There are many food delivery scripts available in the market. So many entrepreneurs get confused when it comes to choosing the right platform-like apps for their business. Well, I am going to guide you through this blog to choose the best platform to build your fast-growing food delivery business.

Is there a demand for food delivery business in the future?

Yes, there will be a huge demand for the food delivery business. According to the latest statistics, food delivery services would reach $97 billion by 2024. 

The best platform for starting a food delivery service is ubereats clone. Why? Because it is a trendy and popular name among your customers. Also, it connects restaurant owners, delivery partners, and your customers using apps. 

All these things to make your food delivery business fast growing in 2022. In the current market, there are plenty of clone apps circulating around you. Better, you can try the best UberEats clone app from Trioangle for your business needs. How can our UberEats clone app as best? Let’s take a look at this blog. 

How UberEats Clone Helps to Grow Faster?

The factors of UberEats clone help to grow your food delivery service faster are listed here. Once your app includes these,  surely your services grow faster beyond expectations. 

  1. To access and view the food listed in the application, signing is an essential one. This makes the customers look for signup options such as Google-based and social-media-based. If your app allows such a way of signing, then your app will be the growing one in the market.
  2. To track food delivery orders and the activity of delivery partners, GPS is necessary. This allows the user to track the movement of the delivery partner and where the food arrives.  This tracking makes the customer feel relaxed regarding food arrival. 
  3. Checking the status of driver availability is an essential one for the restaurants and the customers. Based on the availability information only, restaurant owners are able to handle the order requests and complete them within a time period. 
  4. To contact restaurant owners and delivery partners, internal chat is a must. This makes the customers feel good and able to use your food delivery service without any hassle.
  5. To expand the food delivery services in a different region, you have to rectify the currency issues. So you need the multi-currency options and also integrate the multiple payment modes. 
  6. If you need immediate gratification from customers, then you can use pop-up features to advertise your trending food service. Also, the instant notifications make the customer informed well about the type of food availability, food order delivery status, and new updates in the app. 

Interesting things aren’t they…! If your app fits to address all the above instants, then you can be a prominent food delivery service provider in 2022. What’s your next plan? Searching for the best UberEats clone. Why go anywhere? Trioangle provides you with the best UberEats clone with the necessary features. What are they? Let’s move on.

Features to Make You Fast Grower in Food Delivery Market:

  1. Simplified sign up/log in
  2. GPS tracking
  3. Driver availability
  4. Internal chat
  5. Multi currency
  6. Pop Ups

Simplified Sign up/log in:

The simplified signup or login helps the users, drivers, and restaurant owners to log in without any hassle. This makes them feel smooth experiences.

When users log in using social media, there may be a chance of free social media promotion to your food delivery business. UberEats clone from Trioangle considers this feature to increase your brand awareness and integrity.

GPS tracking:

By integrating GPS tracking features in your app, Trioangle’s UberEats clone allows users to track delivery partners’ live location and know the estimated time of delivery. 

Using these features, food delivery partners are able to deliver the food efficiently without getting any delay.

Driver availability:

Users are able to check the status of drivers when ordering the food items. Also, drivers can be able to accept or reject orders based on their needs. The availability toggle inside the UberEats clone app allows them to show the availability instantly. This makes delivery services flawless.

Internal chat:

By including the chat option, the UberEats clone allows communication among restaurant owners, delivery partners, and customers in a perfect and syncing way. 


Holding this option, Trioangle’s app-like UberEats enables you to expand your food delivery service across the countries in easy ways. With this expansion, your food delivery services get the essential fame and you receive more orders a day. 


To attract your customers, we had integrated popup features. Using this, you can promote your food delivery service in an eye-catching manner. The pop-up instantly grabs the attention of customers when you update anything new.

Also, it helps you to do advertising for your food delivery services. You can also get more sales and conversion using methods.

Summing up:

With modern food delivery applications, your business can grab various growth opportunities and customers’ expectations. Being a fast grower is an essential activity. Our UberEats clone is the fruitful option for that with all details in this blog. Wish to get this? Simply contact us by following details:

Mail: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +91 6379630152.