When Smart Entrepreneurs invest in an online multi services startup using Gojek Clone App, they are destined to be Fabulously Rich because they earn Commission on every Service Booked or Order Placed Online through the App. 

Users will Book Taxi Rides, get Food and Groceries Delivered right to their Doorstep, and even schedule an Appointment with a Doctor, Personal Academic Tutors, Yoga Instructors & Fitness Coaches, and even Lawyers! 

In the best Gojek Clone Script any user can also avail Services of a Car-Wash, and hire Handyman Services such as Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, and Home Cleaners. Sending Parcels to Single or Multiple Destinations is also integrated. 

Gojek Clone Script – User Apps

  • iOS App for User
  • Android App for User
  • Web Panel for User
  • iOS Kiosk App for Taxi Booking
  • Android Kiosk App for Taxi Booking
  • iWatch App for Taxi Booking

Gojek Clone App – Driver/Service Provider 

  • iOS App for Driver/Service Provider
  • Android App for Driver/Service Provider
  • Web Panel for Driver/Service Provider

App Like Gojek – Store

  • iOS App for Store
  • Android App for Store
  • Web Panel for Store
  • Android Kiosk App for Food Ordering

Gojek Like App – Website & Admin Panel

  • Main Website
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Billing-Accounts Panel
  • Administrator Panel (Administrator Web Panel to manage all Apps & Web Systems, Services, Categories, Payments, Rates, Users, Drivers, Service Providers, Stores, Reports, Revenue, Profits, Settings, etc)

Gojek Clone – Supporting Panels

  • Corporate Organization Panel
  • Hotel-Tourist Taxi Booking Panel
  • Service Provider Company Owner Panel
  • User Web-Based Panel for Taxi Booking, laundry services, Parcel, Food & Grocery Delivery.


The significance of using online platforms to avail of services has grown predominantly after the pandemic. The kind of convenience that a multi-service using gojek clone script offers its users has made all the difference in the on-demand service business in Countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the USA. 

While enabling app owners to generate revenue, this app has single-handedly ensured that local service providers and businesses too can earn their income by using the potential of the online platform.

Today, the Gojek clone app development has truly become the King of the industry by offering more than 82 different kinds of services within a single app. All the users need to do is download one app and sign up once to be able to access any of the services. From on-demand transportation to product purchase and delivery, hiring service providers, or availing services like a car wash, this Gojek App Clone Script has got it all.

Taxi Rental & Car Pool

Lets user Book Taxi Rides with Pool & Rental Options.
In the top Gojek App Clone Taxis can also be booked by Users through iOS Apps, Android Apps, Websites, and iWatch.

Book Services like Tutor, Technician, Car Wash, etc

Anyone can book different On-Demand Services across the world like Beautician On Demand, Tow Truck, Massage Therapist, Babysitter, Car Washer, etc.

Deliver Anything, Anywhere – X to Y

Users get their parcels delivered from one to another & multiple locations.

Food, Grocery, Pharmacy Delivery, etc

Let users Order Food, groceries, Pharmacy, Wine, etc from Stores & Restaurants in their nearby areas.

Hire Personal Shopper

Delivery Genie – Users can Book any item purchased from a nearby Store / Shop / Mall as per their order/instructions and get it delivered to their doorsteps.

Delivery Runner – They can receive anything / any item/stuff picked up / dropped or delivered as they want in your nearby areas.

In Other Words

Want Multi-Million Dollar Returns on the lowest Investments? If your answer is yes!

Then the Best Multi Services App is for you.

The world’s most inclusive and holistic on-demand high revenue-generating multi-service app, the New version of the Gojek Clone is now here to help you grow your business from just an idea to a flourishing empire. Our team can launch your very own Multiservices app within 5 days with white labeling. All languages and currencies of your choice in the app along with the preferred Payment Gateways make sure your users can experience the ease of access for over 82 different services in the app.

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