The parcel delivery services have become one of the most important services in the world. The product that is ordered through an online platform is delivered directly to your doorstep. Each product was ordered using a separate application, so ordering various products was a bit difficult for the users.

This led to the development of a parcel delivery script that delivers various products through a single application. With a few taps on the mobile, the delivery will be given to the customers at their doorsteps. 

Trioangle Technologies will be a good choice for entrepreneurs who are willing to start a new online business. In this blog, we are going to discuss the tricks to engage more users in the parcel delivery script.

Factors That Attract More Users:

Manage Contents:

The service providers can manage their profile name, address, e-mail, and mobile number. The service providers can manage the orders, rates, promotions, etc. All this can be done by the respective panels of a parcel delivery program.

Manage Orders:

With the location of the customer, mode of payment, estimated delivery date, and delivery time the customers will receive their parcel. At the same time, the admin allocates the parcel to the parcel delivery partner according to their priority and schedules.

Order Placing and Checkout:

The users can place the products and after selecting the payment method, the product will start its delivery process. The users can search the products based on the place, quality, price, reviews, ratings, and product name so that it will provide comfort to the customers.

Payment Interface:

By providing multiple payment options like a credit card, debit card, net banking wallets, and cash on delivery the user will feel comfortable with their easy way of payment. The user can choose any payment method for getting their parcel delivered to their doorstep.

Personalized Notifications:

The user must be getting notifications once the order is placed. The user will get regular updates about the status of the parcel until it is delivered to them. The user will also get notified if the order is canceled at the last minute. The delivery partner should also receive notifications so that they can pick up the parcels and deliver them to the customer’s place.

Real-time Tracking:

The estimated time for the delivery partner to reach your home will be displayed to the users by the real-time tracking feature through notifications. Keeping the customers know the current status of the service provider will help build trust among the customers on the application.  Customers feel very satisfied while getting the services at the desired time.

Reviews and Rating:

The users can be able to view the reviews and ratings of the products that increase the customer’s trust in the application and loyalty towards the brand. To know the quality and service provided we have to allow customers to review your application. This helps the Entrepreneurs to improve the quality of the services and can examine the delivery partners who are having poor ratings.

Tricky Options To Engage More Users:

Focus On Customer Comfortability:

Customers like to search for the exact product without wasting time, the filter option enables the user to find the exact product without much effort. The filter option will help the users to take the right decision and speed up their order process.

Offer Quick Delivery:

Providing the customers with express delivery more than the competitors will increase the customer base. This will be helpful for the customers who order their products at the last minute. This will be highly useful for emergency parcel delivery services.

Support Multi-order Handling:

This option enables the delivery partners to deliver two or more orders to the users at the same time. This option allows the delivery partners to pick up the orders at the same time and deliver them to the customers at their doorstep if two or more customers placed orders at nearby places.

Improve Your Shipping process:

The in-app navigation option is useful for the service providers to reach the customer location quickly without any mess. The delivery partner can be able to deliver the items faster to the customer’s doorstep using this feature.

Provide Professional Service:

The service provided by the service provider determines the quality of the business so it is important to provide the users with professional service without skipping a single step in the process of delivery.

In a Nutshell,

By going through this blog, we came to know the tricks to engage more users to the parcel delivery script by discussing the factors and trendy options that help to engage more users. Trioangle provides entrepreneurs with the above-mentioned features and options to be unique in this competitive world. To know more, contact us by the below-given details.


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