The online grocery industry is taking lead in the market. Urban population is so busy in their day-to-day life that they find it difficult to go out and shop for groceries. To solve the problem, a grocery delivery script is developed.

On-demand grocery delivery scripts are  immensely flourishing in nature, most of the companies try to develop  grocery delivery scripts in an effective way to attract  entrepreneurs.

The Most famous delivery script is Instacart delivery script. This script lets the user shop from a local grocery store and a personal shopper will deliver the product to the user on the same day. Developing grocery delivery apps is cost effective, Instead of developing we can use clone apps that are readily available for deployment and cost-effective. A lot of business-to-business developing instacart clone script is more useful and profitable. Using the ready-made script is the simplest way to start the business immediately in a cost effective manner. 

GoferGrocery is one of the instacart clone scripts which is available at an affordable cost, also has some special features to make the user’s action easier.


Instacart clone app process

  1. Users have to create a profile by verifying their location and number.
  2. Now User accounts are created, they can search their essentials and add to cart according to their needs.
  3. Users can leave the page by paying. There are different payment methods available like paypal, credit card or debit card, and cash on delivery. If User wishes to add tips to the driver option available.
  4. Grocery store receives the order, and accepts the order then packs the grocery.
  5. Nearby driver receives the order and delivers the order to the user.


Elements on grocery delivery script

  • Contactless delivery

Driver delivers the goods at the user’s doorsteps on the desired location, and there is no contact between them.

  • High-touch surface details

The users are notified when the driver & store accepts the order, when the food is ready for delivery, driver reaches the store and driver picks up the ordered goods.

  • Screening location

When the Driver gets a login script needs the GPS location of them which helpful to find the driver current location. User and Store can screen the driver current location. Driver can view the location of the store and the user.

  • Reviews and Ratings

Users can review and rate for the store and the driver. For drivers how the ordered goods are delivered in the proper way with following safety protocols. For store how well the goods are packed and delivered to the drivers.

  • Safe payment

Many feel that online payment is risky, sometimes money not properly transacted. Our feature enables them to maintain safety and secured payment transactions medium to buy from the stores.


These are the some important elements in the GoferGrocery other than this script has multiple ordering options, real time tracking, etc. Instacart clone script is available on website, android &  for the user, driver & store. Especially our application has the Takeaway option where users can buy the product at the store. Ease of search option available to make a browse for placing order.

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