Today entrepreneurs are coming up with new business ideas that solve the user’s problems. One of the suggested business ideas for the entrepreneurs to initiate the on-demand grocery delivery script helps the user to order grocery items from the home and deliver it at their doorsteps with just a click. Entrepreneurs can run the delivery business by creating mobile apps & web panels for Users, drivers, and stores.

Business Model of Grocery Delivery Script

The script is available on both desktop and mobile, in mobile, it supports iOS and Android. User, Store, and Driver panel available on both desktop and mobile(iOS & Android) and Admin panel available only on the separate web panel.

User Panel Working:

  • User have to sign-in/sign-up first to proceed further
  • After sign-in to a user account, enter user location to check the available local store’s product and to choose delivery method either as delivery or takeaway option
  • User select the groceries they need from a store after selecting the store and add to the card
  • Then choose the payment and delivery method either COD or Online payment, also they can add tips to drivers.
  • After completing all the process, if they choose delivery method then the driver delivers the groceries at their doorstep or mentioned location
  • If Takeaway option is chosen then user have to collect the goods from the store

Store Panel Working:

  • To display the store listing in the grocery delivery app they have to provide the needed information and then the admin has to check it & approve to display the listing
  • Store owners receive the booking request from a customer in the app & web
  • They can either accept or reject the user’s request based on their product availability and convenience
  • If the store accepts the request, the store has to prepare and pack the user’s ordered items ready for the driver to pick-up & deliver it
  • If the store rejects the request, then the user is notified that the order has been canceled along with the cancellation reason

Driver Panel Working:

  • Like a store, the driver has to provide the needed information after the admin verification they can start earning
  • The driver receives the delivery request, either they can accept or reject the request
  • If the driver accepts the store request, they have to reach the store.
  • Then the driver has to pick the delivery and deliver it to the user’s location
  • They can use Google Map to track the store and user’s location
  • Else the order is reassigned to another driver who nears the location

Admin Panel Working:

  • Admin monitor all the information of the user, driver, and the store
  • The owner can add, or edit the details given by the store owner and the driver
  • They can add promo code for offering new offers to their user
  • They can customize the settings like changing the logo, picture, and more
  • Also, they can set service fees for users, and store owners

Ways to develop the app

There are two options for a businessman to develop a script like a grocery delivery app

  • They can build the app on their own by having an in-house development team. That will take more time to develop and cause more bugs.
  • They can start the business by reaching the company that provides the service to develop the software or afford the script from the company that provides it instantly for them

If you choose the second option then contact us for further details we are ready to provide an online grocery delivery script for you, Whatsapp: +91 637 963 0152 or Email us: [email protected]. You can check our demo by visiting the site