Have you had the experience of ordering any items online? It can be food, groceries, alcohol, pharmacy or anything etc. Then, you would have been well known and aware of the Postmates Clone App. If not? Let me explain to you!

Postmates Clone is one of the leading delivery apps and conquers the current demand for online delivery services. Whereas it delivers all types of delivery services from one single application. This makes the customers increase the usage of on-demand delivery apps and get rises in familiarity among them.

On another side, many entrepreneurs are eager to enter the on-demand delivery market after seeing these tremendous stats below:

  1. By the year 2022, the total revenue of delivery services would rise to $312,153 million.
  2. 87% of Americans are still using delivery service apps.
  3. Over 6 Lakhs merchants are partners with Postmates.

Still, you’re surprised?  Then it’s the right time to enter into the on-demand industry by investing in the right Postmates Clone.

Finally, we’re taking a quick look at how this Postmates Clone helps your delivery services right now below!

Why Trioangle’s Postmates Clone App?

Our Postmates Clone comes with limitless features and a dedicated interface for admin, customers and store owners. All these make you handy and able to earn profits from it. Let’s know some needed things below:

  1. Providing a white labeling option helps you to eliminate some challenges faced during development.
  2. With the help of multi-currency options, you can easily scale up your delivery services globally.
  3. Push notifications alter your customers to know more about the latest updates including newly released products.
  4. Get lifetime updates to overcome your competitors in the field.
  5. Comes with bug fix support to handle your customers without any hassle.

Salient Features To Streamline Workflow:

As I said, Postmates Clone comes with a separate interface and sees some workflow that is included in each interface right now.

  1. Easy Millennial’s Registration
  2. Smart Payment Interface
  3. Offers All in One Delivery Service
  4. Alert Delivery Partners
  5. Order Tracker
  6. Trusted Review System

Easy Millennial’s Registration:

Customers need to prefer comfort while browsing your all in one delivery app. To meet their expectations, Postmates Clone from Trioangle offers simplified login and social media options. This social share feature helps customers to share their thoughts with their family and friends.

Smart Payment Interface:

Providing a single choice of payment ways to your customers makes them feel difficult. To avoid such a case, you can provide a smart payment interface using our Postmates Clone. By this, your customer can be utilizing the different options ( like credit, debit cards, cash on delivery and crypto wallets ) while processing the payments.

Offers All in One Delivery Service:

As a store owner, you can sell anything you need whether it can be food, water bottle, groceries, parcels or pharmacy items using your delivery app. This makes your customers feel convenient while purchasing different sorts of items from one place.

Alert Delivery Partners:

Once the shop owners get order notification from their customers, they can organize the ordered items and alert delivery partners to hand over the parcels to the customer’s doorstep. On other hand, delivery partners can make their decision like accepting or canceling the orders

Order Tracker:

As a delivery partner, they may have goals to deliver more orders within a short time. To achieve their goals, you need an advanced GPS tracking system from our Postmates Clone. This helps the delivery partners to track the shortest distance to the customer’s doorstep and also be able to deliver multiple orders at the same time.

Revenue Model for Postmates Clone:

Using this Postmates Clone, you can generate huge revenue from multiple sources listed below:

  1. Admin can charge some amount for delivery services from customers based on distance, time and traffic.
  2. As there is heavy competition among store owners, you can charge some advertising fees for featured ads.
  3. Store owners can pay some money to the admin for listing the products to your delivery app.


The demand for Postmates Clone is projected to be $335 billion by the year 2025. As the demand increases, you have bright opportunities to expand your delivery services into a profitable one with all essentials listed in this blog. 

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