Live streaming is a rapidly increasing medium today. Every day, this type of media grows in popularity and takes more places in the viewer’s attention. According to this growth, the live-streaming market will reach 223.98 billion by 2028 in the future. 

This growth raises investments that are coming into the industry. Streaming services turn to the next stage after the arrival of streaming applications. The Youtube clone industry is getting big attention. 

Getting Attention in Video Streaming Industry: Factors to Know

Channel Dashboard:

It is detail related to the trending videos and shows. So, the channel owner will know the trends and upload trending content on the channel. The main aim of video creators is to get more viewership for the uploaded videos. This dashboard is an opt option to know the viewers’ status easily. 

Channel Analytics:

Statistics connected to the channel are part of this element. The knowledge related to analytics comprises the following:

  • The moderate number of views per video

  • Total channel views and subscribers list

  • Total channel watch time (in hours)

  • Demographic details about your audience

Featured video:

Channel designers can add featured videos for specific audiences like new subscribers and living subscribers. For instance, there could be a channel introductory video for new subscribers and this video will appear as information for them.

Sharing Option:

Individuals can convey their favorite range on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and WhatsApp.  They can also choose the point of video time to transfer it.


The channel creators can schedule polls at specific intervals by using the cards. Based on their viewers. They can create more content in these areas. It can also act as an opinion poll to understand people’s mindsets on the topic discussed.

Launch Your Own in Single Platform: Steps Listed

Creating the application on both iOS and Android platforms may make the development process more complicated and money-consuming. Not to mention the problem of understanding the app.

Building Frontend And Backend Of The App:

The front end is the most important aspect of the app’s success. Since it is the app’s primary aspect, it should be clear, simple, attractive, and user-friendly. The mobile app can be developed as a born, web, or hybrid.

The backend is the phase where developers start to create the app. Most of the app development takes place on the stage. Some significant backend aspects are storing or retrieving data, API generation, and business rules declaration.

Feedback Of The Users Or Friends:

To build your application based on the customer’s satisfaction. You can get feedback from various people. potential user’s question will make more understanding about what the users are expecting. This is like a cycle process. Through this process, you can easily understand what they want.

By analyzing feedback, you know the needs and experiences of the viewers. Make the changes with respect to the feedback generated by users. Feedback by participating in some events or conferences. post something regarding your application on social platforms.

Feedback collection will make your platform successful in the live streaming industry.

Promotion Of The Application:

After creating the application, launch it on the play store. Let everyone want to know about the app. promotion after the launch of the app is a must. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, and quora to write blogs and answers regarding your app. Make a video presentation.

Must have features:

If you wish your video streaming app to be prominent and familiar, then your app must have many features listed as follows:

Advanced Search Option:

This feature allows users to search videos by name. The viewers who access your platform also search the video by applying some filter options to get a result accurately. You will get more than 100 results in the single search option.

Videos Uploading :

The addition of videos in the live streaming application is performed thoroughly. The user can upload multiple videos to the platform.

Playlist option :

This personalization playlist option may give the user more entertainment options. And you can also save favorite videos and watch them on their preferred orders. Users can create many playlists.

Multi-Channel Management:

With this option, the user is allowed to have the aspects of the backend option to upload more content from one or more channels. And you can easily create multiple channels and manage their channels. The users can upload their videos on their channels.

Tricks That Make You Dominant Player in Streaming Industry:

Safety And Security:

The online video streaming portal should assure the highest level of protection for both providers and users. Both of them never disclose their details to any of the third parties. The user never likes their search history to share with any of the third-party websites.

Easy To Access:

Access on all smart devices is easy and hence this makes you a hitter in the streaming market. The development team of reputed companies analyses the performance and functionality of the app to assure smooth and better speed.

Earn Money:

Live streaming platforms can earn large amounts of money in different ways. You can introduce special subscription plans for ads, third-party advertisements, targeted advertisements, and more. Offers will come in search of you once your app begins to invite a lot of people from other parts of the nation.

You can engage in partnership with several companies and you will be paid for each and every product and service that are sold through your online platform and app.

App Development is Not a Heavy Task:

Application has become more necessary than a website to run an online video streaming business since the percentage of people liking smartphones. Developing of live streaming application is not a heavy task nowadays.

Wrapping up,

Live streaming is a joy and efficacious method to interact with your audience. It also helps you to contact a wide range of audiences and complete a more serious association with them without breaking. 

Many modifications ensure in the live streaming industry, to be a part of these, it is essential to know the essential ways listed in this blog. Hope this will trigger your startup visions in a new order.