In recent days, starting from learning to business, everything has shifted from traditional ways to online mode. Have you ever wondered why this sudden change? It’s all because of the post-pandemic and made the common people realize the power of online media platforms. How great is it?

Meanwhile, the online learning platform has made everything easier for both learners and instructors to learn and create all courses from one e-learning platform. Moreover, students don’t need to struggle while taking multiple courses at a different place and this may increase their travel expenses and more stuff etc.

Instead of trying this traditional way of learning, learners can get a wide range of digital courses with any form of content within a few hours of access and this makes a huge success in the e-learning marketplace.

Launching your own e-learning platform is a great way for any instructor to become familiar with online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera and Skillshare etc. Whereas the Udemy Clone is the modernized e-learning platform that allows the professional to launch e-learning marketplaces with all essential features.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the tips to get more engagement with your online learning platform by having a glance at enlarging your online learning platform with the powerful panels, 7 tips to get more learners engagement and some enriched features of the online learning platform.

E-Learning Platform With a Powerful Panel:

Admin Panel:

Here the admin can see the list of instructors and their courses registered in the online learning platform. Students can pre-book their interested course with appropriate instructors at their fixed time. Also, the admin can review the course before uploading the required documents and videos to the learning platform.

This admin can maintain high-quality courses in their e-learning marketplace and also they can add or remove the students or instructors from the online learning platform.

Tutor Panel:

In the tutor panel, the instructors can interact with appropriate students through text, videos, audio and much more. All these things help the students to clear their doubts quickly without any disturbances.

Moreover, the instructors can view how many students are registered for their course with the date and time. Also, they can see the progress made by each student in particular sections. Through all of the features, instructors can get in touch with students to solve their doubts and helps them to improve their skills at the next level.

Student Panel:

In the student panel, the learners can browse their favorite courses they need and also search the course based on ratings and reviews of courses and tutors. Here, the students can download their courses and can view them offline. 

Students can register for the new courses and also they can give ratings and reviews for their courses based on the tutor’s knowledge level they performed inside the course.

7 Tips To Get More Learner Engagement:

User-Friendly Login:

This online learning platform allows both students and instructors to log in or sign up for courses with multiple accounts using phone numbers, email and social media accounts etc. All of these make them log in easily without any disturbances.

Instead of trying manual methods like filling in the information for application registration, you can use the social login method to log in and this will save you time by syncing social media data already. 

Hi-Tech Payment Interface:

Here, learners can pay for their registered course digitally by using multiple payment methods based on their preferences. The multiple payment methods include credit, debit cards, PayPal and even physical cash transactions. Providing easy payment options can help the retention of learners rapidly.

Menu Management:

Here the admin can promote the top-rated courses among the students and this helps them to increase the course registration using this online learning application. Also, the admin can send the alert to both learners and instructors by email if needed. These settings can be customized based on the need and different country’s zone.

Secure Platform:

Keep your online learning platform safe and secure from any malware attacks while your tutors and learners use your application. Don’t share the personal information of students with others and this can help the learners to prevent any security breaches.

Digitized Learning:

Come up with a digitalised learning system to provide high-quality education to the students using audio and video learning along with regular study materials. By using this, learners can improve their skills and even normal people can perform better in their course.

Offers Course Certificate:

You can offer the online course certificate to the learners once they finish the registered courses from your online learning platform. The online course certificate can be given to the students at the end of the online course after passing the tests. 

Transaction Monitoring:

Here admin can manage the transaction history that happens in the online learning platform and has the access to take some commission fees for the services provided to the learners from the application. By this, the admin can monitor the revenue made by the commission.

Enriched Features of the Online Learning Platform:

Hi-Tech Features:

If you need to retain your customers with an online learning platform, then you need to come up with advanced features like social media integration, high media storage and course history etc. All of these advanced features make the customers sticky with your application for the long term.

Social Media Sharing:

The social media sharing option allows both learners and tutors to share their interesting courses through multiple social media platforms. And this helps you to get new learners for your eLearning marketplace. Meanwhile, you can advertise your online learning application on social media free of cost.

Wrap Up:

In this blog, we discussed some of the tips to get more engagement with your online learning platform by having a glance at enlarging your online learning platform with the powerful panels, 7 tips to get more learners engagement and some enriched features of the online learning platform.

Business owners who want to enlarge their e-learning applications can explore this blog and hire an experienced app development company that provides all the advanced features mentioned in the blog.