Did you ever imagine that you can build an app like YouTube in your life? If so, it is possible to do that in reality. You can develop a YouTube clone app called Watchit which Trioangle Technologies has in its hand ready to sell. 

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I think providing the offers does not make you confident in developing the app. Let me disclose to you some benefits the app provides for its users as well as you. Hook them out in this blog without wasting a single moment.

Towering Userbase Is Easy

According to a study, 85% of people prefer video streaming apps to clarify their doubts. Videos are widely considered a powerful instrument to transfer pieces of information. Users feel more comfortable with videos in the YouTube clone app than with other educational mediums. And YouTube-like apps are free for any content to publish. 

Fusing those edges, the video streaming apps evolve as a perfect video business module. It can attract users with its video streaming ability. Plus the content it provides is in varieties of genres. So doubting in developing a user base is needless here. The app has the ability to generate an ocean-like user base within several periods of its launch. 

When it can generate tons of user base, it can generate tons of revenue also. 

Streaming Via Mobile

Streaming using mobile is possible in the YouTube clone app. Content creators can stream their videos from anywhere. Things they need to stream are mobile with good internet connectivity. With this, they can stream anything they like.

This ensures to expose their interests on the spot. And they can make revenue by sharing it with millions of users out in the app. By increasing the subscriber count they earn bulk income for bringing users to the app. 

When the user count increases, the revenue of the app owners will also increase. The app works for both the content creator and the app owner in earning income.

Selling Contents

Selling content is nothing but monetizing the content that is posted in the YouTube clone app. When the content creator posts content, the app segregates monetization plans for them. They can choose pay-per-view, ad monetization, or monthly subscriptions as per wish. 

The content creators play a client’s role in fetching users to the app. For that, they create videos to attract them. By attracting more users, the app base will expand to the next phase. The creators get income for that job. And the app owner earns big for exposing users to subscription plans.

Users, who don’t want to purchase packs can access the content after watching an ad or ads. This ensures pay less app experience for the users. For an adless experience, they have to pay for that. For paid content, users cannot view it without paying for it.

Big Screen In Full Screen

By enlarging the minute restriction of videos, you can allow content creators to post movies on your YouTube clone app. Nowadays mobile phones can run movies with the same theatrical effects. 

So taking movies into smartphones is the smart way of telecasting movies. That’s what OTT platforms are doing now!

There are chances of closure of theaters in the future. Because this generation of people wants to get enjoyment anytime, anywhere. So it is advisable to develop a video streaming script to give a new dimension to viewing movies.

2Hours In 2Minutes

Learning for hours is the exact opposite of digitized learning. In the digital world, larger becomes shorter in smarter ways.

Carrying loads of books and notes is not needed in this app world. A lean silicon chip can render millions of information in just a sec.  And 2 hours of learning could be finished within two minutes with the assistance of videos available in the YouTube clone app. 

Users who are eager to learn new things can use this app. They can learn more things in a short time via videos. And the process of remembering is effective with the visuals and the graphical elements the video streaming app assures.

Pawn For Marketing

For marketers, the YouTube clone app is a blessing for their business. With the help of content creators, they can post their ads on their content by paying them. If you’re an admin, please relax. They cannot post ads without paying you. Also, you can reject ads if it does not suit your interest.

The best way of marketing is here for marketers. They have to choose the content creator according to their business model. If the creator suits them, they can ask them to post the ads on their video for a specific amount. Once the dealing between them is favored, both marketers and creators can earn better.

Because the marketers can promote their business with the audience base of the creator. Also, the creator earns profit for that by sharing the margin of the profit with the admin i.e. you.

Podium For New Launches 

Product launches and updates are happening in a smart way. Booking arenas, positioning lighting, and speakers are flipping into new dimensions. With a smartphone or computer, an organization can unwrap the new launches of its products.

Through digital launches, the investment for promotional activity is broadly conserved. Plus any number of audiences can join the event with their smartphones. It is easy for promotional activities with a big audience capacity.

Importantly, if an organization wants paid viewers, it can sell the tickets through the app. With that, they can permit an audience who is more willing to watch the product launch. Also, they can convert the profits earned in selling into margins for the admin.

They can also showcase the launching products for free in the YouTube clone app. This way of streaming helps them to get more promotional reach. And they can achieve the expected lead from the stream.

Blog Ending

The benefits here are just a sample. You can add the benefits that you want by developing a video streaming app like Youtube. I’m saying this because the app is an on-demand script in the developers’ market. And it’s now available with exciting offers at Trioangle marketplace.

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