In this hurried world, we have no time to do small household chores. From ordering food to finding a babysitter, we all slowly get dependent or can say addicted to smart apps and the online pace.

Uber, a taxi booking app, has changed the world dynamically. This makes many entrepreneurs tech-savvy and produces many business concepts using the Uber for X model. 

One of the on-demand services that are rising rapidly is Uber For Laundry. Due to the speedy city life, and professional deals, many don’t have enough time to spend on washing clothes or going to the laundry shops. The laundry service apps come as a big fortune to many metropolitans and generate a considerable share in the online service market. 

And think, you will be a budding entrepreneur or a person who plans to start a business. 

If yes, this is the blog for you to explore Uber for a laundry business. 

Why Uber For Laundry Service?

People are hugely sticking to on-demand service apps, which makes our life easier and smarter. These apps are furnishing huge revenue to Uber for X entrepreneurs. 

As per the statistics report, on-demand apps are expected to reach over $5000 billion by the year 2025. And especially, the global online laundry market will reach over $300 billion in 2024. 

Hence, you could catch the significant reason to kick your business idea with an online laundry app. 

As a startup owner, you might think about the investment. It’s too less and will come within your budget by using the Uber for X clone readymade solutions. 

And make your application business model an aggregator one, where you are going to provide a platform for connecting the various laundry service providers and the end-users. 

Let you hold your startup idea with these online laundry services. 

How Laundry Apps Are Getting More Users Day by Day?

This is only because of the numerous benefits of laundry apps. 

  • Users don’t need to spend their time washing. Once the order is received the pick-up is done by the respective launderers. Many of these services also provide dry cleaning and ironing services too. And the app can also hold all these options, then calculates the estimated price for the required service. Users can easily wash their clothes with just a few clicks. 


  • Users can also schedule their pick-up and delivery times, according to their comfort. This customized service grabs more people to use this online laundry service. Customers can easily track their orders via the order status feature. Whether their product is washed, dry cleaned, or in the ironing stage. This will also automate the delivery to the user as per their requirements. 


  • Laundry apps allow users to send payments in two options. Customers can pay for their laundry service, once delivered. Another is when the customer gets notified that the laundry work has been completed, they will pay their launderer owners in advance. 

There are many benefits like the above, in using the laundry service for both the users and the laundry shop owners. 

This on-demand service app for laundry makes users feel more time to relax instead of spending a couple of hours doing this unpleasant household work. Hence this is the reason for the increased number of users of the laundry service apps. 

Know Some Top Players In Laundry App Services

Laundry is a rising on-demand service, before diving into business development, it will be better for you to know the competitive players in the industry. It will help you to analyze how they are making revenue, what essential strategies they use, and more. 


Cleanly is an Uber For Laundry Service that provides all the services to the users that are essential to laundry services. It’s a US-based company, which has a simple work process. Once their user booked a request, the launder shop owners will get notified, and pickup and the delivery process will be processed by the delivery persons. As per the data, cleanly claimed over $3 million in revenue in the year 2017. Now, this will be tripled by the huge number of user engagements. 


Rinse is also a US-based laundry app company. It was founded in the year 2013. This laundry service app has many features, like price-fixed features. But this app allows the user to book their laundering request before a certain time, this is also called Rinse valet cloth pickups. They also earn considerable revenue without any hardcore process, and by the implementation of simple work cycles with a less number of employees. 


Laundrapp provides all the laundry-based services like the above companies. It has launched its services in many countries. And unlike the above app, it has implemented the order tracking feature for the users. Data says that this app solely generated $5 million in revenue in the year 2016-2017.  Surely, this revenue graph will be increased now by the increased usage of smart apps.


So, if you are running any launderer shop on your own, let it move to the online pace by using this Uber for X business model. This will scale up your business immensely and helps to outreach huge consumers in a short span. And you can also scrutinize your entire laundry business comfortably, which will automate your business process and makes the business ROI calculations easier. 

What Is Your Laundry App’s Business Model And How Is The Monetization Be? 

Your business point is to earn money. 

Yeah, this will be the dream of all.

As a startup person, your frequent question to yourself is “how can I make money through this laundry app? “ or “Could I hold lots of laundry shops in all parts of the city? “. 

The answer for all is based on your laundry business model. 

As per the above discussions, pick Uber for X as your business type. You do not need to own many laundry services, just you need a well-defined platform for executing all the laundry services, which is like Uber for the ride-hailing business. 

Pick the aggregator model for your business, tie up with the laundry retailers and connect them all in a single platform that will easily get connected to the end-users. 

  • And for monetization, fix your app with affordable fixed prices, and charge your consumers the pickup and delivery fee. Get commission from the laundry retailers for every request processed by the consumers. 


  • Moreover, you can give premium options to the users and can offer them monthly subscription plans. The apps like Rinse get extra pay from the users in the cases of earlier deliveries. 

The monetization of your laundry app is maximally dependent on the strategic feature that your laundry app consists of. 

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