You must know how technology is optimizing itself at an expeditious speed. A technology market is a wide place where thousands of ideas are built in the form of apps, webpages, mobiles, laptops, and more in handyman services. 

In this huge competitive line, the Handyman app like Uber is one of the services that keep their stand strongly in the market, replicating traditional ways of doing home maintenance work in digital form. 

Handyman services have been welcomed by people since it offer door-to-door services such as plumbing, carpentry, laundry, beauty, babysitting, car washing, car repair, electrician, and more services. 

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” Steve Jobs

As the quote describes quality always stands high over quantity in business, an Urban company started a handyman service with a motive to provide quality services for day-to-day domestic problems. 

If you are here to find the best handyman services, you are at the right place. The top seven services are listed to brainstorm handyman services. 

Statistic Of Handyman Services

Five years ago the handyman services size was 3.8% in the U.S. The U.S. online handyman service is worth $600 billion. The future prediction for handyman services size is 1,133.40 billion in 2026.

This on-demand handyman business is one of the booming sectors in the present and the future also shows that the number is going to increase.

Let’s move on to find the services! 

7 Best Handyman Services Of 2024

Laundry Service:- 

Uber for Laundry offers wash and dry services for users. The service includes washing, drying, ironing, and more. Laundry services are door-to-door services, users book a laundry service near them. Once the service is done, providers return the collection to customers. This easy access option enables people to work less comparatively and builds a marketplace. 

With this service, users can get their laundry service done at their place. Owners of laundry services can easily connect with their customers. The top trending laundry services providers are TaskRabbit, Rinse, Flycleaners, washed, and more

As per on-demand research, The total drive of dry-cleaning and laundry services was estimated to be valued at $111.9 billion in 2022 and it may reach $141.5 billion by 2026. This report is proof that the on-demand uber for laundry business is growing.

Beauty Service:-

Beauty service has been an important part of human life since ancient times. After the emergence of the internet, beauty services have become more convenient. With Uber for Haircuts, users can get their services at home, at work, or anywhere.  Users can book a service with a few taps on their mobile. 

During the pandemic, beauty services were booming as they could not go outside. This trend keeps growing because one doesn’t need to save time to visit the premises. They can do two jobs in one place. 

Based on the report, the industry of beauty is growing presently at 5%. The revenue of it is $6.6 billion in 2021. The beauty market may reach USD 191.6 billion by the year 2027. 

Car Wash Service:-

Car washing is a popular and necessary task for car owners, but it can be time-consuming and physically demanding. If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have the time or energy to wash your car, a car wash service offered by a handyman service can be a great solution. 

A handyman service offering car wash services typically provide a team of experienced professionals who can wash your car quickly and efficiently. They use high-quality equipment and cleaning products to ensure that your car looks its best. With Uber for car wash, you can sit back and relax while the professionals take care of the hard work for you.

Some of the benefits of using a car wash service offered by a handyman service include time-saving, convenience, professional results, and affordability.

Babysitters Service:-

Babysitting service offers a service in which infants are taken care of by babysitters. Parents find babysitters looking at their profiles. The perk that parents get in babysitter service is they can book service by providing the date and time on which the service is needed. Parallelly, babysitters have the option to choose services according to their convenience.

This handyman service helps working parents who are not able to look after their children. The parents can do their work without worrying about their children. This service makes a work opportunity for students to work and while they are studying, they can earn money. 

The major benefits of Uber for babysitters are transparency, safety, tracking made easy, saving time, and earning source for babysitters. The popular babysitter service companies that have all the above factors are UrbanSitter, Chime, Poppins, and Sitter. 

Car Repair Service:-

Professional experts repair any type of car. The service includes oil changes, brake work, the ignition system, tire repairs, and more. Car repair service offers a convenient experience, offering multiple payment options, updating the status of the services, and more. 

The major stakeholders of car repair service are Admin, User, Service providers, and Company. When a user book service near them, a provider comes to collect the vehicle and leave it in the car shop. Once the service is done, the provider leaves the vehicle at the user’s place. Users can get the services wherever they are, which is a big benefit.

Other major benefits of an on-demand mechanic service app are convenience, one-on-one service, competitive pricing, and fast and efficient service.

Plumbing Service:-

Plumbing problems are faced commonly in all homes. One of the most demanded services in both traditional and online platforms. People can find a plumber, by looking at the details in their profile.

The services include installation, repair, and maintaining the plumbing system and fixtures. If it is a small or big issue, a skilled handyman can repair fastly.

Though it is a demanded service, it is hard to find in both traditional and online modes. Uber for plumbing service is one of the important services in handyman service. 

Electricians Service:-

Another popular service in Handyman service is the Uber for electrician. The reason for its popularity is that half of the home appliances are electrical devices. For instance, when customers need to find an electrician at noon time, it is difficult to find an electrician during that time. The handyman services offer 24/7 availability, and customers can book your service at any time. 

The service includes light fixtures, minor renovations in the electrical circuit, replacing a lightbulb, and installing security cameras and equipment.  With electrician service, users get the benefits of convenience, 24/7 availability, affordable price, and more. 

So far, we have seen the top seven services of Handyman services. Now let’s see the top benefits of having Handyman services, which help in business growth and revenue. 

Top 10 Benefits Of Handyman Service 2024


Handyman services are versatile with multiple domestic services. From electrician to laundry, every service can be found in handyman services, which are major benefits of the service to success.  


The services that are mentioned above are low-cost compared to the traditional way. On-demand online services have minimum and maximum options which providers can not extend from the fixed amount. 

Flexibility And Dynamic

Maintaining homework needs a little hard work. To help people balance both work and homework, handyman services offer the best user-friendly experience. Users can book as per their preference and the same for providers, they can accept or reject orders based on their schedule. 


The owner of the handyman service follows strict rules and norms to protect users’ information from cyber threats. When users sign up using their details, the data is stored securely. Users feel secure using services.


Service providers can set their work timing according to the schedule. Users can also book the services at a particular time and they can also schedule the service in advance.

Invoice View

The details of the services are shown as an invoice. Users can have an eye on and be clear about the completed services and payment.

Cancellation Option

Users and service providers can cancel the booking even after the acceptance of a booking. The cancellation of booking is not available after the job begins. 

Multiple Payment Option

Since online payment methods are convenient, people prefer to use online payment methods, so providing a wide range of payment options is essential. The circumstance has changed as people use digital payments more often.

Hence, using digital payments must now be done rather than being a choice. In addition, when following online payment methods, businesses must follow all the norms that are followed for safe transactions.

End Note

We have seen top handyman services to be looked at in 2024. Handyman services are a new face of home maintenance. It is booming presently with food delivery, cab services, grocery delivery, and more. 

If you have thought of getting into on-demand handyman service, contact the details below to know more about handyman services development.