Hey guys, have you ever thought about why most people prefer to use online video streaming apps such as YouTube, Hotstar and much more? Moreover, online video consumption has risen at the time of covid lockdown. And this made the online video streaming app companies make huge billions of revenue from it.

Are you excited to know why this online video streaming application has become popular among common people? 

If you are interested to know how you can start an online video streaming business from zero to hero, then this blog is yours.

The online video streaming app has a huge variety of high-quality video collections to feed people’s needs starting from education, business ideas and entertainment and the list goes beyond. All of these things keep the visitors sticky to the online video streaming application for long hours.

When we talk about online video streaming apps in general, suddenly one app must come to your mind. If you are still thinking about it, then I am talking about Youtube Clone. The reason is that everyone likes to watch videos on Youtube.

Youtube Clone is a video-sharing platform where users can upload their videos and showcase the videos to visitors of online video streaming software. Through this platform, video creators can gain subscribers from all ranges of age by replacing traditional television culture.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can get benefits while starting an online video streaming service and some of the advanced features and functionalities to be known for growing your online video streaming application.

Benefits of Online Video Streaming App:

Easy Access To Video Platform:

The online video streaming application comes with a simple user interface so that both service providers and users can easily access the online video streaming app during the registration process. Along with this, users can sign up or log in using social media platforms to avoid unnecessary information filling the application.

Also, this online video streaming application has options to easily customize the service provider section they need and profile pictures.

Reaching Targeted Search Results:

As this video streaming app comes with a powerful search option so that the users can search the high-quality video based on the preferences they need to view from your application. Also, this online platform suggests the user’s base video on the previous history. 

The main reason for providing such features is to engage the users to your online platforms for long hours, so showcasing the recommended videos to users is most important to your online streaming business.

Users Can Report Videos:

Users can report harmful videos that are posted in your online video streaming application. Also, users can get engaged with their interesting videos by like, dislike and comment options. All these things can help the video creators to know the response from the audience. Based on the response, they can improve their content in future.

If the admin finds any harmful content that is published in your application, then they can make a quick decision by deleting the videos or blocking the video creator account from the admin panel. All of these things can help the admin to maintain high-quality content in your application.

Access on All Devices:

Once you get started with your online video streaming application, you would get a wide range of visitors across different countries. So this online platform has been really helpful to you by accessing your platforms from all devices such as desktops, mobile phones and tablets etc.

Moreover, the features and functionality of online platforms must be fast and smooth to use which helps your visitors to use this application without any constraints.

Comes With Safety and Security:

This online video streaming application comes up with maximum security measures that help both service providers and users from any security breaches. Moreover, the personal details of users and service providers cannot be shared with any third-party platforms.

Staying With New Trends:

Staying up with new trends will help the online streaming video app companies to retain their customers for the long run. Moreover, this video streaming application will never miss out on the new features and provides services based on the user’s expectations. 

For now, the new trendy features such as recommendation videos, powerful search options and easily accessible platforms are available in this application.

Features That Grow Your Online Video Streaming App:

Social Media Login:

Both video creators and users can log in to your application using email, phone number and social media accounts. When the users use social media to log in, then the data gets auto-synced and users don’t need to wait for the registration process to get into the application.


The watchlist option allows the users to save their favourite content in the wishlist section. By this users can explore their saved content without searching the video starting from scratch.

Video Live Stream:

The live video streaming option allows the video creators to stream their videos lively and interact with their followers. Live streaming videos and sharing the screens with their users can help the video creators to get live chat money and likes if the viewers like to view the video.

Video Management:

In the admin panel, the admin can remove or disable the video content from the online application. Also, the admin can delete the harmful videos that are posted in the online video streaming application.


In this blog, we have discussed these six benefits of an online video streaming service and some of the advanced features and functionalities to be known for growing your online video streaming application.

Business owners who are willing to start their online video streaming services can go through this blog, and purchase a Youtube Clone that provides the visitors with all the essential and advanced features mentioned in the blog.