Food delivery has become a prominent business after the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Cravings for food in pandemics have driven the demand & revenue of food delivery apps. The convenience of receiving eateries at doorsteps executes the food delivery app the talk of the town.

HelloFresh, the Berlin-based meal-kit delivery app has become revenue-generating among different food delivery apps. HelloFresh aims to expand globally, it’s the biggest turnaround for meal kit delivery services.

Are you a restaurateur who wants to develop a meal-kit delivery app like HelloFresh? If so, this blog gives you a complete overview of the HelloFresh clone.

HelloFresh App

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery app based in Berlin operating in many regions like the US, Canada, Australia, etc. The platform launched in 2011, in Berlin.

Interesting facts

  • HelloFresh became a unicorn company when it valued €2.6 billion at the funding round. 
  • HelloFresh declared a planned IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to raise $350 million in October 2017. 
  • HelloFresh acquired a US organic meal-kit company Green Chef, in March 2018.

HelloFresh App Development

To develop a meal kit delivery app with advancements in technology there are a lot of popular techniques available. Let’s see two of the most important ways.

  • Developing from scratch: In this method, the app development process starts from a basic level. 

First, you have to approach an app development company, share your requirements, and develop the app. It takes a lot of time and effort compared to other methods.

  • Developing through the ready-made script: In this method, you don’t need to wait months or spend a lot of money to develop the app. You have to approach an app development company, Share your requirements, they will customize their clone app script based on your requirement, and help you to launch the app with the required services.

You can select any one of the methods based on your time and budget.

But developing an app through a ready-made script is a time and cost-efficient method.

Features worth integrating into the platform 

To captivate your audience, features are an important element in a meal kit delivery app. Combining a perfect blend of basic and unique features into the app can help you to raise the consumer engagement rate. Features like registration, payment, ratings are basic features. Let’s see some of the unique features that can help you to attract customers.

  • Multilingual support: To obtain a global presence multilingual support integration helps a lot. 
  • Wallet Integration: Allows customers to pay for their orders by an app wallet, eliminates a lot of steps for the payment process.
  • Reorder: Customers can repeat orders by accessing their order history With the reorder feature with just a few taps.
  • Support: Option for talking with the support team and delivering specific instructions about the order.

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Let’s pack it!

The global sale for the meal-kit delivery business will attain $20 billion by 2027. The demand for meal kit delivery is increasing day by day so developing an app for meal-kit delivery is a profitable business in today’s situation. We’ll help you to develop an on-demand meal kit delivery app like HelloFresh. We, at Trioangle, have assisted many entrepreneurs to reach their dream businesses. 

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