Have you ever thought about starting a business in the live-streaming industry?

If not, here is the right time to hold your business plan in the big entertainment platform, which is sharing heavy revenue in the online space. 

Undoubtedly, live streaming plays a significant role in entertaining people. Starting a business in this media world wouldn’t make you lose, definitely it will earn you high as you do not think. 

But the only thing you need is to hold the right business tactics and set of strategies, to overcome all the competitive things. 

Let’s explore all about starting a Netflix-like app

Why Do Netflix Like Apps?

Netflix is the king player in the video streaming industry, which started its platform as a mail company in the year 1997. Netflix has a great subscription-based business model. Besides, the platform was run as a pay-per-rental, then converted to a monthly subscription payment model. Now, it has over 130 million paid subscribers in the U.S alone. 

So, definitely, opting for this model for your business will gain you more revenue. 

Let’s see the statistics of Netflix users and revenue of subscription-based model live streaming apps. 

Netflix generated about $25.9 billion in revenue in 2021 which is an increase of over 23% per year. In the part of North America alone it has shared a large market of about $12.97 billion. 

And also hold an operating profit of over $ 6 billion in 2021, which is an increase of 85% year over year. Noting all, Netflix has reported higher revenue for each quarter. 

Considering the other business model, like ad-based, there will be more users, but it would take a long time to earn higher revenue. 

Only with the unique intriguing content of videos like movies, web series, live cricket shows, award-winning functions, and more, you are able to earn higher revenue as you expect in a short duration. 

Hence, without any queries, you could pick this Netflix-like OTT app for your new startup in the streaming platform. 

How Netflix Ranked As A Unicorn In The Media World?

Netflix is an international video streaming app that was just raised within the span of 7 years, it has established over 190 countries in the world. 

Reasons for Netflix’s Success:

The significant intuition of Netflix’s success is its original content. In the year 2018, it released over 1500 hours of movies and TV series with hyping content. It creates the equivalence between TV programs and series. 

It has started showing a variety of shows in various foreign languages, which has attracted many users and made them subscribers all over the world. Netflix’s major target is to reach all the English audiences in the world and expand its reach to other popular languages like Spanish, French, and Portuguese. 

And their targeted audiences are certainly all, not only millennials, Gen Z. It hosted the programs for all age groups and made them dynamic ways. And it does not show any commercials in the video streaming, any people who have an internet connection with the subscription have the capability to watch their shows. 

However, another significant reason for its success is, Netflix has fixed a reasonable price for its content. Now, Netflix holds its subscription on the rental manner too. Where its user can rent a video or movie in an affordable manner and is able to see only for a certain period of time, without owning fully this technique will seize more users to see at a cheap cost. 

This success has only been achieved through their unique business strategies and in the marketing method. Once Netflix has bought content from a third-production house, they will start innovative promotions in dynamic methods. 

Let’s note all the strategies of Netflix and incorporate your new plans with it to make an intelligent live-streaming platform

What Are The Important Features To Consider While Building An App Like Netflix?

To become a strong player in the industry, you should integrate your app with the followings,

Customer Experience

Only the customer experience will give you the potential customer base. So, providing grabbing content to the audience is the most important one.