The distance between the service providers and customers is shrinking.  Today’s webbed world brings changes like that never experienced before.   

At the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, apps offered every facility to people struggling in getting daily necessities. 

From getting veggies to buying masks for precaution, people started to get them from online stores using mobile apps. 

One of the services is e-learning from which people gained knowledge and learned many skills when they were put up inside their homes. 

Learners adopted this as a perfect alternative for classroom education. 

They started to change their home as an educational institution. And getting an education regardless of their location became normal because of these e-learning apps.

Let’s get into the blog to know more about the popularity of online educational apps.

These Are The Whys’ People Opt Udemy-Like Edu Apps  

Though there are many apps available in markets, people love and hate them for their interests. 

They like it if the app is more simple and more effective. They hate it if the app is more complicated and not so progressive. 

The success of the app lies in its productivity. Let’s see how the e-learning app is simple and productive for its users. 

Speedy Sign Up 

With this impeccable sign-up option, users can sign up for their profile easily using their fingertips. Relying totally on simplicity, users can quickly make up their profile by providing minimal required details. 

They can skip if they feel the fill-up is unnecessary. 

Plus they can sign up for their profile creation using their existing social accounts. So they can get started learning within a few seconds.

Explore Trending Courses

Once they sign up for their profile, learners can see the trending courses that the eLearning app offers. 

They can choose their preferred courses according to the trends of the world. 

Another benefit of this feature is, they can choose the course wisely before they purchase. They can occupy themselves with courses people go behind to upskill them. 

They can’t select the courses like this in traditional learning institutions. 

Find Classes   

Learners who want to continue the classes that they got in a traditional classroom, can undertake the courses by finding them in the app. 

By entering the course name in the search box, learners find numerous classes and tutors in an eLearning app like Udemy.

Plus learners can find their interested tutors in the app by entering their names in the search box. 

If the searched tutor is using the app, they will be visible to the learners. So learners can continue their learning progress under their preferred tutors. 

Use And Write Reviews

Learners can make sure before they purchase their course in the app. With the help of ratings and review options, they can ensure the quality of the course. 

They can review and rate courses to their fulfillment. This helps them to enrich upcoming learners to make their choices wisely. This paves way for more useful and suggestible learning.

Purchase Courses 

Once the learners find more positive reviews, they can purchase courses to upskill themselves. This Udemy eLearning app allows learners to purchase multiple courses at a single time. 

Learners can learn multiple courses in a day. And they can upskill themselves with the courses dynamically.  

All courses that come under this eLearning app are affordable and more convenient for enthusiastic learners. 

Payment For Purchase

With the digitalized payment system, learners can pay for the courses with payment cards and online payment systems. 

So learners can obtain courses by staying at their home. This helps them to learn courses without worrying about getting infected by Coronavirus. 

No social distancing and masks are needed to learn courses using the app. 

Become Tutor Is Easy

The competition in educational institutions for tutors is high today. Unlike that, any learned, upskilled learners can register themselves as a tutor in the Udemy eLearning app with valid certificates and ID proofs. 

The competition here is also high in the eLearning platform. But space for the tutor is large here. 

They will get paid corresponding to the learners under their guidance. Also, they will get badges for their incredible performance in the tutoring platform.

 Additionally, they will get more learners base after they got the badge for owning recognizable tutoring qualities.   

Live Video Classes

The Udemy eLearning app allows tutors to take classes through live video classes. They can interact directly with learners in this mode of learning. 

Learners can shoot doubts to the tutors. They can rid of the doubts instantly once the tutor gives permission to learners to raise doubts.

Finally, the classroom experience will prevail for both learners and tutors in this digitized learning.

Share Knowledge With Materials

PDFs are the greatest helper for this eLearning mode. Tutors can share their knowledge with learners by sharing pdfs they created. 

Either typed documents or inscribed formulas, pdf supports those mediums to provide an enhanced user interface.

Additionally, tutors can send their written materials in the app by snapping them with their mobile camera. The in-built camera option allows tutors to take photos of their written materials to share them without hindrance. 

This helps learners to understand the concept in-depth. And they can make note of every class without missing them. The cloud documenting feature allows tutors and learners to make use of the shared document anytime, anywhere. 

Video Clarity Enhancement

The Udemy online learning app allows learners to adjust the video clarity to their comfort. The high-quality video allows learners to view the video with full-fledged clarity. They can clearly spot the dust sticking at the corner of the tutors’ class board when the clarity is set to HQ.

If the learner is running out of internet credit or needs only audio from the tutor, they can reduce the video quality up to 240p. 

They can put quality to auto adjustment option. This helps learners to save data credit by getting video clarity corresponding to the network strength.

Video Download 

Learners can download videos they like using this video download option. The downloaded videos will be saved in the cloud. 

So they can watch videos they downloaded without internet assistance. 

Also, their mobile storage will not bulge with the videos that are downloaded in the cloud storage alone.  

Reputable: Institutions And Certificates 

People who are fearing duped courses and certifications present in online education, do not need to worry. 

The Udemy eLearning app allows only approved and reputed institutions to run their educational services.   

Learners can get their courses by verifying the institutions’ portfolio that is being furnished in the app. Also, they get certificates one after one by completing the courses they undertake. 

The institution’s stamp and its directors’ signatures will be imbibed in the certificate. So learners can undertake their learning without a second thought.


The above we have seen helped learners much at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. They got access to education when every sector of basic life necessities are getting shuttered. 

Many got an education at an affordable cost and they get access to it by living at their respective home. 

The status of joblessness will no longer be encountered in spite of the introduction of eLearning applications like Udemy.  

Develop an app like the biggest competitor Udemy to cover learners who are eager to learn new things and skills in your region and worldwide.