman services regardless of peak times at a fixed cost.  

View profile:-

Profile view enables users to select a handyman according to their work credits. They can view how other users made comments for particular handyman profiles. A handyman can also accept the request by viewing the user behavior via the profile view feature. 


From the blog, I hope, you understood the services that can be provided using the on-demand handyman app. Additionally, you know about the features that have to be added while doing the on-demand handyman app development for your Home Improvement Business. Make use of the points that you’ve learned in the blog to make alive the best handyman app for your users. 

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