In the digital world, technology has set up ways in establishing online businesses. In common, buyers search online about the product or service go to afford. Also, they can buy or sell the products using the online classified platforms. The Statista research reports show that the highest-earning classified ad site is the Letgo. Letgo is one of the trusted C2C online classified marketplace platforms, that allows users to buy or sell used products from/to the local users.

Online Classified business gets trending nowadays, many entrepreneurs show interest in developing an application like Letgo. Before developing a Letgo clone, one needs to understand the business model of letgo.

How Letgo Works?

The business model of the Letgo online classified platform is simple and easy to understand.

  • First of all, users have to register with the platform using their phone number or email id and registration is completely free.
  • The users can either be buyers or sellers, one can buy and sell the product on the platform easily.
  • If users want to sell their product – will post the desired product on the platform and wait for the buyer’s response.
  • Other users who have an interest in buying a similar product can buy the product easily. Also, they can like and share the buyer’s product listing.
  • Buyers search for the product and the app will display the available nearby seller’s product listing. They can negotiate the price with the seller and finalize it.

The Step-by-Step Procedure of Letgo Clone Script

This script follows the proper workflow functioning of the buy or sells platform. Letgo clone follows the protocol that will produce the exact result of the Letgo app.

  1. Listing – Registered users add the product listing to the platform along with the image and details description of it. Admin has to approve the listing to display on the platform
  2. Product Verification – The admin of the letgo clone app will validate the seller’s product listing by it follows all the rules & restrictions of the application to add the product for sale. Admin verifies the listing and can either approve or reject the product listing.
  3. Product listing – If the listing follows all the criteria and the product is good for sale then approves it. After the verification process is completed, the listing will be displayed on the platform and available for the users to view/buy it.
  4. Similar search – Users visit the platform and make the search relevant to their product needs and the app displays the number of the relevant product listings from several sellers. Users can choose their wished one from all.
  5. Conversation – Buyer has an interest and to know more about the product, they can contact the desired seller. The classified script facilitates communication with the seller using the chat option. They can do the negotiation with them, finalize the product price, and make a purchase.
  6. Payment – After satisfied with the product quality, pricing, and other factors, buyers can make the payment online using the buy now option with secure online money transfer platforms like Paypal and Stripe.

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