Udemy is one of the leading learning software where the students are learning new skills and achieving their goals. It was launched in 2010. 

As of now, Udmey has more than 50 million students, 150000 courses, and 42000 instructors.

Students have mainly used this application for learning some new technology for improving their knowledge, and their future. After the completion of the course, students can easily earn their certificate.

This success process of udemy will inspire a lot of entrepreneurs to launch their new learning apps like udemy to start their business.

Why is Udemy Clone so popular?

Udemy Clone App gives a convenient experience to the students, That you can easily create a course and manage. 

Udemy Clone App provides accessible courses to businesses and provides the platform for instructing and hosting their own courses. Some of the best features are illustrated below. 

User Panel:

In Udemy Clone Script the user panel is used for the students to log in to their preferred courses, select subjects from the list, easily connect with tutors and solve their queries from the instructor.

Instructor Panel:

Using this interface, the instructors are able to manage courses, results, reviews, ratings, and also the student’s queries.

Admin Panel:

In the Admin panel. Admin can control the full activity of the Udemy clone app. Admin can manage the online course, enrollment, Lectures, students detail, tutor details, revenue system, and more.

Admin has the right to delete the courses, users, and also instructors’ profiles. The main role of the Admin is to inspect the positive activities and maintain the processing system of the Udemy Clone App.

Advanced Search Category:

 This helps the student to get a perfect search result from this feature. The separation of course is performed by course activity.

Dashboard Setting:

The dashboard option is mainly used for quick access on its own. The collection of all details is displayed on the dashboard. They have three separate dashboards that are placed for admin, Tutor, and students.

Profile Management:

Udemy Clone Script has a feature of profile management for the students and instructors. Using this feature, they can easily edit their profile based on their interest without any restrictions.

General settings:

Check-out card and wishlist is the general option for buying a course and saving the favorite based on the student’s learning interest.

Payment Gateway option:

The payment gateway option provides a secure and safe money transformation process to make users simply pay the online payment.

Multiple Language:

Udemy clone provides multiple language options to students and the instructor is able to select their desired language for their comfort. And, the clone script supports multiple language web applications.

Students and instructors can manually select their language with the support of the Udemy clone App.


Developing online learning software will help the student to acquire their knowledge and achieve their goals in the future.

Now is the time to develop your own online learning platform to set a new trend in the learning field.

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